How To Watch BBC iPlayer In New Zealand? Step-by-Step Guide

If you’re wondering how to watch the BBC iPlayer in New Zealand then you’ve come to the right place. It doesn’t take much to bypass the geo-restriction put in place by the BBC and we’ll show you how today.

Geo bypassing isn’t illegal in New Zealand, despite what you’ve read on the news however this could change in the future. Even if it is banned the tools used are hosted overseas and it’s highly unlikely enforcement at a consumer level would ever eventuate into anything.

Rights holders are more focused on kodi box sellers and those promoting pirated content. By accessing the iPlayer you’re simply circumventing a geo block, there’s nothing criminal about that.

The iPlayer offers some of the best free to air content on the web. Watching content on their platform is far superior to anything available in New Zealand and with most content available only for 30 days you need to be quick to watch.

How To Watch BBC iPlayer In New Zealand

How To Watch BBC iPlayer In New Zealand?

If you visit right now it will probably load but you’ll get an error message trying to view anything, ‘this content isn’t available in your area.’

Watch iPlayer In New Zealand

You need to purchase a VPN. I recommend Pure VPN.

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Method 1: VPN

The easiest way to start watching iPlayer from New Zealand is to signup for a VPN service. This software program runs on your computer and tells the website you’re in a foreign country giving you access.

If you work for a large company chances are your work laptop has a VPN which you must connect to before you can access your files. This works the same way, authenticating you on the network (in the UK) before granting permission to files.

While a VPN is great for accessing blocked websites, they also protect your identity online and stop cyber attacks and doxing attempts. Some providers even offer no logging ensuring your identity online remains a secret.

The best company to use is Pure VPN, they have over 2000+ servers worldwide allowing you to switch countries within seconds. This allows you to watch iPlayer one minute then Netflix USA the next.

Once you’ve downloaded the software you can install the Google Chrome app. This allows you to toggle the VPN on and off from your browser. Turn this on, selecting iPlayer or UK and then visit iPlayer again, wolah you’re up and running.

If you’re using an android box (or kodi box) then you’ll want to download the PureVPN app from the Play Store or Kodi store, login and ensure this is running before changing to the UK Play Store and downloading the iPlayer App. You can also sideload an .apk file.

Recently BBC required all new users to create an account. When signing up choose a post code in central London to ensure you get the best content. If you opt for Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland you’ll get local content instead, boring!

Pure VPN now offers support for many devices including Android Smart TV’s (Samsung and Sony are good examples), router level VPN (where it’s installed in your wireless router) and various others such as iOS, Kodi and Amazon Fire TV.

The sky really is the limit when it comes to VPN use and will allow you to watch iPlayer on nearly every device in your home.

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