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Best VPN For New Zealand – 2018 Review Kiwi Consumers

Are you looking for the best VPN for New Zealand? If so then you’ve come to the right place, this is my 2018 review for kiwi consumers, with the four best VPN providers in the saturated virtual private network market.

Until more recently, VPN’s were primarily used by large companies to stop unathorised access to their systems or to prevent data breaches that are very costly. In order to access the work network you needed to connect the VPN and authorise yourself on the network.

Rolling forward to 2018 and internet users are becoming more sensitive about their personal data and who is monitoring their internet usage. For example in many countries your internet usage is tracked and subject to a court order, local law enforcement, police and spy agencies can access your data without your knowledge.

VPN’s are also a good way to bypass geo IP restrictions such as watching the iPlayer in New Zealand or accessing the lottery in other countries which are blocked if you try and access them without a VPN.

best vpn for new zealand

Best VPN For New Zealand 2018

There’s two types of VPN and depending on your personal situation you may be looking for a VPN that provides access to New Zealand geo blocked content or are a kiwi looking for an international VPN for accessing worldwide content.

Fortunately all these VPN’s I’ve reviewed for 2018 include a New Zealand server for accessing local content such as TV3 online and Bein Sports Connect.

In terms of features most modern VPN providers offer the same features, the only difference is the number of servers, datacenters (locations) they have servers within and software features such as apps and extensions.

Pure VPN and Ivacy are setting the standard in addon apps and extensions offering a wide variety of software for Mac, iOS, Android, Windows and Linux alongside a Chrome, Firefox, Fire TV, Apple TV and Kodi app. You won’t find this with any other provider on the market.

In order to get a great deal on a VPN you’ll likely need to purchase a 2 year subscription. Below I’ve compiled the monthly and two year pricing plans of the four most popular NZ VPN providers.

2 Years
$2.04Billed $49$9.95Monthly
  • 450+ Servers
    450+ Servers
  • 100 Locations
    100 Locations
  • No Logs Policy
    No Logs Policy
  • Kodi App Only
    Kodi App Only
$2.87Billed $69$10.95Monthly
  • 750+ Servers
    750+ Servers
  • 140 Countries
    140 Countries
  • No Logs Policy
    No Logs Policy
  • 8+ Apps/Extensions
    8+ Apps/Extensions
$3.29Billed $76.96$8.99Monthly
  • 700+ Servers
    700+ Servers
  • 35 Countries
    35 Countries
  • No Logs Policy
    No Logs Policy
  • 4+ Apps/Extensions
    4+ Apps/Extensions
$3.79Billed $90.96$11.99Monthly
  • 1250+ Servers
    1250+ Servers
  • 50 Countries
    50 Countries
  • No Logs Policy
    No Logs Policy
  • 4+ Apps/Extensions
    4+ Apps/Extensions

VPN Buying Guide NZ

When buying a VPN there’s many features shoved in your face by the big VPN providers so I’ve come up with a quick guide that will showcase five of the best features you should look for when buying.

Servers & Location

Don’t be fooled into thinking the more servers a company has the better the service. This simply means they have more users and a need for more servers and geo graphical locations.

Pure VPN for example has nearly triple the number of countries with servers than any other competitor. This means you can choose to connect to countries such as New Zealand, Latvia, Russia or United States and you’ll get a local IP.

If a provider says they have thousands of servers, it simply means they probably have 10 servers in one location rather than one which smaller providers might have.

Connection Quality

The next most important factor is the connection quality especially if you plan to stream video or on demand content. You’ll need to look for a tier one provider such as those on our list.

Don’t be fooled by the cheap price from some providers, they are tier 2 and you’ll struggle to stream anything. If you’re simply looking for data encryption when browsing online you won’t face any issues.

When using a VPN your connection will inevitably slow down so you need to find a powerful provider that offers fast connections so you won’t notice the difference.


If you want to stay safe and remain anonymous online then you need to ensure your VPN offers no dns logging policies which all the providers on this list offer. You’ll also want to check they offer OpenVPN and L2TP support which will prevent hackers from stealing your information online.

Word of warning, lot’s of users think hiding behind a VPN allows you to undertake illegal or questionable antics and while many companies claim to offer no logs, under a court order they may be forced to release information they may hold if any. A recent case was Hidemyass that claimed they stored no logs until the FBI came after them.

Supported Apps/Extensions

Do you know how you plan on using your VPN? The conventional way was to download a client software program to your Windows or Mac device and connect. In 2018 there are now many additional ways to connect to a VPN:

Chrome/Firefox Extension: Use any device web browser to connect to your VPN. This feature is offered by many providers including Pure VPN.

Fire TV/Roku/Mi Box: These are the three biggest media streaming devices and you can download apps from providers to your device and then access geo blocked content. Pure VPN offers the best app for all three.

Kodi App: Many providers are now turning to Kodi and creating an app that can be downloaded and installed within the app for accessing content.

Router: Many providers are now offering an app or integration with your wireless router at home so all your devices can connect to the VPN at the same time without software or additional setup.

Support & Guidance

Before rushing out to find a cheap VPN take note at the level of support you’ll likely receive when you run into problems. A big problem currently is that Netflix are constantly blocking thousands of VPN servers and VPN providers constantly have to stay one step ahead. Will your provider offer help to unblock sites blocking them?

Best VPN For 2018 New Zealand

Now that you know what to look for in a good VPN provider, let’s take a more detailed look at the Pure VPN offer that is my pick for the best vpn for 2018 in NZ.

Pure VPN

This is my go to choice for a great value, packed with many features VPN provider. I’ve personally used a lot of different providers over the year for both work and pleasure and Pure VPN always comes out on top.

They offer over 750 servers from 140 countries which is the largest offering among any of the companies I featured today. I only recommend providers I’ve used myself so I can’t speak for the hundreds of other providers out there.

Many other reviewers will gladly direct you to Express VPN which has a large market share but nearly three or four times the price of Pure VPN it’s definitely a better decision to go with Pure.

Pure VPN offers a high level of data encryption and some of the best apps and extensions for connecting out of all the providers featured. I use the Google Chrome extension and the Fire TV, MiBox apps. They also have router level apps for connecting all devices to your account without setting up each one.

By default you can have 5 devices streaming at once too, perfect for every device.

They regularly offer Pure VPN discount codes, black friday deals and limited time offers on 3 and 5 year plans too. Right now the best offer is their 2 year one time fee deal.

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