PureVPN Review: The Best New Zealand VPN Service?

We started using PureVPN last year and can now confirm it's one of the most affordable, feature rich virtual private network providers out there. 

Over the years we've reviewed many providers in New Zealand.

There's many mixed reviews out there, ultimately most negative reviews recommend an alternative such as ExpressVPN so can you really judge those reviews as honest or are they simply designed to sell you something different?

After months of use, we finally decided to write about our PureVPN experience and document our findings, providing the best and most up to date PureVPN New Zealand review you'll find on the Internet. 

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PureVPN New Zealand Review

  • Over 140 countries
  • Unlocks Netflix
  • Zero-Logs Policy

Full Disclosure

Back in September 2019, I purchased a PureVPN subscription using my own money. I chose the 2 year, $69 plan. For the last 3 months I've been testing this VPN provider out on all my devices and services. 

This is my full, honest and unbiased experience with PureVPN.

How Much Does PureVPN Cost?

Like most VPN providers, the pricing regularly changes and it's difficult to provide accurate pricing however at the time of publish, you can get a 2 year plan for $2.91 per month which is approx $69 for 2 years. 

Alternatively you can purchase a monthly subscription for $10.95. All prices are in USD and there's no additional GST or VAT required. 

PureVPN offers some of the cheapest plans you'll find anywhere. If you decide to purchase during Black Friday or Cyber Monday you can usually secure even bigger discounts such as 5 years for $1.99 per month. 

We purchased our plan through this link which ensures you get the absolute best price guaranteed. There's no hidden costs and setup is instant. 

Does PureVPN Offer Free Trials?

It's rare to find a VPN offering free trials these days so you won't find a free trial with PureVPN either. Most people using free trials have no intention of actually becoming premium members and will jump from one service to another. 

You do get a full 31 day no questions asked money back guarantee should you be unhappy with the service provided from PureVPN. 

Some other reviews mention that PureVPN offers a $2.50 three day trial, but after much research I was unable to find any such trial period. Maybe it's expired. 

What Countries Does PureVPN Support?

PureVPN is one of the largest VPN providers on the planet, offering thousands of servers from over 145 countries worldwide. 

If you compare this with other providers such as ExpressVPN which only offer 40+ countries, it's far more appealing. 

PureVPN offers countries that other providers simply haven't considered such as China, Bermuda, Afghanistan and Uzbekistan. 

As of right now there is servers in 6 continents around the world with a total of 2,000+ servers online at any one time. 

Does PureVPN Work In China?

PureVPN offers servers in China which allows anyone outside of China to connect and catchup on local content back home. There are very few providers, if any, that offer servers in China. PureVPN's are located in Beijing and Shanghai.

But if you're travelling in China and can't access sites due to the great firewall, then you'll be pleased to note PureVPN works and isn't blocked in China. 

We recently took a 7 day trip from Beijing to Chengdu and we were able to unlock Facebook, Youtube and Spotify on our smartphone using Pure. 

What Platforms Are Supported?

Whatever device you're using, you'll be pleased to know there's an app for you. Pure offers software that can be downloaded for free and installed quickly. 

Some of the most popular platforms include:

  • Windows 7,8,10, Mac OS
  • Android, iOS, Huawei OS
  • Chrome, Firefox Browsers
  • Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Kodi
  • Blackberry, Windows Phone
  • Routers, Linux, DD-WRT Applet. 

Additionally to this there are apps that work with all kinds of gaming consoles and devices such as BoxeeBox, Roku, Apple TV and most modern routers. 

How PureVPN Works?

You'll be required to install software on your device which can be enabled or disabled instantly. Once enabled, the software encrypts the connection between your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and the outside world. 

Your ISP can no longer track what you do on your device when a VPN is running. This is why most people purchase such a service, to remain anonymous online.

Once connected you can choose from one of 2,000 servers located across 145+ countries worldwide. With one click you can change your geo-graphical location to one of these countries and appear like a local.

Want to watch BBC iPlayer in the UK, you can switch to the UK. Then change your Netflix subscription to USA? Well changing to a USA server, you can, instantly. 

Does PureVPN Keep Logs?

According to PureVPN they don't keep any logs on what their users get up to. They have chosen to register their company in Hong Kong which is out of reach from preying eyes from countries such as United States and United Kingdom.

For most people, PureVPN couldn't really care what you use their service for and they definitely won't be tracking what you're watching online 😉 but some people get concerned when they are potentially doing illegal things with their VPN.

Look, if you're going to commit fraud with a VPN then you probably don't want to use a shared VPN provider. While companies can claim they don't respond to FBI requests for information, it's clear when forced some providers will do whatever is required to get out of a lawsuit. PureVPN has never released customer information.

But PureVPN updated their privacy policy in 2018 to become a Zero-Log VPN Company. This comes off the back of a 2017 case where they helped the FBI track down a cyber stalker.

As of 2018 it states that they do not keep any record of browsing activities, connection logs, records of IP's assigned to you, original IP's, history of browsing sites visited, outgoing traffic, content or data accessed or DNS queries generated. 

And it makes sense because they've been featured and received endorsements from major publications such as Forbes and PCMag for their Zero-Logs Policy. 

Altius IT is a Certified Information Systems Auditor and recently they provided the following conclusion, 'we did not find any evidence of system configurations or service log files that independently or collectively, could lead to identifying a specific person or person's activity when using PureVPN.' 

And that pretty much says in black and white, they never have and never will keep any logs when using their service. 

How Many Devices Are Supported?

When I purchased my subscription to their service you could have 5 devices. And over the last few months I tried to break PureVPN by maxing out the connections on all five of my devices. Needless to say I failed.

And that means PureVPN can easily handle whatever you want to throw at it, whether that's intensive streaming using a UK server while hardcore gaming in New Zealand on another device. 

While some companies offer up to 10 devices, most of us simply don't have the need for that many licenses. 5 is definitely a reasonable size for most families. 

Does PureVPN Unlock Netflix USA?

One of the most important questions most people ask when choosing a VPN provider is whether they can unlock Netflix USA's catalogue on their own account.

A few years ago, Netflix went ape in their attempt to block VPN providers from offering their customers a way to unlock content that should in theory be geo-blocked. But VPN providers are always one step ahead of execs at such companies.

Accessing Netflix USA via PureVPN used to be a difficult process and most old reviews need to be updated. It's now possible to login to your account and choose 'netflix usa' from the quick launch menu. 

This will allow you to access Netflix USA content from New Zealand by simply using your existing account, no skills needed. 

I can confirm after months of use that PureVPN works with Netflix USA.

What Sites Can PureVPN Unlock?

You'll be pleased to know that Pure can unlock content blocked in over 145 countries within seconds using the quick selector for changing countries. 

We've actually provided guides on specifically unlocking the most common platforms such as BBC iPlayer, Channel 4, Ten Play Australia, Kayo Sports, Now TV and more. 

They can unlock any content that is geo-blocked by IP. Unfortunately if you need a local credit card number to sign up, its unlikely you'll be able to unlock the site. 

Does PureVPN Leak DNS Records?

By default PureVPN uses built-in DNS Leak Protection which can be enabled or disabled depending on your individual circumstances. 

If it's enabled, your DNS queries are handled by the DNS servers provided by PureVPN rather than your local internet providers, ensuring your real identity can't be compromised even if DNS requests are sent outside the encrypted tunnel.

But does Pure live up to it's word or do they still leak records? The first thing you should do when testing is to visit the DNS Leak Test. I did this many times over the previous three months and there was no issues at any time. 

Some reviewers claim they were leaking records but I can't say I agree, it could be a whole range of different factors such as their own improperly configured network.

Does PureVPN Offer Dedicated IP?

If you need a dedicated IP then you'll be pleased to note that PureVPN does actually offer this service, despite what other reviewers state. 

We purchased a dedicated IP for $0.99 per month which is billed on top of your standard plan. If you took a 2 year plan you'd pay an extra $23.76 for the service. 

Some of the best uses of a dedicated IP include the ability to remotely access servers that require a static IP. Others are for accessing work networks that may not work with a dynamic IP. 

One of the best reasons to add this service is that you don't have to share your connection with other people who may be slowing down the line by downloading. For $1 per month it's definitely something I'd recommend adding. 

What's PureVPN DDoS Protection?

If you're a standard user you probably don't need to worry too much about this service which is a premium add on and costs $0.99 per month. 

Some users want to restrict access to their networks and block unwarranted traffic that can cause their internet speeds to drop. By using a DDos Protected VPN this will no longer happen.

This is perfect for Gamers who might be targeted by cybercrimminals and competing gamers who want to knock them offline. 

Does PureVPN Offer Port Forwarding?

Port forwarding is another feature that most standard users probably don't need to consider but it's handy to note this feature is available for an extra $0.99 per month.

If you want to access an internet-connected device from anywhere in the world while using your VPN then you'll need port forwarding. 

Imagine you want to access your smart CCTV cameras while on holiday and you're using your VPN, without this service you won't be able to access the IP and port. 

Gamers who have created their own gaming server and want friends to join will need to purchase this add on to allow their friends to join the server. 

PureVPN Pros

1. Supports Major Protocols

PureVPN offers all major protocols including OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, SSTP and IKEV2. If all this sounds confusing to you then you don't need to worry. 

You can simply use the standard VPN applications. However advanced users that want to get the benefits from security and speed should use OpenVPN. 

When using your device in a public place, you want the best protection possible, incase of rogue access points or hackers hijacking the connection. So it's great to see PureVPN offering support for all major protocols. 

2. Industry Standard 256-bit Encryption

When you connect to your servers you will be connecting with AES 256-bit encryption which helps to protect your sensitive data. 

Additionally to this when connected you'll be provided with the highest level of anonymity by masking your real IP with a virtual IP. 

3. Unrestricted Torrenting

PureVPN welcome torrenting and that's probably because they are located in an offshore haven where lawsuits can't be brought against site owners. 

Ever since copyright infringement lawsuits came about, most providers run a mile from torrent capability, but it's reassuring to see Pure still offers torrenting-friendly servers with no restrictions.

If you're looking for the best torrenting vpn then you can do no wrong with this provider and with their Zero-Logs Policy you have nothing to worry about. 

Simply turn this feature on via 'Select Mode.' 

4. Amazing Features

PureVPN likes to drive new features that many competitors ultimately end up copying. One of their original features was a kill switch which completely disables your network connection in an emergency, such as DNS leaking. 

Additionally they offer support for all major protocols as I mentioned earlier, as well as DDoS protection, port forwarding, dedicated IP address (extra fees apply). 

They also offer split tunnelling which is a nice new feature as well as NAT firewall support. These features can help to make your VPN experience much better! 

5. High Level of Support

The main standout feature is their extensive knowledgebase and documentation which can help solve most of your queries. 

PureVPN offers round the clock support and given their large user base you'd probably expect as much. When I first started using Pure I tested out their live chat to see how fast someone would respond. 

Within 30 seconds I was connected to Arnold, one of their support reps. Like many large providers most of the responses did seem to be copy and paste. 

However when asking if the support rep was a real person I was delighted to get a genuine response back within 45 seconds confirming they were.

I asked if they could provide the DNS Leak Test that I mentioned earlier and within 30 seconds I had a response. 

While the support is definitely not personalised, it is very reassuring that they respond quickly via live chat. 

You can now log a ticket through your app or billing area. 

6. 4/4 Netflix Servers Worked!

Personally I think it's a little unfair in other reviews where they claim the Netflix servers weren't working. Over the years, I've experienced outages with all Netflix servers on all providers at some point. It's a game of cat and mouse.  

After three months of testing, I can confirm that Netflix was working 100% of the time using the following servers. PureVPN have definitely stepped up their game:

  • United States: WORKED
  • Canada: WORKED
  • Australia: WORKED
  • United Kingdom: WORKED.

A large number of other providers struggle to get any coverage with Netflix so it's amazing to see four out of four servers working perfectly fine. 

Do I Recommend PureVPN? 

Yes, I'm a firm believer that PureVPN is one of the best VPN providers available in New Zealand. Not only are they one of the cheapest (when paying yearly), they offer some of the best features and Zero-Logs Policy for staying anonymous online.

They offer a range of payment options from standard credit/debit cards, through to Paypal, Alipay and even Bitcoin. 

They swiftly unlock Netflix content while providing access to 145+ countries from around the world. Their level of support is great, given the budget price tag! 

Best PureVPN Alternative? 

While you can tell I'm a raver about PureVPN you might be curious what I think is the next best VPN provider and I have to say it's ExpressVPN. They offer the best streaming service hands down with Netflix servers and super fast download speeds.

  • Large number of servers
  • Works flawlessly w/ Netflix
  • High level of support.

Best PureVPN Coupon Discount Codes

Believe it or not, there are actually no PureVPN coupon discount codes available. That's because the best price is actually on the website itself.

Any website claiming to offer the best coupon codes is lieing in your face and simply wants to steal an affiliate commission for that sale. You only have to look on Google to see what I mean.

If you're looking for purevpn promo codes, special offers or deals again there's nothing published online that isn't available already on the website. 

How to cancel PureVPN?

You might wish to cancel your PureVPN services. If so and you're within your 31 day money back guarantee period, you simply need to log a ticket here. You will need to mention why you're requesting a refund, after all feedback helps them improve their services for future customers. 

If you're outside your money back guarantee period, you won't be able to get a refund and your billing will end on your next cycle. PureVPN do not automatically rebill clients, you'll be emailed a few weeks before renewal with an option to cancel.

Alternatively you can cancel your billing agreement by using the cancel account form which starts the process for cancellation. 

Contrary to other reviews, getting a refund or cancelling is not difficult and is simple. Just make sure you complete the right forms.