Best Kodi VPN: Plus How To Set Up A VPN On Kodi

Recently, Kodi has started to receive reputation of being one of the most sought-after media streaming platforms to watch TV shows, movies as well as live sports (often for free, without paying for content). Its popularity is often backed up with its user-friendly interface and easily accessible app, today we’ll look at the best Kodi vpn.

Kodi allows third-party add-ons which allow the user to stream audio and video media content from other platforms as well, often these addons are somewhat questionable. While there are a large number of add-ons, a large number of them are geo-restricted which mean that they cannot be accessed and are unreachable from within New Zealand. You can unblock all these add-ons using a Kodi VPN.

Alongside these restrictions, copyright issues and piracy pose a prominent threat to most New Zealanders so using the best Kodi VPN is one way to ensure their anonymity online while using such service.

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What Is Kodi VPN?

A lot of people are familiar with the concept of a VPN and are using such services, but if you aren’t you fully up to speed then a VPN offers two main functions, protecting your identity when using the internet and circumventing geo restrictions put in place by content producers and license holders.

A VPN in a traditional sense may have been used to ensure data being received and sent from your laptop is secure and encrypted. If you’ve got a work laptop chances are you need to use a VPN to access your files from home.

New Zealand is part of a collection of five countries which openly can spy on your internet usage without your knowledge. With a VPN running on your laptop or router, not even your ISP can tell what you’re doing online, let alone any authorities.

Geo blocking is a process used by content rights holders to stop you watching content sold to a local NZ distributor to force you to watch it through them. This is very frustrating especially if the local content isn’t available yet.

Many people turn to Kodi addons which offer movies and TV shows for free (or a small monthly fee). A Kodi VPN allows you to ensure your internet usage of such services is unmonitored by pretty much anyone.

Before rushing out and buying the cheapest Kodi VPN you need to take some considerations such as location, privacy settings and security. While many want the cheapest, it may not be the best so compromising is a good way to start.

Unrestricted Streaming

Be careful of any VPN that doesn’t offer unlimited and unrestricted streaming functionality. You need to ensure there is no bandwidth or download limits either as some free or low cost VPN’s prohibit excessive streaming.

Compare your monthly data cap with your ISP and you’ll need the same for your Kodi VPN. If you’re using 100GB per month with your ISP you need a VPN that supports the same limit.

Most premium VPN providers offer no limit services.

No Logs Anonymity

Many VPN providers keep logs which means your identity online is not a complete secret. Subject to a court order they are bound by law to release your activity logs to the law enforcement. Fortunately a case like this hasn’t been tested in New Zealand yet as most providers are off shore.

Despite this, you want to look for a Kodi VPN no logs service to ensure you are 100% secure and free from potential leaks when using Kodi online. Most premium providers now claim to be a ‘no logs provider.’

Worldwide Servers

Many Kodi VPN providers like to focus on the number of servers they control rather than the server locations they operate within. You definitely don’t need a provider that claims to offer 7,000 servers but only 5 geo graphical locations.

You should choose a VPN provider that offers many servers in many locations around the world. To give you an example if you wish to watch US Kodi addons you’ll need to use a US based server.

Most premium Kodi VPN providers now offer over 50 different countries.

Kodi Legality

Many kiwi users inquire about Kodi’s degree of legality and authenticity and to answer the mis information out there, yes, Kodi is legal. Every single add-on that enables you to stream content is not official and this is where the controversy lies.

Best Kodi VPN

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There are many VPN providers out there however Ivacy and PureVPN both offer dedicated Kodi VPN apps. This means you can download an app that fully integrates with Kodi without having to mess around configuring or setting up additional software or hardware.

Pure VPN Kodi

Pure VPN is the go to choice for a great value, packed with many features including Kodi. I’ve personally used a lot of different providers over the year for both work and pleasure and Pure VPN always comes out on top thus enforcing it’s position as the best kodi vpn provider.

Pure VPN has security with 256-bit military-grade encryption and several protocols including IPSEC, IKeV, L2TP, OpenVPN, TCP and UD.

They offer over 750 servers from 140 countries which is the largest offering among any of the companies I featured today. I only recommend providers I’ve used myself so I can’t speak for the hundreds of other providers out there.

Many other reviewers will gladly direct you to Express VPN which has a large market share but nearly three or four times the price of Pure VPN and Ivacy.

Pure VPN offers a high level of data encryption and some of the best apps and extensions for connecting out of all the providers out there on the market.

By default you can have 5 devices streaming at once too.

They regularly offer Pure VPN discount codes, black friday deals and limited time offers on 3 and 5 year plans too. Right now the best offer is their 2 year one time fee deal.

There we have it, the best Kodi VPN providers to get started with protecting your identity online with Kodi.

Ivacy Kodi VPN

This is the cheapest premium and one of the best Kodi VPN providers that offer support for Kodi and only costs $49 for 2 years. They regularly offer deals such as 5 years for only $1 per month.

They offer a standalone Kodi app that you can download, install and configure within minutes. Aside from the app they claim to offer over 450 servers in 100 locations around the world ensuring you can access ‘geoblocked Kodi apps.’

Ivacy VPN has security with 256-bit military-grade encryption and several protocols including IPSEC, IKeV, L2TP, OpenVPN, TCP and UD.

Ivacy has a kill-switch, which will cut your internet connection if there is ever a leak although using Kodi this shouldn’t ever be a problem. Ivacy also does not store logs; they only keep a track of the login attempts made to their servers.

You can also connect up to five devices simultaneously, and since it works on so many platforms including Kodi, we’re sure you will use all five pretty quickly.

As for streaming away from, Ivacy can access Netflix, Hulu, and iPlayer among all the usual other streaming sites, with no bandwidth limitations. The speed is definitely enough to stream without lag or buffering.

Where Ivacy really does stand out though is their 24/7 customer service. Very few VPN providers manage to pull this off, but Ivacy is always online through a variety of methods including email and live chat.

In the past their prices haven’t been stand out however they have recently revamped prices, and now one of the most affordable VPN providers. We especially like the five-year plan that only costs $1 per month.

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