How To Get Youtube Premium Discount Price [Guide]

Youtube Premium is fast becoming the most popular option for households, who are now watching music videos, TV shows and even movies on Youtube. 

Currently available for $14.99 per month here in New Zealand, it's not the cheapest and this is the starter price. A family membership can cost upwards of $24!

But there is a way to get Youtube premium for a fraction of the price. And this is thanks to worldwide currency fluctuations. 

In India, the price of Youtube premium is $2.81 NZD per month (it's actually billed in rupees) but this is 5 times cheaper. 

And anyone can get an Indian IP address to signup for this price. And the best part is the VPN isn't actually needed after initial signup (Wow!)

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What is Youtube Premium?

As if the standard site wasn't good enough, the one downside is the endless ads you'll experience. The premium subscription allows you to stream ad-free as well as play music in the background when using mobile devices or on a locked screen. 

Additionally you can download and save videos for offline viewing or when you're low on mobile data and can't get online. Great for plane journeys. 

After using the service for a month, I can safely say I won't be returning to the free version of the website. Having no ads 

How to Get Youtube Premium Discount

Step 1: Get yourself a VPN with an Indian server.

This is the most important step. Free VPN's most likely won't have India as a supported country, so we recommend taking this option from PureVPN (it's our top rated provider).

Step 2: Proceed to this page to ensure you've got an Indian IP now. Does the country say India? If you're still seeing 'New Zealand' then the VPN is either not switched on or not working correctly. Check this, or reach out to PureVPN live chat. 

Step 3: Head over to Youtube Premium and login to your account. You can use your existing Youtube account for this step. 

Step 4: Subscribe to Youtube Premium, paying the 139 rupees for 1 screen. Currently 12th July this exchange rate is $2.81 NZD. This is your ongoing monthly fee.

Step 5: Start enjoying Youtube premium. Once signed up, you don't actually need to use the VPN anymore, this was only to bypass the geo pricing. 

Step 6: Enjoy your Youtube Premium discount. Share the method with your friends. 

I'm already paying full price, what can I do?

You simply need to go to the paid membership page and cancel your existing membership. On your billing date you'll be downgraded to a free plan.

You can then proceed to go through the steps above to access the discounted price

Youtube doesn't check where the account was initially registered from. They simply look at the IP address you're subscribing from, hence the requirement for a VPN. 

What Other Countries Does This Method Work With?

Currently the best country is India. However, you can also signup from Argentina for an even lower price, however due to the fluctuation in the Argentine currency some months may be more expensive than others. 

At the time of writing this article, a monthly subscription from Argentina costs $119 which works out to be $2.56 NZD per month. 

Couldn't Youtube Block This Method?

Yes they could, but it's unlikely as Indian's would unlikely pay the same price as it's sold for in the Western world. It's a numbers game in India, more people and more sales. 

This is why you should signup sooner rather than later. The most important step is to grab yourself a legitimate Indian VPN server

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