What is Beebs.io and does it work in New Zealand?

what is beebs io what is beebs io

What exactly is Beebs.io and does it actually work in New Zealand? We've been inundated with requests to checkout this platform as a serious alternative to a traditional VPN, but their website provides little to no information on what it actually is.

what is beebs io

What is Beebs.io?

Beebs.io is a Chrome based plugin which allows you to watch the BBC iPlayer from outside the UK using your web browser. Initially the application is free however is supported by advertisements and a premium upsell. 

What sites does Beebs.io unlock?

The application offers support for the four main UK platforms including the BBC iPlayer (fitting for the name beebs), Channel 4 OnDemand, ITV Player and TVP. 

Now in 2022, it unlocks the BBC Sport site, which is where you'll find world cup coverage from Qatar and France next year for the RWC. 

Beebs will also help to bypass the 'BBC iPlayer only works in the UK' error code.

Unlike other VPN providers that can offer multi country unlocking, Beebs has focused on doing one thing well and that's unlocking the UK market, where most of the juicy free-to-air tv shows and broadcasting come from. 

Is Beebs really free or is it a paid service?

It's free to install Beebs as it's a Chrome extension. The application can be used initially for free but then costs at least 3 euros per month or $5 NZD on their longest plan. The longer you subscribe for, the cheaper the pricing, like most VPN companies out there. Pricing varies so be sure to checkout the premium upgrade within the app. 

How do I get Beebs to work?

Basically, as the extension runs within Chrome, you simply need to turn it on or off from the extensions tab across the top. If you can't see it there, be sure to add the extension as a favourite as depending on how many extensions you have, it may be hidden from visibility. Further on mobile devices, it's a little harder to spot. 

My Beebs isn't working, how do I fix it?

The first thing is to make sure you aren't double dipping, or using two VPN providers. Many free-seekers forget they have installed multiple extensions, looking for a working one and then this can cause both to stop working. Remove or disable ZenMate or Hola, among other similar apps. 

Then you want to ensure you are actually signed into Beebs and that it's running within your Chrome browser. Try clearing your temporary internet files and cache if you're still not seeing the login page. 

Finally, re-install the extension and ensure it's up to date. If that doesn't work, head over to the official extension page in the Chrome webstore and check the reviews, is anyone else experiencing an issue currently? Further, email [email protected] for help.

What are the best Beebs alternatives?

There are many Chrome extensions that claim to be a good Beebs alternative, however the most popular one is Hola or ZenMate.

The other comparable option is to choose a premium VPN provider such as PureVPN or ExpressVPN however this requires software rather than a browser extension which may not be possible, however they do a better job of unlocking global sites and ensuring you aren't leaking your DNS which can occur with Chrome extensions. 

Our Beebs Review - Is it worth it?

Firstly, Beebs worked for us. We were sceptical that a free extension would actually work, as most of them are down and out scams. Beebs has been downloaded over 30,000 times and has many positive feedbacks -most of the negative ones are about people ticking NO when asked if they have a TV license - you need to tick yes duhh!

It's no secret that the app isn't really free, you need to become a premium member to really unlock all channels, but at $5 per month, it's pretty darn cheap, but at this price there are other premium VPNs that will unlock far more countries and channels.

We would recommend Beebs as a Chrome VPN or alternative to Hola.

Quick Guide - Best VPNs for New Zealand

  1. PureVPN - High quality, no logs provider offering torrent friendly servers in 142 countries worldwide, at affordable prices. 
  2. ExpressVPN - Provides excellent speeds and some of the best Netflix servers, ideal for those heavy demand streamers.
  3. Surfshark - The cheapest provider, offering unlimited devices streaming and various modes for combating geo-restrictions. Probably the fastest vpn. 
  4. NordVPN - Offers high levels of security combined with torrent friendly servers, but comes at a cost. 

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