What Can You Buy on The Dark Web?

Discover the hidden layers of the internet as we delve into what you can buy on the Dark Web – from the unconventional to the illicit.
What Can You Buy on The Dark Web? What Can You Buy on The Dark Web?

Ever wondered about the hidden parts of the internet? The Dark Web is a secretive space with a lot of items, legal and not. You can only access it using special browsers like Tor. It was created by the US Department of Defense for secret talks. Now, people use it for privacy or to buy things not sold on normal websites.

The Dark Web makes up about 5% of the internet and is known for illegal stuff. But, it’s also a place for those wanting to keep their identity secret. So, what’s available there? You can find everything from rare items to things that could harm you. It’s a place where people can hide, doing both good and bad things without being seen.

But, there’s more to the Dark Web than just illegal items. It shows how complex online privacy can be and why people want to trade secretly. People visit it for safe talks or to see things they usually can’t online. The Dark Web has an interesting role in our digital world, sparking discussions and interest.


We’ll look into this mysterious world more. We’ll see what it sells, legal and not, and think about how it changes our view of the internet.

Before venturing onto the dark web you’ll need a VPN (checkout PureVPN), a new browser (Tor Browser) and a list of .onion sites (the .com of the dark web) to find what you’re looking for. There’s a number of .onion search engines you can use too). Never connect to the dark web using your home IP address.

Introduction to the Dark Web

The dark web started in the early 2000s with Freenet, thanks to Ian Clarke. It’s different from the deep web, where hidden but safe parts of the internet exist. The dark web is famous for its secret websites and the privacy it gives with the Tor browser. The Tor browser was first made by the U.S. Navy. Many people use it – about 71% for staying hidden and 62% for staying safe. People go there for privacy and extra safety online.

This part of the web is hidden, so it hides who you are and where you are. This makes it a place for all kinds of things, both good and bad. For example, you might see bank details and Social Security numbers for sale. Around 5% of the web is the dark web, and 2.7 million people use it every day. About a quarter of them go just to see what’s there.

But not all dark web use is bad. Just 6.7% of people do bad things there. Many use it to hide online, to see hidden stuff, or to talk securely. The dark web became even more popular thanks to things like Bitcoin. For bad deals, they mostly use Bitcoin or other online money.

The dark web is like a different world from the rest of the web. It’s both about staying private and doing wrong things. People there range from news writers and people fighting for change, to those making illegal deals. This mix shows how important it is to know about the deep and dark web. Tools like Tor help keep the internet safe.

Legal Goods and Services on the Dark Web

Not everything on the dark web is illegal. Some people use it for secure communication and to avoid being watched. It’s a small part of the internet, with only 0.01% being dark web. This space is for secure activities.

Privacy Tools and VPNs

On the dark web, privacy tools and VPNs are everywhere. They let users stay hidden. For example, journalists and people in tough places use tools like Tor and PureVPN. They do this to talk safely and see news that can’t be stopped. Tor first came in 2004 to make browsing and talking safe and private. VPNs also stop bad software, making dark web trips safer.

Memorabilia and Collectibles

The dark web is a great place for unusual collectibles. Think unique and rare items not found often. It’s a legal way to enjoy special items. It offers a unique buying experience, but legal shopping, on the dark web.

Artisanal Goods and Wellness Products

Here, you can also find things made by hand and wellness goods. It’s a spot for small creators and wellness fans to share their stuff. On the dark web, they don’t face big fees or tough rules like on normal sites. So, their work is just as real and accepted. This hidden part of the internet has a lot to discover, making shopping more interesting.

Illicit Goods and Services on the Dark Web

The Dark Web is a hidden world for illegal trade. Marketplaces there let people buy and sell things not allowed, like drugs and weapons, without being easily seen by police. They use cryptocurrencies to hide who’s involved, keeping buyers and sellers secret.

This secret part of the internet is perfect for criminals. They can sell drugs, weapons, stolen identities, and even illegal porn without easy detection. This secret world makes it hard for the police and cybersecurity teams to catch them, challenging them all the time.

Onion routing is a special tech that helps keep these deals hidden. It sends users’ details through many points, making it hard to know where it all started. Although some Dark Web sites have been closed by the police, new ones keep appearing because the Dark Web is spread out and hard to control. The idea of making deals you can’t trace keeps drawing people to these illegal markets.

To sum up, the Dark Web is a big problem for laws and ethics. Its stealth and clever tech challenge those trying to keep the internet safe. This dilemma keeps on going, affecting everyone involved, from civilians to experts fighting crime.


The Dark Web is a hub for buying drugs, from recreational narcotics to prescription meds. It’s a place where you can get them without a prescription or buy controlled drugs illegally. This illegal market poses health and policing challenges for society.

Recreational Drugs

On the Dark Web, you can easily buy recreational drugs like cannabis, LSD, heroin, and meth. The trend of buying these drugs online without a doctor has doubled from 2014 to 2022. This way of buying drugs is risky. Users often don’t know how strong or pure these drugs are, which can lead to overdose dangers.

Prescription Drugs

But it’s not just recreational drugs, the Dark Web also sells prescription medications. These include drugs for mental health and opioid addiction. Selling drugs for opioid dependency online is an issue in the USA. Plus, sedative drugs like alprazolam are sometimes celebrated in music, but most people who get these drugs don’t buy them online. They get them from friends or family.

This situation shows the big challenges in stopping these illegal sales. The type of drugs that sell a lot changes from place to place. Some countries buy more sedatives, others more stimulants. Knowing these differences can help fight online drug sales more effectively.


The Dark Web is deeply linked with the illegal arms trade. It’s a serious issue for police. This hidden online space lets people sell weapons easily. It means guns and explosive devices are sold with little difficulty.


In the Dark Web world, gun sales are big business. Glocks are the most sought-after, making up 57% of all handguns sold. From July to December 2019, 2,124 arms changed hands in the secret markets. This included 1,497 handguns, 219 rifles, 41 submachine guns, and 34 shotguns. Handguns are the favorite, being 70.5% of the total. Prices for these guns can change a lot. Things like type and quality affect the cost. Bitcoin is usually used as payment in these secret deals.


Even explosive weapons are found on the Dark Web. They only make up a small percentage of sales. Yet, this availability is a huge risk. It could lead to more serious crimes and devastating harm. Discovering illegal 3D weapon designs and parts makes efforts to stop these deals harder.

The Dark Web’s illegal arms market is valued at about $1 million a month. This shows how serious the problem is. Governments are working hard to stop it. But, the Dark Web’s secrecy makes it a tough fight.

Stolen Data

The Dark Web is a center for cybercrime and stolen data trading. You can find things like Social Security numbers and credit cards there. This comes from big cyber attacks. Cybercriminals sell this data, letting buyers see info from many people.

This is bad news for both businesses and individuals. It puts their privacy and financial safety at risk.

Since 2016, listings that could hurt companies on the Dark Web grew by 20% until 2019. Notably, 60% of these listings might harm businesses. What’s being sold is scary, like medical records, bank details, names, and more. To buy enough data to steal someone’s identity costs about $1,010.

Ransomware cases are also on the rise. In 2020, 29% were linked to the REvil group. They’re said to have made $81 million in profits last year. This underlines the real risk of identity theft and fraud, showing why strong cybersecurity is a must.

The Dark Web is a small part of the internet, about 5%. Yet, it’s a big player in the trade of personal info. The use of bitcoin makes tracking these deals hard. This is due to bitcoin being secure and hard to trace.

Businesses and people need to be careful. They must use advanced security measures to keep their data safe from the Dark Web.

Most Dark Web sites offer illegal material. This makes it tricky to browse securely. Using cloud-based tools for data protection is key. They can prevent data theft and resale on dark networks.

Training people to spot phishing emails can also help a lot. This is something hackers often use to start stealing data.

personal information trade

Counterfeit Currency

Counterfeiting is a big part of the underground economy that runs on the Dark Web. Cybercriminals enjoy making and spreading fake money due to the Dark Web’s covertness. The U.S. Treasury lists three main methods for making fake U.S. money: digital, offset, and intaglio printing.

Most fake U.S. money comes from Peru, famous for its high-quality fakes, called “Peruvian notes”.

Fake IDs and Passports

The Dark Web is famous for selling fake IDs and documents. Buyers can get things like driver’s licenses and passports, hiding who they really are. These fake documents help people do illegal things without getting caught. For example, two people sold fake U.S. money on the AlphaBay dark web site before running the Empire Market. This illegal trade makes it hard for cops everywhere.

Fraudulent Documents

The Dark Web also has many other types of fake documents like diplomas and professional licenses. They’re made very well, so it’s hard to know they’re fake without special tools. This fake paperwork lessens the worth of real documents and is a big risk to our economy and security. The Dark Web’s hidden nature makes this problem even worse, with lots of fake money and documents being sold.

Malware and Hacking Tools

The Dark Web is a big problem for cybersecurity, affecting many people. It makes up most of the internet. This hidden part is where malware and hacking tools are widely available. Since 2017, more people, especially those new to hacking, joined the dark web, causing a 300% increase in its use.


Ransomware is a key tool for cybercriminals on the Dark Web. Sellers offer ready-made kits, complete with old ransomware. They also include how-to guides, making buying these kits attractive. The use of ransomware exploit kits is increasing. This method is cheap, allowing for easy attacks through known weaknesses. For this reason, it’s crucial to have strong cybersecurity to defend against such attacks.

Phishing Kits

Cybercriminals often use phishing to steal important data. On the Dark Web, they sell full kits for these illegal campaigns. Even though the dark web is small, it plays a big role in spreading malware and phishing tools. It’s very important to teach people how to spot phishing and to use good cybersecurity. This knowledge helps fight against these dangers.

Hackers for Hire

The dark web is a key place for many hacker services. It’s where cyber mercenaries work, offering their skills for money. They take on various jobs, from individuals to big companies to nations. Tasks include taking over websites, social media, and emails. For hacking a social media account, the going rate is about $230. To hack a website, you’re looking at spending about $394.

But, hiring hackers can get you in big trouble. That’s because hacking is against the law in most areas. Ethical hacking, however, is legal and helps make systems safer. If you need this kind of help, look for people with special certifications or real experience. And, always keep your conversations private and secure.

If you pay for custom malware, like RATs, you might face big problems, such as someone spying on you through your webcam. On average, this kind of malware costs around $318. Another risky service is DDoS attacks, which can be hired for about $26 an hour. The chance to stay anonymous while using these services is a tough challenge for those keeping the internet safe and secure.

What Can You Buy on The Dark Web?

The Dark Web is a hidden part of the internet. It’s full of secret items that you can’t find on normal websites. People use special browsers like Tor to visit it. You can find both legal and illegal things there. This part will show you the many things you can buy and how to stay safe while browsing.

Variety of Products

The range of items on the dark web is huge. You can buy anything from old souvenirs to software that can steal information. In 2015, a study showed that over half of the sites on the dark web were selling illegal stuff. Another study found that 60% of items from 2016 to 2019 could hurt businesses. For example, you can get credit card numbers, online account passwords, and fake identities really cheaply.

But, the dark web also has legal things for sale. This includes tools to keep your online information private and handmade products. It’s a mix of good and bad stuff, showing its mysterious character.

Safe Browsing Tips

Using the dark web safely is very important. Websites can vanish fast, which makes it hard to find things again. A lot of these sites have harmful software, so there’s a high chance of getting a computer virus. To protect yourself, use Tor and VPNs. These tools hide who you are and make your internet connection safer.

It’s crucial to take steps to protect your personal information. Malicious users might steal your work usernames and other details to do bad things. By following strict security measures, you can explore the dark web without putting your privacy at risk.

Benefits of the Dark Web

The Dark Web often makes us think of illegal things. But, it has anonymity benefits important in many cases. The Tor browser, funded by the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, is a key to private online talks. This privacy is gold to people in places with strict rules, helping them avoid being watched by their government.

The Dark Web’s big plus is letting people speak up without fear. Activists and reporters can share secrets without worrying about getting in trouble. It’s a safe zone for talking in places where saying something true can be dangerous. Plus, it keeps users’ secrets from prying eyes, which shields them from being watched.

This hidden side of the internet has safe spots where people trade important news. It has a mix of good and bad points, showing its deep nature. Yet, it’s key for private talks and keeping data safe. It’s a place for those wanting to browse without leaving a trace and having secure chats.

Risks and Threats of the Dark Web

The dark web is full of dangers, like legal trouble and cyber threats. People might break the law without knowing it, since bad things like selling drugs happen there. They also face a big risk of getting harmful software that can steal their information or lock their computer. This hurts their safety and private info a lot.

Dark Web risks and threats

Legal Consequences

Going on the dark web might mean trouble with the law. Tools like Tor and VPNs keep you hidden, but the police watch these places. If you do something illegal there, you could get fined or even go to jail.

The tools to stay private can also put you in a bad spot.

Cybersecurity Threats

The dark web is a big risk for your cyber safety. It has many sites with bad software that can mess up your computer or steal your data. Each day, millions risk meeting criminals or clicking on bad links. Using strong security and staying alert, like with Norton 360 Deluxe, is very important to stay safe.


The Dark Web is a mysterious part of the internet. It’s known for offering privacy but is criticized for the level of anonymity it provides. This shadowy part of the web is complex and important to understand as our online world changes. It works with a tool called the Tor browser, which uses thousands of relays to hide users’ identities. This makes it hard for others to track them.

This secret online space is used for both legal and illegal purposes. People use it for safe communication and to access things they can’t find anywhere else. Unfortunately, it’s also home to a lot of illegal actions. For example, sites that sell drugs and more reach a staggering $23 billion in yearly transactions. Even though it’s only a small part of the overall internet, the Dark Web is big for both keeping privacy and criminal activities.

Tools like the Tor browser protect users from being tracked online by encrypting their information. But, it’s crucial for us to stay cautious and use high-tech security tools like XDR. These help protect from online dangers such as malware and ransomware. Cybersecurity is advancing quickly to ensure a safe online world for all. With more enforcement action against illegal web activities, it’s clear we must stay alert and informed. Remember, exploring the Dark Web comes with risks. It’s vital to be careful to maintain the balance of safety and privacy online.


Q: What can you buy on the Dark Web?

A: The Dark Web has both legal and illegal goods. You can find privacy tools, VPNs, and unique items. But, it also sells drugs, weapons, and fake money.

Q: How do you access the Dark Web?

A: Special browsers like Tor are needed to access the Dark Web. These browsers hide your identity and location. They keep you anonymous online.

Q: What is the difference between the Deep Web and the Dark Web?

A: The Deep Web isn’t on regular search engines. It includes private and password-protected sites. The Dark Web is part of the Deep Web. It’s known for illegal activities and its encrypted sites.

Q: Is it legal to use the Dark Web?

A: Yes, using the Dark Web for legal stuff is okay. For example, safe browsing. But, buying illegal items like drugs is not legal.

Q: What types of privacy tools are available on the Dark Web?

A: On the Dark Web, you can find VPNs and encryption software. There are also platforms for secure communication. These tools help keep your online actions private.

Q: Can you buy memorabilia and collectibles on the Dark Web?

A: Yes, you can. The Dark Web has marketplaces for legal items. This includes unique and rare collectibles you may not find elsewhere.

Q: What are the main categories of drugs available on the Dark Web?

A: There are many drugs on the Dark Web. They range from recreational drugs to prescription drugs. They are sold without the rules of legal markets.

Q: What kinds of weapons can you find on the Dark Web?

A: The Dark Web sells firearms and explosives. They bypass regular sales laws. This makes them available for anonymous purchase.

Q: How is stolen data traded on the Dark Web?

A: Cybercriminals sell stolen data on the Dark Web. This includes credit card information and personal details. Such data is often used for fraud.

Q: What types of counterfeit currency and fraudulent documents are available?

A: The Dark Web sells fake currency and IDs. These are used in crimes, from buying alcohol underage to supporting terrorism.

Q: What are common types of malware traded on the Dark Web?

A: Ransomware and phishing kits are popular malware. Ransomware locks up data for ransom. Phishing kits trick people into sharing personal information.

Q: Who hires hackers on the Dark Web, and what services do they offer?

A: Many people, from individuals to countries, hire hackers. These hackers offer to steal information or sabotage others. They’re paid to do harm online.

Q: How can you navigate the Dark Web safely?

A: Use the Tor browser and VPNs for safety. They help you stay anonymous and protect against dangers. Also, follow good cybersecurity practices and avoid illegal activities.

Q: What are the benefits of using the Dark Web?

A: For some, the Dark Web offers a safe place to speak out. Activists and journalists find it helpful. It’s a way to share ideas freely in challenging places.

Q: What are the risks and threats associated with the Dark Web?

A: There are risks, like breaking the law or facing cyber threats. You could get into trouble or be the target of a cyberattack. Be careful online.

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