How To Watch New Zealand vs Wales Live (No 1 Hour Delay)

So you want to watch the Wales vs New Zealand game live, not a 1 hour delay. You also don’t want to pay $24.99 or $89 to watch? But of course you want to be a good citizen and watch it legally, no pirated streams etc.

Let me show you how you can for $10.95 or $2.88/mo

And you’ll be setup within 5 minutes, guaranteed!


We’ll be using ITV Hub which is a web based platform owned by ITV in the United Kingdom. This is a 100% legal free platform that is sponsored by advertisements. They are showing the game live via their website,

Check here to confirm they are an official broadcaster 🙂

But how do we make it look like we’re in the UK despite being in NZ?

Simple answer: A cheap VPN.


Step 1: Buy A VPN

A VPN allows you to change your geographical location instantly for certain websites, without impacting the local content you watch already such as TVNZ or Netflix.

Those websites only available in New Zealand will continue to work as normal but those sites that were previously blocked such as ITV, iPlayer, Kayo Sports will now be unlocked and work as well.

If you visit ITV Hub now it will be blocked, like this.


The best VPN that also seems to be the cheapest is called PureVPN and costs $2.88 per month on a two year plan. If you simply want to watch the tournament they offer a monthly pass for $10.95.

After enabling this platform, ITV Hub works fine!


[su_box title=”Getting Started” box_color=”#1991de”]

  1. To buy your VPN head over to PureVPN.
  2. Choose the plan you wish to purchase, pay with your card or Paypal.
  3. Check your email for your username and password.
  4. Download the PureVPN app for mobile, mac, windows or TV.
  5. Start the PureVPN app.
  6. Login with username and password.
  7. Choose a UK server and click ‘Connect.’


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Step 2: Create ITV Hub Account

This will not work without a premium VPN.

[su_note note_color=”#e9f082″]Other streaming options listed on other sites provide you with content that may be pirated. Remember that illegal streaming of copyright content can easily get you in trouble with your ISP or the government. Using a VPN with an official broadcaster is 100% legal. [/su_note]

With your VPN running you can now appear to be in the United Kingdom so head over to ITV Hub and create a free account.

When prompted, enter a random post code, i.e. WC2N 5DU

You are now ready to watch the tournament.


Step 3: Start Watching

You can either download the ITV Hub app to your device from the store or simply use the web browser such as Chrome.

All games will be available to watch instantly, in high quality and on demand too.

Step 4: Disable VPN & Start Again

Once you’re done watching a game, you can disable your VPN. Then turn it back on again for future games.

Your VPN comes with unlimited traffic so stream as much or as little as you want.

Plus unlock pretty much every site that’s currently blocked instantly by simply changing the country.


Oh and this is all legal!


Get started with a Pure VPN Subscription. 

Thank us later.

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