How To Watch TVNZ On Demand In Australia (Step-By-Step)

Are you missing TVNZ On Demand while living overseas in Australia or on an extended holiday? Until recently you wouldn’t have been able to access their website or app outside the country but today we’ll show you how to watch TVNZ On Demand In Australia online and around the world.

Accessing their platform before reading this post you’ll probably have hit a geo restriction wall that says you must be living in NZ to access their streams.

how to watch TVNZ On Demand in Australia

Fortunately you can appear as if you’re in New Zealand by using a simple geo block workaround in the form of a VPN. Short for Virtual Private Network it allows you to tunnel your internet connection through another country to make it appear you’re somewhere you’re not.

Currently using a VPN for geo unlocking is perfectly legal in New Zealand and Australia so fear not, you’re not breaking the law. Very few countries prohibit the use of VPN’s so you’ve got nothing to worry about.

You may have used a VPN at work to authenticate on your internal network. It works the same way and will ensure your identity remains a secret online too.

How To Watch TVNZ On Demand In Australia

The first thing you need is a New Zealand VPN provider. There are many VPN providers out there but you need to ensure they offer a server located somewhere in New Zealand. Most don’t actually have local servers so they are pointless.

After testing the best VPN providers, the one with the most NZ servers is

Next you need to ensure the provider offers an application for your chosen device. If you’re using a Windows laptop, mac, phone, tablet, android phone, Blackberry, iPhone, Smart Televisions or just a standard browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari there are apps available to download and change your geo graphical location within minutes.

You can follow these steps:

  1. Visit and signup for a premium account at
  2. Download their app for your device
  3. Login to your account and turn on VPN
  4. Turn on a New Zealand server
  5. Access TVNZ On Demand like a local.
  6. Enjoy your content like a kiwi!
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After testing over the last few years we can confirm it works with all these additional major streaming platforms including 3Now, One on Demand, Netflix, Spark Sports, Amazon Prime, Choice TV, Quickflix, Crunchyroll and Sky sports.

Access International Content Too

One of the awesome features is the ability to change to any country in the world and unblock their local content. Want to watch cricket in South Africa, the BBC iPlayer in the UK or Netflix USA? Well now you can with a premium VPN subscription.

how to watch TVNZ On Demand in Australia