How to watch the Paris Olympics 2024 with a VPN?

Experience the thrill of the Paris Olympics 2024 from anywhere! Learn how to watch the Paris Olympics securely using a VPN and never miss a moment of the action.
Watch the Paris Olympics Watch the Paris Olympics

Imagine you’re on your couch, eagerly waiting for the Paris Olympics 2024 opening ceremony. The excitement peaks as you grab the remote, only to encounter an error message. Geo-restrictions have thwarted your Olympic dreams and you don’t have a Sky Sports subscription. But, don’t give up hope! A VPN could be your gateway to the games for free.

The Paris Olympics, scheduled from July 26th to August 11th, will be a spectacle unlike any other. With over 10,500 athletes from 200+ nations vying for glory over 16 days, it’s an event you can’t afford to miss. But, how do you ensure you don’t miss a single moment of the action? That’s where a VPN comes into play.

Streaming the Olympics can be challenging due to geo-restrictions. These digital barriers can prevent access based on your location. A VPN serves as your personal gold medal, enabling you to bypass these restrictions and access Olympic coverage from anywhere globally.


Top VPN services such as PureVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN boast extensive networks of servers worldwide. They are your go-to for catching every moment of the Paris games. Let’s explore how a VPN can secure your front-row seat to this monumental sporting event.

Watch Olympics For Free With PureVPN & BBC iPlayer.

Introduction to the Paris Olympics 2024

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are set to be a monumental event, gathering 10,500 athletes from 206 nations. Scheduled from July 26 to August 11, these games will be historic, featuring an unprecedented opening ceremony.

Key dates and events

The opening ceremony will break tradition by not being held in a stadium. Athletes will march along the Seine, covering a 6-kilometer route through Paris. The city will be transformed, with 80 giant screens strategically placed for viewers to enjoy the event.

  • Opening Ceremony: July 26, 2024
  • Closing Ceremony: August 11, 2024
  • New sports: Breaking, surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing

Importance of VPNs for watching the Olympics

Geo-restrictions often limit access to major sports events, making VPNs essential for global viewers. VPNs help fans overcome geographical barriers, offering diverse coverage options and ensuring privacy while streaming. Whether you’re abroad or just want to explore different broadcasters, a VPN can significantly improve your Paris 2024 experience.

Understanding Geo-restrictions and Broadcasting Rights

Olympic broadcasting rights dictate how we experience the games. Networks across various countries purchase these rights, leading to geo-blocking. This means content is only accessible in specific regions. For instance, NBC holds the rights in the US, while the BBC covers the UK.

Geo-blocking impacts international streaming significantly. If you’re outside your home country, accessing your usual coverage might be blocked. This is where VPNs become essential. They enable you to alter your virtual location, thus circumventing these restrictions.

The Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS) plays a pivotal role. With 165 full-time employees from 28 countries, they deliver the core coverage. OBS strives for equitable, multilateral coverage of all Olympic sports. They produce TV and radio signals for broadcasters globally.

For the Paris 2024 Olympics, viewers have several options:

  • NBC and Peacock in the US (free)
  • BBC iPlayer in the UK (free)
  • CBC Gem in Canada (free)
  • Channel 7 in Australia (free)
  • Sky Sports in NZ (paid).

Time zones are crucial to consider. Paris is ahead/behind of many viewers, so it’s important to check your local listings. With the correct setup, you can enjoy all 329 events across 32 sports, featuring over 10,500 athletes from 206 countries.

Benefits of Using a VPN for Olympic Streaming

VPNs bring significant advantages to Olympic streaming. They open up a universe of viewing options, enhance streaming quality, and ensure your online activities remain private. Let’s explore the essential benefits of using a VPN for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Bypassing geographical limitations

VPNs serve as your gateway to global Olympic coverage. They enable access to free streaming services from countries such as Australia, France, and the UK. With a VPN, you can stream the Olympics on BBC iPlayer or, even if you’re not physically located in those countries.

Enhancing streaming quality

VPNs can significantly improve your streaming quality by preventing ISP throttling. ExpressVPN’s Lightway protocol minimizes speed loss to just 2% on local servers. This ensures you can enjoy high-definition streaming of thrilling new Olympic events like breakdancing and kayak cross.

Ensuring privacy and security

VPNs safeguard your online privacy while streaming. They encrypt your internet connection, keeping your viewing habits confidential. This is crucial if you’re traveling or in a region with stringent internet regulations. With a VPN, you can securely watch the Olympics from anywhere globally.

Top VPN services such as ExpressVPN and CyberGhost offer extensive server networks and money-back guarantees. This allows you to try their services risk-free and find the best option for your Olympic streaming needs.

How to use a VPN to watch Paris Olympics for free in NZ

Watching the Paris Olympics 2024 from anywhere requires a reliable VPN setup. This guide will help you set it up, ensuring you don’t miss any of the 329 medal events.

Step-by-step guide to VPN installation

Start your Olympic viewing journey with these steps:

  1. Choose a VPN service like PureVPN, offering servers in 58+ countries
  2. Download the VPN app for your device
  3. Install and open the application
  4. Turn on the server for your chosen app, i.e. iPlayer for UK streaming.
  5. Log in with your account details

Choosing the right server location

Server selection is key for accessing Olympic content. Select a server in a country broadcasting the games. For example, connect to a US server for NBC’s 7,000 hours of coverage, or an Australian server for Channel Nine’s free streaming.

Testing your connection

Before the opening ceremony on July 26, test your connection:

  • Connect to your chosen server
  • Visit your preferred streaming platform
  • Play a video to check streaming quality
  • If issues arise, try a different server or contact VPN support

With proper VPN setup, server selection, and connection testing, you’re set to enjoy the Paris Olympics 2024 from anywhere in the world.

Official Olympic Broadcasters Worldwide

Olympic broadcasters worldwide

The Paris 2024 Olympics will be broadcast globally by numerous networks. Various Olympic broadcasters have obtained international coverage rights. This ensures the games reach viewers globally. In France, France Télévisions holds the domestic rights, with Eurosport offering free-to-air coverage. Dentsu manages the broadcast rights for Asia, while Nine secures coverage in Australia.

Canada’s CBC/Radio-Canada, along with TSN, RDS, and Sportsnet, will offer comprehensive coverage of the Olympics. In China, CMG, Migu, Douyin, Kuaishou, and Tencent share streaming rights. NBCUniversal holds the broadcast rights for the United States, providing extensive coverage through multiple platforms:

  • NBC and cable networks
  • Peacock streaming service
  • Theater experiences
  • Social media channels

NBC plans to air more programming hours than any previous Olympics. Peacock will stream all 329 medal events, full-event replays, and original content. The network’s Primetime in Paris coverage aims to enhance storytelling and viewer engagement. Peacock will introduce interactive features like Live Actions and Discovery Multiview to improve the viewing experience during live broadcasts.

Many countries have designated broadcasters with exclusive rights to air the 2024 Paris Olympics. These agreements ensure fans worldwide can enjoy the games through various media channels, including TV, streaming platforms, and mobile apps.

How to Watch the Paris Olympics For Free?

Sports enthusiasts, rejoice! The Paris Olympics 2024 brings you free Olympic streaming through international broadcasters. These platforms ensure you can watch your favorite events without spending a dime.

BBC iPlayer (UK)

British viewers can dive into the Paris Olympics action on BBC iPlayer. This service offers live events and highlights for free. UK residents can access it directly. However, international viewers might need a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions.

7plus (Australia)

Australian fans, get ready to stream the Olympics for free on 7plus. This platform provides live coverage and on-demand replays of the games. It’s perfect for those keen on following Australian athletes or catching major events.

CBC Gem (Canada)

Canadian viewers, you’re in luck with CBC Gem’s partial free coverage of the Paris Olympics. This service delivers live broadcasts and highlights of key events. While some content might require a subscription, many Olympic moments are available at no cost.

Keep in mind, these free streaming options are geo-restricted. To access them from outside their countries, a VPN might be necessary. This lets you enjoy coverage from international broadcasters, no matter where you are.

Paid Streaming Services for Olympic Coverage

The 2024 Paris Olympics will feature 45 sports and around 10,500 athletes from 206 countries. To ensure you don’t miss any action, several subscription services offer live sports streaming. These platforms will cover the 329 medal events extensively.

Sky Sports is a top choice, providing live streaming of all Olympic events for $49 per month using their Sky Sports Now service. For a broader experience, you can get an actual Sky subscription and then addon Sky Sports – minimum price is at least $100+ per month.

  • DirectTV Stream ($79.99/month): Offers live channels and unlimited cloud DVR storage
  • FuboTV ($79.99/month): Provides 193 channels and all Olympic broadcasting channels
  • YouTubeTV ($57.99/month): Includes over 100 channels with recording capabilities

These subscription services ensure you won’t miss a moment of the Olympics, from the opening ceremony on July 26 to the closing event on August 11. With NBCUniversal holding U.S. broadcasting rights, viewers can expect over 500 hours of coverage across various channels and platforms.

Mobile Apps for Olympic Viewing Short Clips

Prepare for the Paris Olympics 2024 with advanced mobile streaming solutions. Olympic apps are revolutionizing how we watch events on the move. The official Paris 2024 Olympics app, launched on June 24, 2024, brings a plethora of features for fans globally.

Official Olympic App

The Paris 2024 Olympics app is your entry point to the Games. It supports 10 languages, including English, French, and Spanish. Customize your experience by picking favorite sports and teams. Enjoy real-time updates, breaking news, and Torch Relay details.

Sign in with your Paris 2024 Tickets email to access the My Events feature. This simplifies managing ticketed sessions. The app also features an interactive Allianz trivia game and the Olympic Shop for exclusive merchandise.

Broadcaster-Specific Apps

Many broadcasters have their own Olympic apps for mobile streaming. NBC Sports, BBC Sport, and CBC Olympics offer live streaming and on-demand content. Use a VPN with these apps to access content from various countries, broadening your viewing choices.

  • NBC will broadcast breaking events on Aug. 9-10 at 8 p.m. ET
  • The official app includes a Games Map feature for exploring nearby events and activities
  • Users can receive personalized push notifications for favourite events and athletes

With these mobile streaming options, you won’t miss any Olympic action. Whether commuting or relaxing at home, these apps keep you connected to the Paris 2024 Games’ excitement.

Optimizing Your Streaming Experience

Optimizing streaming quality

Watching the Paris 2024 Olympics online demands superior streaming quality. With over a billion viewers expected, optimizing your experience is essential. Let’s delve into strategies for enhancing bandwidth and preventing buffering.

Start by ensuring a stable internet connection. A broadband speed of at least 5 Mbps is advised for seamless streaming. Opting for a wired Ethernet connection over Wi-Fi can significantly boost your streaming quality and minimize buffering.

Regularly clear your browser cache and shut down unnecessary applications to optimize your device’s performance. This straightforward action can enhance your device’s efficiency and improve your streaming experience.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi instead of mobile data for improved video quality
  • Update your device’s operating system and streaming apps
  • Consider lowering video quality if experiencing persistent buffering

Using a VPN can also prevent ISP throttling, potentially enhancing your streaming quality. By adhering to these guidelines, you’ll be set to enjoy the Olympic Games without interruptions.

Avoiding Common NZ VPN Issues During the Olympics

Ensuring a seamless Olympic viewing experience requires effective VPN troubleshooting. Fans globally might encounter connection issues or streaming problems. This section aims to guide you through overcoming these hurdles for uninterrupted enjoyment of the games.

Troubleshooting connection problems

For slow speeds or connection drops, consider these troubleshooting steps:

  • Switch to a different server location
  • Clear your browser cache
  • Try a different VPN protocol
  • Contact your VPN’s support team

Dealing with VPN blocks

Some streaming platforms block VPNs. To circumvent these restrictions:

  • Use a VPN service known for bypassing geo-blocks
  • Try connecting to different servers
  • Update your VPN software to the latest version
  • Consider having multiple VPN options as backup

Keep in mind, VPN usage during events like the Olympics may result in slower speeds. Patience and persistence in troubleshooting are key. With the right strategies, you’ll successfully watch the Paris 2024 Olympics from anywhere globally.

Alternative Methods to Watch the Olympics

Traditional cable TV remains a dependable choice for watching the Olympics. NBC will offer at least nine hours of daily coverage, focusing on live finals in swimming, gymnastics, and track & field. Subscribers can watch the action on NBC, USA Network, CNBC, and other affiliated channels.

Satellite broadcasting services also provide a means to watch the Paris 2024 Games. They offer comprehensive coverage across various channels, allowing viewers to enjoy the 329 events from home. The Opening Ceremony on July 26 and the Closing Ceremony on August 11 will be broadcast live, giving fans a firsthand experience of the Olympic spirit.

For those looking for a more communal experience, public viewing events are a great option. Local sports bars, community centers, and fan zones may host Olympic viewing parties. These events offer a chance to cheer for athletes with other sports fans, creating a lively atmosphere similar to being at the games.

With 220,000 spectators expected for the Opening Ceremony, the Paris Olympics are set to be an unforgettable event. Whether you opt for cable TV, satellite broadcasting, or public viewing events, there are many ways to experience the excitement and witness the world’s best athletes compete for gold.


Q: What is a VPN and why do I need one to watch the Paris Olympics 2024?

A: A VPN, or Virtual Private Network, helps you get past geographic restrictions to access content worldwide. You’ll need one to watch the Paris Olympics 2024 if your country blocks or restricts the coverage.

Q: What are the benefits of using a VPN for Olympic streaming?

A: Using a VPN for streaming Olympics offers several advantages. It lets you bypass geographical limits, improves streaming quality by stopping ISP throttling, and ensures your online privacy and security.

Q: What are the top VPN services recommended for watching the Olympics?

A: Top VPNs for watching the Paris Olympics 2024 include PureVPN, Surfshark, and ExpressVPN. These services are known for their strong security, fast speeds, and wide server networks.

Q: How do I set up a VPN for Olympic streaming?

A: Setting up a VPN for streaming Olympics involves several steps: 1) Subscribe to a VPN service, 2) Download and install the VPN app, 3) Log into your VPN account, 4) Choose a server in a country where the Olympics are broadcast, and 5) Connect to your preferred streaming platform.

Q: What are some official Olympic broadcasters worldwide?

A: Official Olympic broadcasters vary by country. In the US, NBC covers the Olympics across various platforms. The BBC iPlayer (UK), 7plus (Australia), and Kayo Sports (Australia) offer free or partial streaming options.

Q: Are there any free streaming options to watch the Paris Olympics 2024?

A: Yes, free streaming options for the Paris Olympics 2024 include BBC iPlayer (UK), 7plus (Australia), and CBC Gem (Canada). However, these platforms are geo-restricted, so a VPN is needed to access them from outside their countries.

Q: What paid streaming services offer Olympic coverage?

A: Paid streaming services with Olympic coverage include Hulu + Live TV, YouTube TV, FuboTV, Sling TV, and DirecTV Stream in the US. These services offer various features and pricing options.

Q: Are there any mobile apps for Olympic viewing?

A: Yes, mobile apps for Olympic viewing are available, like the official Olympic app and broadcaster-specific apps such as NBC Sports, BBC Sport, and CBC Olympics. These apps can be used with a VPN to access content from different countries.

Q: How can I optimise my streaming experience for the Olympics?

A: To enhance your streaming experience, ensure a stable internet connection, close unnecessary apps, use a wired connection if possible, clear your browser cache, and consider lowering video quality if experiencing buffering. A VPN can also prevent ISP throttling.

Q: What should I do if I encounter common VPN issues during the Olympics?

A: If you face VPN issues like slow speeds, connection drops, or streaming platform blocks, try switching servers, clearing your browser cache, using a different VPN protocol, or contacting VPN support. Some streaming platforms block VPNs, so having multiple VPN options can be helpful.

Q: Are there any legal considerations when using a VPN for Olympic streaming?

A: Using a VPN is generally legal, but accessing geo-restricted content might break some streaming platforms’ terms of service. Be aware of local laws on VPN usage and copyright regulations, as some countries restrict or ban VPN use.

Q: What are some alternative methods to watch the Olympics if I can’t use a VPN?

A: If you can’t use a VPN, consider traditional cable TV subscriptions, satellite broadcasting services, or public viewing events. Some countries broadcast the Olympics on free-to-air channels.

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