How To Watch Take Me Out TV Show In New Zealand (Guide)

So you want to watch take me out UK TV show in New Zealand. Well you can’t currently, there is no international broadcaster in the country showing this epic TV show. However, there is a legal way to watch the ITV player, which streams on demand episodes of take me out.

Today we’ll show you how to access the ITV player from anywhere in the world including New Zealand. You can then watch this popular British dating game show.

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What is Take Me Out?

Hosted by comedian Paddy McGuinness, Take Me Out UK is a popular British dating game show.  It is a spin off from its Australian counterpart Taken Out.

Since 2010, it has been broadcasting in the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland.

The show has been a commercial success and until today, it is still ongoing, and it has aired over 10 series and 101 episodes.

There have been changes as well with the production locations for the show to accommodate the growing number of audience members and space.

Originally, it was recorded at Granada Studios in Manchester and subsequently after the first series, it was recorded in Kent at The Maidstone Studios.

Watch Take Me Out NZ

How Take Me Out Works?

The whole idea of the show revolves around a bachelor who will be faced with a panel of thirty women. He needs to impress them enough so that he will be able to take one on a date.

The show kicks off with thirty women on stage with lights above each of them and they all have a button in front of them.

The highlight is when the male contestant ascends from the stage via the “Love Lift” where he is seen courting the women through a variety of performances.

There are several rounds to this where the bachelor would be seen giving an introduction about himself before showcasing some of his skills where it could be him playing a musical instrument or dancing.

There is also a video that is being played as well where it has a deeper insight to his values through his family and friends.

If any of the women are not interested in dating the bachelor, they have the option to press their button which was switch off their light and the area of the stage will dim to red.

There are three rounds to this segment.

By the end of third round, if there are still lights switched on the bachelor only has the choice to pick two of the lights out of the rest.

He must choose between the two remaining women he wants to go out with by asking one question to both.

Once his decision has been made based on the answers they gave, he will switch off the lights. The one with the last light standing is the one whom he will go on a date with.

However, this would function differently if the bachelor is only left with either one or two lights switched on at the end of the final round.

If there is only one light left at the end of the third round, the bachelor would proceed on the date with her without asking any questions.

Whereas if there are two lights switched on, he would just ask his questions between the two remaining women.

There are instances where a bachelor would get no lights switched at the end of the third round.

This is known as the “blackout” and unfortunately for him, he must leave the show without a date and the soulful Celine Dion version of Eric Carmen’s song “All by Myself” will play in a befitting manner.

Watch Take Me Out NZ

Episodes: 10th Series

NZ Broadcaster: None

Australia: None

UK: ITV Player

Best Option: ITV Player

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Now visit the ITV app or website, create an account and start streaming Take Me Out UK.

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