How To Watch ICC T20 World Cup In New Zealand (Live Stream)

The ICC T20 World Cup, formerly known as the ICC World Twenty20, is the international tournament of Twenty20 International cricket. It is organised by the International Cricket Council (ICC), cricket’s governing body and is generally held every two years.

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How To Watch T20 World Cup NZ

The next tournament will be held in cities across Oman & UAE in 2021. Here in New Zealand it's streamed on Sky Sports, and in Australia it's on Kayo Sports. 

However it's also streamed for free in other countries, with no signup required. 

Watch T20 Cricket World Cup For Free

The 2021 T20 world cup is streamed for free using Daraz Sports, which is awesome for cricket fans in Pakistan and Japan, as it's 100% free to watch with no signup or registration required. You can use PureVPN to change your IP address to these countries instantly for as little as $2.88. 

However this is equally great news for those in NZ that want to watch T20 world cup for free, as you can use a Pakistan VPN to enjoy the same free live streams without paying a cent. 

Not in Pakistan right now? You can still enjoy the same free live stream you would at home - all you need is a cheap VPN service and you're sorted! 

Each match in the championship is played as a Twenty20 International (T20I) in which two teams each play twenty overs. At present, the tournament involves 16 teams, made up of the ten highest ranked teams at the time and six additional teams determined by the results of qualifying matches.

The Twenty20 format of cricket is shorter than the traditional fifty-over version of the sport. The shorter format was designed to create a more fast-paced, appealing and accessible version of the game..

It was originally introduced with the aim of increasing dwindling crowds and sponsorship for domestic games, but later expanded to include international matches. The first World Twenty20 was played in 2007 in South Africa, with India defeating Pakistan in the inaugural tournament.

A total of six events have now been held, most recently in 2016 where the West Indies defeated England. Although the tournament has traditionally been held every two years, it was decided that the next event should be hosted by Australia in four years’ time, in 2020.

how to watch T20 world cup nz

Each of the ICC full members automatically qualify for the championship. Other teams compete for one of the remaining places by taking part in a T20 World Cup Qualifier. The total number of teams that have qualified through this method has changed on several occasions, ranging from two teams to the current number of six.

The format of matches played at ICC T20 World Cups is similar to regular limited-overs games, with the exception of the number of overs for batting being restricted to twenty, along with a number of other rule adjustments. If the number of runs scored by both teams at the end of a match is a tie, a ‘Super Over’ is then played.

This involves each team nominating three batsman and one bowler to play one over per side and the team with the higher number of runs at the end of the over wins the match. Further rules are then implemented if the score remains a tie at this stage, such as the number of sixes scored during their respective innings.

The teams which compete in the World Cup are then ranked against each other during the group stages of the tournament, which include the preliminary and Super 10 round. Ranking criteria include the number of points, number of wins, net run rate, bowling strike rate and results of head to head meetings.

The West Indies are currently the only team to have won the tournament twice.

The ICC votes on the hosts of future tournaments based on bids received from interested nations. In 2015, the ICC’s head of global developments proposed holding a future World Cup in the United States as a way of attempting to increase awareness and interest in the game in that country.

The tournament will feature teams from 16 different countries with 9 countries (+ the hosts) already qualified. The remaining 6 spots will be decided by qualifiers happening in October and November 2019.

The following countries have already qualified; Pakistan, India, England, South Africa, New Zealand, West Indies, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

The host nation, Australia has already qualified by default. Matches in the 2021 world cup will be played from 18th October to 15th November in Oman and the UAE.

Who Won The Broadcast Rights?

In Australia, Fox Sports have won the rights and will be streaming every game live and on demand via Foxtel Now, Go and Kayo Sports.

Channel 9 has exclusive rights to cover all the Australian games as well as the semi finals and finals which means with a VPN you can watch these games for free.

How To Use VPN With Pakistan PTV Sports

A lot of our readers asked for a step by step guide on how to setup and use the VPN.

There are a few steps, we've outlined them into this simple process:

  1. Purchase VPN plan and download files
  2. Login to your account
  3. Choose the Pakistan country selector
  4. Start streaming on Pakistan PTV website

1. Purchase VPN Plan & Download Files

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You'll find the apps in the Google Play Store, Apple Store for those on portable devices. You'll find other apps for Windows, MacOS on the official website. 

2. Login To Your Account

You'll now be able to login to your app using the username and password. 

Make sure you use the purevpn0s before your username. 

Once you've logged in you're ready for the next step.

3. Choose Pakistan Country

You can either choose a Pakistan server yourself or you can use the Pakistan quick launcher, which will automatically change your IP address, and open the PTV website.

As you can see you can choose a wide variety of popular websites as well. Once you click or tap on this, the app will connect to a Pakistan server. 

After 10 seconds you'll get confirmation that you're connected. 

4. Start Streaming On Pakistan PTV Sports

In 2019, the app forced all users to have an account. It's actually free to create one, but you no longer need to register. 

Only visit your website when the VPN is running! 

You'll now be able to start using the PTV Sports and watch the T20 world cup.

watch t20 world cup nz

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