How To Watch Sandown 500 In New Zealand (Guide)

It’s one of the most popular V8 supercar series races held each year, for 2019 in November, the Sandown 500 is watched by millions of race fans.

However for those of us in NZ it’s not obvious how to actually watch online.

Today I’ll show you how to watch Sandown 500 in New Zealand.

Go to instructions.

What is Sandown 500?

The Sandown 500 is an annual motor race held at the Sandown Raceway, near Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, where it has been run since 1964.

It is part of the Supercars Championship Circuit, which includes other events such as the Bathurst 1000, the Adelaide 500 and the Gold Coast 600. The event has typically been held in September, in the month prior to Australia’s premier endurance race, the Bathurst 1000, however, as of the year of writing, 2019, the Sandown 500 is to take place in November.

This event will also be the final Sandown 500 to take place, as it is scheduled to be removed entirely from the Supercars schedule in 2020. Since 1964, the event has been held 48 times, and consists of a single race, where drivers track 500km over 161 laps of the Sandown Raceway.

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The Sandown 500 Race

The Sandown 500 began as a 6-hour race in 1964, and was known as a ‘warm up’ to the Bathurst 1000, which is considered the most prestigious event on the Supercars Circuit, often referred to as the ‘Great Race’.

A few races took place in its early years, however, it soon faced hiatus during the late 60’s, as interest waned, as the event only included production sedans, limiting the interest of manufacturers. However, changes were made, and it began to include a more diverse range of cars, matching the touring car specifications of other races at the time, resulting in increased input from manufacturers.

The event continued strong until 1999, where it faced its second hiatus, being replaced by the Queensland 500 until 2003. It was announced that the 2019 event would be the final race of the Sandown 500, as it would not make the cut for the 2020 Supercar Championship, instead being replaced by The Bend 500.

However, the Sandown Raceway will still be utilised for sprint events, which contributed to the points structure of the overall Supercars Championship.

The Race Overview

The 2019 Sandown 500, known for sponsorship reasons as the Penrite Oil Sandown 500, is scheduled to take place between the 8th and 10th of November.

The format of the event consists of four thirty-minute practice sessions, three on the Friday and one on the Saturday morning, the first and third of which are warmup sessions reserved exclusively for the co-drivers.

Followed by this will be a 20-minute qualifying session for all drivers, determining the grid position for a 20-lap, 60km co-driver sprint race. The results of this race in turn determine the grid positions for the 60km privary driver sprint, which in turn sets the order for the actual 500km endurance event.

In addition to this being the final year of the Sandown 500, it is also the last year that this style of format will be used for any endurance event in the Supercars roster.

Additionally, the points structure has differed from previous years, and drivers can score a maximum of 250 points for a victory, compared to the 300 from previous years.

How To Watch Sandown 500 In New Zealand?

The 2019 race is streamed on Sky Sports.

November 8th: 12:30pm – 6:50pm
November 9th: 10:45am – 8.25pm
November 10th: 11:15am – 6:50pm.

So if you’ve got a Sky Sports satellite subscription the best option is to watch on the pop up channel or using your SkyGo account.


For those that don’t, Ten Play in Australia will be live streaming the events on November 10th all day.

You simply need a premium VPN (change to Australian server) and then visit to watch for free.

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If you want to watch November 8th and 9th you need to consider these three options:

  • Motortrend On Demand, Free trial, Requires USA VPN.
  • Kayo Sports/Foxtel Now, Free trial. Requires AU VPN.
  • Superview, $59.95 per season, offers coverage of all races. Requires AU VPN.

Watch on Motortrend On Demand

The free trial will let you watch all races live. This web based platform is available worldwide but in NZ you won’t see the V8 Supercars.

It then costs $5.99 USD per month, cancel anytime.

You need to enable a premium VPN such as this $2.88/mo offer from PureVPN.

Then enable US server and signup for your account *free 14 day trial.

Start watching the races.


Watch on Kayo Sports / Foxtel Now

These two platforms are only available in Australia but with a little work you can access them from NZ.

All races are shown on both streaming sites. They both also offer a 14 day trial.

You can stream on any device as there is apps for most devices.

Connect to a AU server, then start watching the races.


Watch on Superview

This is the official V8 supercar platform available to those outside Australia or New Zealand.

They claim they’ll ban your account if you signup to the $59.95 service within either country.

So ensure you use a premium VPN with a US server before signing up.

You get full coverage and on demand content via this platform.

We’ve deep dived into this platform here.