How To Watch NRL State of Origin

So you want to watch or access NRL State of Origin in New Zealand but can't? Tried visiting the website and been hit with a 'not available in your region' error? 

Heard that it's actually available to stream for free in Australia? 

We'll show you how to watch NRL state of origin in New Zealand for free, plus it's completely legal as well. 

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Can I Watch NRL State of Origin In NZ?

Yes, State of Origin is most likely streamed live on Sky Sports or Spark Sports. 

However it's also available to watch overseas on 9Now (Australia) which is a free to air station with live streaming via their website. A VPN provider with an Australian server will allow you to unlock 9now and watch for free. 

Watch NRL State of Origin

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What is a VPN? 

A virtual private network (VPN) is a piece of software that runs in the background on your device and replaces your normal IP address with an overseas one.

With one click you can change your IP address to any country in the world. This makes it possible to unlock local content you usually couldn't access, fast and safe. 

Additionally a VPN allows you to remain secure online, by protecting your real identity from prying eyes such as your ISP and local authorities. 

VPN's don't track your usage either, allowing you to do whatever you like online. 

There's many VPN providers out there, but we only recommend the best and most affordable for New Zealand residents and tourists. 

How To Access NRL State of Origin With A VPN

There is no way to watch NRL State of Origin in New Zealand without using a VPN or Smart DNS provider. Fortunately these are very affordable to purchase. 

Follow this simple three step process to watch NRL State of Origin within minutes. 

1. Purchase Cheapest VPN Plan

PureVPN is one of the most affordable providers out there, with plans starting at $1.99USD per month. This works out to be around $3.15 per month in NZD. 

You can purchase with Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Amazon Pay and Google Pay. A full 30 day money back guarantee is included. 

2. Download The Application

You'll receive an email with your login details. 

Additionally you'll be able to download their software for your device. 

They offer support for MacOS, Windows, Linux, FireTV, AppleTV, Android TV, iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation, Google Chrome, Firefox and Roku. 

3. Login To Your VPN Account

Once the app is installed, you'll need to use the username and password to login. 

The app will remember your login details for future access. 

4. Activate & Choose AUS Server

You'll be able to change locations in a matter of seconds. Click connect and once the Surfshark logo lights up green you'll be connected. 

If you want fast speeds then choosing the Optimal location will be your best option. 

Currently they offer over 63 countries across 6 continents to choose from. 

5. Signup & Start Watching

Ensure you're connected to a location where the app is based, i.e. United States. 

Then it's time to visit 9Now and signup for your free account. Once you've verified your account, you'll be able to watch their content.

You can then disconnect the VPN when you'e finished and reload again next time using the quick connect option. 

watch state of origin nz

Quick Guide - Best VPNs for New Zealand

  1. PureVPN - High quality, no logs provider offering torrent friendly servers in 142 countries worldwide, at affordable prices. 
  2. ExpressVPN - Provides excellent speeds and some of the best Netflix servers, ideal for those heavy demand streamers.
  3. Surfshark - The cheapest provider, offering unlimited devices streaming and various modes for combating geo-restrictions. Probably the fastest vpn. 
  4. NordVPN - Offers high levels of security combined with torrent friendly servers, but comes at a cost. 

What is the NRL State of Origin?

The NRL State of Origin is a best-of-three rugby league series. It’s held every year and the contestants have always been 2 teams, the New South Wales Blues and the Queensland Maroons.

New South Wales & Queensland have always been considered Australia’s biggest rugby states and even though other states like Victoria, Western Australia and others also share a high interest and partake in the rugby league, they haven’t competed in the State of Origin series.

The NRL State of Origin is often described as the greatest rivalry in Australian sports. It attracts huge numbers of fans to watch the competition via television and the stadiums that the competitions are held at are more than often completely sold-out.

Where Is State of Origin? 

The competition has taken place in Brisbane for a total of 54 times.

Sydney has hosted it 45 times and it’s also taken place in Melbourne on 8 occasions. Perth in Western Australia has also had the chance to host it once and the 2020 NRL State of Origin is set to take place in Adelaide, South Australia.

As so far to be only a one-time event, it was hosted abroad in the United States. More specifically in the Veterans Memorial Stadium at Long Beach, California. That series was won 2-1 by the Queensland Maroons.

There is also a NRL State of Origin played by the women. It was first launched in 1999 and is still going strong today. Remarkably, Queensland won every single one of the first 16 series going from 1999 to 2014.

In 2015 the series ended in a draw, and from 2016 to 2019, New South Wales has managed to turn it around a bit, by winning all of the 4 most recent series up to date. The State of Origin series has also been arranged for Under 20s players since 2012.

That is played in only a one game format however, so the winner of that one game takes the series. It’s been held 8 times and New South Wales has won the majority of them, by recording 7 victories. Queensland got their first taste of victory in 2018.

History of the State of Origin

In the men's series of State of Origin, there has been a total of 38 series played since it’s emergence in 1982. The Queensland Maroons have managed to come out on top 21 occasions.

The New South Wales Blues have got the nod 15 times over their rivals, with 2 series ending in a draw. The drawn series occurred on the 1999 & 2002 series.

Back then, there was no overtime rule to separate the two teams as both of them won a single game beforehand and the third match was then drawn. That meant that the title was retained by the previous champions, who on both occasions happened to be the Queensland Maroons.

That caused quite a bit of controversy, especially after it happened for the second time going Queensland’s way.

Therefore any series ending as a draw from there on has been settled by the golden point method, where simply the next team to score a point, wins the series. 

NRL State of Origin New Zealand FAQ's

1. Do you have to be in Australia to watch NRL State of Origin?

No. The 3 game series is available to watch here in New Zealand but requires a paid subscription to Sky Sports or Sky Sports Now. Overseas the games are often streamed for free, such as on 9Now in Australia. 

2. Is NRL State of Origin available in NZ?

NRL State of Origin is currently available in New Zealand. You can watch on various platforms here in NZ. 

3. What is the price of NRL State of Origin?

At the time of writing, the cheapest tickets are around $100 AUD, up to $300 for Category A. You can watch the games online for a fraction of this price, or even free when using a VPN provider and 9Now Australia. 

4. How do I get NRL State of Origin on the TV?

If you've got a smart TV, download the VPN app and then choose relevant Australian server. You'll be able to find 9Now in the app store. 

If you can't you can always sideload the app onto your TV if it's supported using these links. 

Additionally you can install the VPN app on your router, if it's supported and this will allow you to cast content from the Hulu website on your laptop or smartphone to the TV. 

Chromecast does not work without a router VPN. 

5. Is NRL State of Origin coming to NZ?

No. This is an event based in Australia. However the New Zealand warriors partake in this league so they may be featured if they ever reach the final. 

6. What can I watch on NRL State of Origin? 

You can watch 3 great games of NRL rugby league action from around Australia. Often there is three games in 2 cities, or even 3 cities.