How To Watch NASCAR Cup Series In New Zealand

Are you looking for information on how to watch NASCAR cup series in New Zealand? Founded in 2004, it’s one of the world’s most well known motorsport series.

The  schedule kicks off in February until November each year.

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What is NASCAR Cup Series?

The NASCAR Cup Series is the highest level of racing offered by the National Association for Stock Car Racing (NASCAR). Its inaugural series took place in 1949 where it was known as the ‘Strictly Stock’ division, with only eight races limited to dirt ovals and Daytona beach.

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However, it has since grown to become one of the biggest stock car racing events in the world, with racing have occurred not just in the United States, but Canada, Japan and Australia (the latter two being exhibition races).

The series is composed of 36 racing events, some that are even significant in their own right, such as the highly prestigious Daytona 500 which kicks off the season towards the beginning of each year. In 2019, the Daytona 500 had 9.17 million viewers from just the United States alone.

The popularity of the NASCAR Cup Series is made up of fans from many countries and continents, making it one of the most popular and biggest racing events in the entire world.

NASCAR Cup Series Overview

The series has its roots in the South-eastern United States, and roughly half of the 36 events on offer take place there. While previously some races were also held in Canada, as of 2019, all races exclusively take place in the Untied States.

Each race has at most 40 drivers, each awarded points for their position in the race. The maximum number of points awarded is 40, for the first-place finisher, down to a single point for last place.

The points for each race accrue throughout the season until the completion of the 26th race.

At this point, the top 16 drivers are seeded based on their point acquisition and compete in the final 10 races, which are known as the NASCAR Playoffs. During the last 10 races, the difference in points awarded to each driver is greatly minimised.

NASCAR Cup Series Winners

Based on the results of the playoffs, both drivers and the cars themselves are awarded championships. The most successful driver over a cup series is awarded the NASCAR Cup Series Drivers’ Championship, by the NASCAR Chairman.

Additionally, points are awarded to each car, and the highest quantity receives the Cup Series Owner’s Championship.

Drivers may compete in multiple cars, however the points they are awarded for the races will go towards the individual cars, which are treated as separate entities.

The final award is the Manufacturer’s Championship, based on points tallied for the cars that each manufacturer entered into the race.

The Drivers’ Championship is considered the most prestigious of the three awards. The most successful manufacturer is Chevrolet, followed by Ford and then Dodge.

As of the time of writing, the most recent NASCAR series to have completed was the 2018 season. The season was won by Joey Logano, who finished 5 points ahead of defending champion Martin Truex Jr.

Logano won three races during the series, winning the final race between the last four competitors, in addition to the spring race at Talladega and the fall race at Martinsville.

Watch NASCAR Cup Series NZ

Australia: Fox Sports / Kayo

NZ: Sky Sports (Only some races)

USA: NBC Sports Live / Hulu Live

The best option is to get a Hulu live subscription as this gives you access to channels such as NBC and NBC Sports which the NASCAR Cup Series is shown on.

Another option is to use Kayo Sports in Australia to watch the races. We’ve done a guide on using this platform here.

Getting Started Guide
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