How To Watch Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix In New Zealand

You want to watch Melbourne Formula One in New Zealand? You’ve come to the right place.

Today we’ll show you the local broadcaster as well as the international ones so you can decide how you watch the biggest weekend of the year.

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What is the Melbourne Formula 1?

The Australian Grand Prix is an annual motor racing event held in Melbourne, Australia, where it is contracted to host Formula 1 events until 2023.

It is one of twenty-one races for the Formula One World Championship, and was the first to take place in 2019. From 1996 onwards, it has been held exclusively at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit in Albert Park.

Prior to this, events were held in Adelaide, at the Adelaide Street Circuit. The 1996 event attracted immediate international attention, following a monumental accident at the expense of Jordanian Martin Brundle, whose enormous accident launched him into the air, gathering the attention of media outlets worldwide.

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Australian Grand Prix Circuit

The Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit is composed of a 16 turn circuit, measuring a total 5.3 kilometres, built from a combination of a previously existing car park and public roads.

It is a highly renowned circuit by drivers and fans alike, the former for the smoothness and its enablement of drivers to reach high speeds, and the latter for its close proximity to the Melbourne Central Business District, affording ease of access by fans.

While the Australian Grand Prix is certainly a popular event amongst fans, it is notorious for gross overestimation’s for the true number of physical attendees.

Ostensibly there were over 400,000 fans in the 1996 event, although this number has been routinely challenged.

Throughout the 2000’s and 2010’s, with some variation, the claimed attendance rates are typically between 200,000 – 300,000, however, the accurate figure is likely to be proportionally less. The claimed figure for the 2019 event was 324,000.

When is the Melbourne Formula 1 Grand Prix?

The events typically take place in March each year, across three days. A variety of events are on display, including practices, qualifiers and the final race.

There are three qualifying events, which are used to determine the starting positions of the drivers for the final race.

The first qualifier knocks out the 5 drivers who are in the bottom 5, as does the second qualifier, leaving the final ten to compete for the top 10 grid positions.

The final race, as well as the qualifiers, taking place over 58 laps, equating to ~300 km.

Each Formula 1 race throughout the entire 21 race World Circuit awards points, from 25 to first and decrementing down to 10th, who receives a single point.

A point is also awarded to whoever scores the fastest lap. The points for each race during the entire F1 World Circuit are tallied up to determine the winner.

How to Watch Australian Grand Prix?

The Australian Grand Prix is broadcasted by Network Ten in Australia, and like the other F1 events throughout the world, attracts a massive international audience.

In 2014, it was claimed by Victorian Premier Denis Napthine that 450 million people had tuned in for the 2014 Australian Grand Prix, however much like the rates of physical attendance, this is a figure that has been criticised for being a significant exaggeration.

Even so, it is still telling of an immense popularity of the event, reflective of the worldwide love for F1 racing in general.

In New Zealand you can watch on Spark Sports ($19.99/mo).

In the UK you can watch on Sky Sports and Channel 4.

Watch Melbourne Formula 1 NZ

You can watch the Australian Formula One for free on 10 Play network.

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Getting Started Guide
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  3. Visit 10 Play, create an account for free
  4. Download their app or use the website
  5. Start watching Melbourne F1 races.
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