How To Watch MasterChef USA In New Zealand (Live & On Demand)

Learn how to watch MasterChef USA in New Zealand with our quick start guide to live streaming and on demand access. One of the best USA cooking programs isn’t available in NZ, so we’ll give you the full low down on how to watch today.

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What is MasterChef USA?

MasterChef USA is a competitive cooking-based reality TV show, based on the original British version of the same name, which is available for both professional and non-professional chefs.

It made its debut on the Fox Network on June 2010 and has been aired yearly since then, through 199 episodes across 10 seasons.

how to watch masterchef usa in nz

How MasterChef USA Works?

On the show, competitors are tasked with preparing dishes based on certain requirements and tests, offering them up to a panel of judges to determine which contestants remain on the show and which are to be eliminated.

Amongst the judges are the notorious Gordan Ramsay, in addition to Graham Elliot, Joe Bastianich, Christina Tosi and Aaron Sanchez. The show has faced controversy over the years, with previous contestants criticising the ‘abusive practices’ they faced at the hands of MasterChef, such as the 2018 publication “I Am a MasterChef Survivor” by previous chef Jessie Glenn. Moreover,

Different Types of Tests

Despite some variations in the challenges presented, they have regularly included the Skills test, where the chefs must concoct a dish based off a common cooking technique, or to replicate a specified method of cooking (i.e., cooking a steak to a certain wellness).

The Mystery Box challenge gives all participating chefs a box of identical ingredients and quantities, and they must prepare whatever they can with what was provided.

Generally the chefs must cook the meals individually, but on many occasions the show will employ what it refers to as the Team Challenge, where groups of cooks must work together to complete the challenge.

After a series of eliminations leaving only two or three chefs left, the final challenge takes place, where the finalists compete against one another in a three course cook off. Each of the three courses are meticulously evaluated by the judges to determine the overall winner of the shower.

The victor receives a $250,000 USD price, a MasterChef trophy and the prestigious MasterChef title. On occasions, they receive additional rewards such as cookbook deals.

Recent MasterChef Series

The most recent season to commence was the 9th season, which began on May 30, 2018 and finished on September 19 of the same year. There were 24 chefs competing for the title, and this season was notable for changes made to the format of the show since previous years, where each judge picked 8 chefs to mentor throughout the show, providing them with an apron.

The first episode of the season was watched by 3.68 million people in the United States, and viewership was steadily around the ~3.5 million viewer mark throughout. The final three contestants were Ashley Mincey, Cesar Cano and Gerron Hurt who competed in the last episode to produce the best quality three course meal.

Ultimately the competition was won by Hurt, who received the aforementioned static prizes in addition to a cookbook deal. The 10th season of the show commenced on May 29, 2019, and as of the time of writing is still ongoing, with the top eight determined and thus the final winner yet to be decided.

Watch MasterChef USA In NZ

Date: Once per year.

NZ Broadcaster: Prime

Australia: 10 Play (Free)

Best Option: 10 Play

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