How To Watch Dragons Den UK In New Zealand (Live & On Demand)

So you want to watch Dragons Den UK tv show in New Zealand. Well you can’t currently, there is no international broadcaster in the country showing this epic TV show except a few episodes on Netflix. However, there is a legal way to watch the BBC iplayer, which streams live and on demand episodes of this popular tv show.

Today we’ll show you how to access the BBC iplayer from anywhere in the world including New Zealand.

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What is Dragons Den UK?

Presented by Evan Davis, Dragons’ Den is a British business reality television series. The show formally originated from Japan and it was brought over by Sony Pictures Television which has sold many franchises internationally.

Its American counterpart is known as Shark Tank USA and it is almost similar to Dragons’ Den except the investors in Dragons Den are referred to as “Dragons”. The whole concept of this show is about entrepreneurs who want wealthy investors to invest in their companies.

They must be able to impress them with their business proposals and ideas that they have while offering a stake of their company in return.

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How Dragons Den Works?

The format of the show goes about showing how contestants have a business idea which they believe to be profitable.

However, most of them have insufficient funding and some of them already have their own businesses but still lack resources for growth and expansion.

The show begins with them requesting for a certain amount of money from the Dragons as part of their opening pitch.

Contestants need to ensure that they have to raise at least this amount from one or more Dragons, or they would go home empty-handed.

How To Get A Dragon On Board?

In order to entice the investors, contestants would offer the company’s shares and the percentage of their shares they can hold to their company at the start of their pitch. It is then up to the Dragons to decide whether they would want to take up this offer if they see potential.

Negotiations are common in this process where it revolves mainly around the amount of equity on offer.

Contestants have the choice to either accept, reject or negotiate further with the Dragons.

According to the rules of the show, the Dragons do not need to commit to offering the full amount of money as requested by the contestant. They have the choice to offer any amount of money they like to the contestant and other Dragons can do the same as well.

This situation is double-edged sword for the contestant where they have more chances of being financially supported by different Dragons with various expertise and skills. Simultaneously, when this occurs the contestant normally would have to agree to give up a bigger share of their company than originally planned in order to fulfil this.

What if a Dragon isn’t interested?

If a Dragon is uninterested in investing after hearing a pitch, they must declare “out” which will indicate that they have left the discussion.

There are rare instances where the Dragon continues to speak with the contestant after having declared “out”. One example would be Peter Jones during series 4 where he continued to question the contestant despite ending the discussion.

At times, it ranges from a couple of minutes to a period for a Dragon to conclude the discussion.

This is on the grounds where they do not view the business strategy as reliable to much longer instances when it comes to negotiations on complex conditions.

The contestants on the show are often mocked and ridiculed by Dragons but that differs depending on the context. Majority of the time, they are told off because of their unrealistic expectations of respective enterprises.

Watch Dragons Den NZ

Episodes: 17 Series

NZ Broadcaster: None (Some series on Netflix)

Australia: None (Some series on Netflix)

UK: ITV Player

Best Option: ITV Player

Watch: Live & On Demand

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