How to Watch Coronation Street In New Zealand (UK No Delays)

Coronation Street is one of the world longest running TV soaps that was first aired back in 1960. As more and more expats leave the UK in favor of countries such as New Zealand, viewers are disappointed to find that the program is many years behind the UK ones.

That means if you come to New Zealand you’re going to have to wait a while before you start watching on the television again. Not to mention all the media outlets you read will be spoiling it for you.

The good news is that you can now watch Coronation Street in New Zealand using a VPN and can continue to watch the most up-to-date UK version of Corrie.

If you’ve got a smart TV you can simply install a VPN application, turn this on and then download the ITV Player which is a free application available in the UK. By using a VPN you can appear like you’re in the UK.

How To Watch Coronation Street NZ

How To Setup Your VPN
To use any of these platforms you’re going to need to use a VPN such as

  • Step 1: Signup for a 2 year plan (it’s the most cost effective)
  • Step 2: Download the app for android/tv/iOS or laptop/desktop/mac
  • Step 3: Alternatively down the smart TV app on your television
  • Step 4: Login and access the server list, change to specific country (i.e. UK)
  • Step 5: Visit provider website and create a free account
  • Step 6: Download the ITV player app on your television
  • Step 7: Watch every game live and on demand instantly.

‘Coronation Street’ is the story of working people and the city street in which they live. The show has been seen all around the world and has remained in the top viewing ratings throughout its long lifetime.

Hopefully you got some good insights into how to watch Coronation Street in New Zealand with no delays and you can watch episodes on any device including your Smart Television.

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