How To Watch Australian Survivor In New Zealand (Every Series)

Learn how to watch Australian Survivor in New Zealand with our quick start guide. This hugely popular TV show is in hot demand, let us show you how to watch it too.

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What is Australian Survivor?

Australian Survivor is a reality television game show that stems from the highly popular ‘Survivor’ format, a format that is produced in many countries throughout the world.

The premise of the show is to place contestants on a deserted location, typically marooned on an island, where they are forced to fend for themselves with only the resources of the island at their disposal.

For example, food, water, fire, shelter and other necessities are highly limited and must be acquired and shared amongst the remaining survivors.

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History of the Show

The Australian version first broadcasted in 2002 on Nine Network, but only lasted one season due to limited audience interest, primarily because of criticisms surrounding the low production value and poorer quality casting when compared to the American version.

It was picked up again in 2016 and in total, has gone on to periodically air 110 episodes over 6 seasons, with a new season commencing in July of 2019.

How Survivor Works

The contestants of the show are split intro groups, or ‘tribes’, usually two or three. For a period of several weeks, the tribes must work together to live harmoniously off the island’s resources.

However, the groups must attend regular ‘Tribe Councils’, where they must vote to remove one person from the tribe each episode.

The show also hosts physical and mental challenges, the winners of each are granted privileges such as food, luxuries, and immunity from being voted off.

When the size of each tribe is low enough, they are all merged together into one. If a player is voted off following the merge, they become part of the Tribe Council Jury. When only two contestants remain, the winner of the event is determined by a vote via the Tribe Council.

The Australian version of the show has introduced numerous twists and turns throughout its run time such as switching up the tribes, temporarily exiling players from their tribes, special voting powers which can be used to influence the result at Tribal Council and certain players being granted changes to return to the show after elimination.

Recent Survivor Seasons

The most recent season to finish was Season 5, which aired from August 1 to October 9, 2018.

The series hosted 24 contestants split amongst two tribes, “Champions”, which were people who excelled at their respective fields, and “Contenders”, composed of what were described as ‘ordinary’ Australians.

Some notable Champions were Olympic gold medalists Shane Gould and Lydia Lassila and the Biggest Loser trainer Steve “Commando” Willis. It was filmed on the Fijian island of Savusavu and presented by Jonathan LaPaglia.

The two finalists of the show were Champion Shane Gould and Contender Sharn Coombres, who came before the Jury on the final episode of the show to determine the winner. Sharn was criticised as being unlikeable and overly aggressive, whereas Shane, despite her age, was praised for her work ethic, attitude and loyalty.

Shane narrowly won the vote, receiving the grand prize of $500,000 AUD and the title of ‘Sole Survivor’.

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