How To Watch Australian Football League In New Zealand

So you want to watch or access Australian Football League in New Zealand but can't? There's absolutely no coverage for AFL in New Zealand, which is disappointing for Australian expats and those who love the game. 

It's annoying right! But there's an easy solution using Kayo Sports, which has every game live and on-demand via their platform. 

how to watch Australian football league nz

Can I Watch Australian Football League In NZ?

Unfortunately Australian Football League (AFL) is not available in New Zealand (yet anyway). But with the help of a premium VPN provider, you can bypass this restriction. 

Simply connect to an Australian VPN provider and then signup for Kayo Sports and you can watch games live. Plus 7plus or 10 Play has the Grand Final live for free too.  

Watch Australian Football League

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What is a VPN? 

A virtual private network (VPN) is a piece of software that runs in the background on your device and replaces your normal IP address with an overseas one.

With one click you can change your IP address to any country in the world. This makes it possible to unlock local content you usually couldn't access, fast and safe. 

Additionally a VPN allows you to remain secure online, by protecting your real identity from prying eyes such as your ISP and local authorities. 

VPN's don't track your usage either, allowing you to do whatever you like online. 

There's many VPN providers out there, but we only recommend the best and most affordable for New Zealand residents and tourists. 

How To Access Australian Football League With A VPN

There is no way to watch Australian Football League in New Zealand without using a VPN or Smart DNS provider. Fortunately these are very affordable to purchase. 

Follow this simple five step process to watch Australian Football League within minutes. 

1. Purchase Cheapest VPN Plan

Surfshark is one of the most affordable providers out there, with plans starting at $1.99USD per month. This works out to be around $3.15 per month in NZD. 

You can purchase with Paypal, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Amazon Pay and Google Pay. A full 30 day money back guarantee is included. 

2. Download The Application

You'll receive an email with your login details. 

Additionally you'll be able to download their software for your device. 

They offer support for MacOS, Windows, Linux, FireTV, AppleTV, Android TV, iOS, Android, Xbox, Playstation, Google Chrome, Firefox and Roku. 

3. Login To Your VPN Account

Once the app is installed, you'll need to use the username and password to login. 

The app will remember your login details for future access. 

4. Activate & Choose Australian Server

You'll be able to change locations in a matter of seconds. Click connect and once the Surfshark logo lights up green you'll be connected. 

If you want fast speeds then choosing the Optimal location will be your best option. 

This is the MacOS version. They have apps for every device!

Currently they offer over 63 countries across 6 continents to choose from. 

5. Signup & Start Watching

Ensure you're connected to a location where the app is based, i.e. Australia. 

Then it's time to visit Kayo Sports and signup for your free trial account. Once you've verified your account, you'll be able to watch their content.

You can then disconnect the VPN when you'e finished and reload again next time using the quick connect option. 

What Is Australian Football League?

The Australian Football League is the only professional league in the world that goes by the Australian football rules. Australian football is a very unique sport, which was invented in Melbourne, Australia in the late 1860’s.

The AFL Commission is the institution that is considered the face of the sport and the controllers of everything associated with the sport.

AFL Current Team Format

The AFL currently has 18 independent sports teams from the five states of Australia. The only state to not have a team in the AFL is Tasmania. The season takes place from March until September and it’s played with a points system.

The team that is on top of the table at the end of the season is awarded a minor premiership, which is recognition for a great season, but still not the greatest possible achievement.

After that in addition to the table toppers, 7 of the runners-up have a go at each other in a four round series. That determines the teams that play in the AFL Grand Final, which annually takes place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

The winner of that game is crowned champions and is awarded the premiership cup. The Grand Final attracts ~100 000 spectators to the ground in addition to the hundreds of thousands watching through various broadcasts.

Media Coverage In Australia

The AFL has huge media coverage in Australia and it’s the second most viewed sporting event in the country, only surpassed by cricket. It’s covered through TV, radio, internet, newspapers etc.

The Australian Football League has been won a record 16 times by two different clubs, Essendon and Carlton. Collingwood and Hawthorn have 15 & 13 titles respectively, whereas Richmond and Melbourne complete the list for over 10 premier victories with 12 each.

AFL Winning Teams

Richmond are also the current reigning champions, having won the league in 2019. These statistics may be a bit misleading however, since from the beginning of the league until the 1990's it was called VFL.

That stood for Victorian Football League and it was only statewide back then. In the 1980's the league started to expand to other states as well with the aim to become a completely nation wide sport.

It was then officially renamed the AFL in 1990. The VFL name was later overtaken by VFA, which stands for Victorian Football Association and has since the year 1996 sort of replaced the older version of AFL. 

In 2017 a version of the AFL for women was also formed. Adelaide, Brisbane Lions, Carlton, Collingwood, Fremantle, Greater Western Sydney, Melbourne and Western Bulldogs were the 8 teams of 13 applicants, who were given a green light to participate in the league.

Recent League Additions

Geelong and North Melbourne are the latest additions to the league, joining it since the start of the 2019 season. The 2020 season will bring 4 new additions to the league, with Gold Coast, West Coast, St Kilda and Richmond joining in on the action as well.

Overall the AFL is a unique sport that brings together people from all across the nation. It’s got lots of rules to keep up with and can be described as a game that’s not the easiest to understand at first, but surely the fans of the sport will say it’s all worth it. 

Australian Football League New Zealand FAQ's

1. Do you have to be in Australia to watch Australian Football League?

Yes, as there is no coverage in New Zealand. Some special one off games, as well as the AFL Grand Final are available on Sky Sports. 

In Australia games are free on 7plus but most users will need Foxtel Go, Foxtel Now or Kayo Sports to watch all their teams games.  

2. Is Australian Football League available in NZ?

Australian Football League is not currently available in New Zealand. Currently you have to be located in Australia. To watch Australian Football League here, you need to use a VPN provider with Aussie servers, then create a Kayo Sports account. 

3. What is the price of Australian Football League?

You need to buy access via a platform such as Kayo Sports ($25/mo), Foxtel ($50+) or watch for free using 7plus (limited games). 

4. How do I get Australian Football League on the TV?

If you've got a smart TV, download the VPN app and then choose relevant Aussie server. Then download Kayo Sports or 7plus. 

If you can't you can always sideload the app onto your TV if it's supported using these links. 

Additionally you can install the VPN app on your router, if it's supported and this will allow you to cast content from the Kayo website on your laptop or smartphone to the TV. 

Chromecast does not work without a router VPN. 

5. Is Australian Football League coming to NZ?

There are no plans for Australian Football League to come to New Zealand due to local licensing. It would be great if platforms such as Sky offered AFL games live. 

6. How To Watch AFL Grand Final?

You can watch this every year on either 7plus or 10-Play depending on which network won the rights for that year. Both platforms have free on-demand accounts. 

Alternatively you can usually watch the Grand Final on Sky Sports. 

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