How To Watch America’s Got Talent In New Zealand (Guide)

You want to watch America’s Got Talent in New Zealand? We don’t blame you, it’s a awesome show, but coverage is limited or non existent.

We’ll show you various platforms to watch this tv series.

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What is America’s Got Talent?

America’s Got Talent, often abbreviated to simply AGT, is an American talent show, and part of the international ‘Got Talent’ brand which was created by Simon Cowell.

In the show, contestants go through various stages of auditions and performances, demonstrating a skill of their choosing, in the hopes of making it to the live finals and winning the grand prize

. The talents on display are multitudinous and varied, ranging from typical endeavours like singing and dancing, to more ‘out there’ pursuits like magic and stunts.

The show was first broadcasted on June 21, 2006, and has gone on to air yearly ever since, where it is currently hosted by Terry Crews.

It is aired by NBC in the United States and has become one of their most popular shows, drawing in an average of 10 million viewers per season.

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How The Show Works?

The process of the show begins prior to its broadcast, with the audition phase, which is split into two. The first round of auditions take place in various places around the United States and draw in thousands of people who hope to make it onto the show.

Once this initial stage is over, those that make it go onto the first round of the ‘main’ auditions, known as the Judge’s Auditions. The current panel of Judges consists of Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Julianne Hough, and Gabrielle Union.

Contestants are given 90 seconds to perform their act and impress the judges, who after the performance, give feedback to the contestant and deliberate to determine if the performer goes through the next stage. Judges are also given buzzers, where pressing it indicates they do not want to the performance to continue, for whatever reason.

If every judge presses their buzzer before the elapsed 90 seconds, the performance is immediately over. Those that make it through the first round must also make it past the second, to get to the live performances, which involve an additional guest judge.

Those that succeed in the second round are qualified for the live rounds, which begin with the quarter finals.

The Shows Final Stages

Following the second round, all the performances are filmed live in a big stage with a massive live audience. During the quarter finals, participants perform a new version of their act, where they must impress not only the judges, but the viewers as well, as viewers are granted voting power via their mobile phones.

The top four contestants by viewer vote progress, whereas the others are up to the discretion of the judges. This process is repeated for the semi-finals, leading to the finals where the winner is decided exclusively by viewer voting power.

The performer that garners the most votes becomes the champion and is awarded the grand prize of a million dollars, which they can take either us a lump sum or be paid $25,000 annually for forty years, in either case liable to taxation. There is also an additional prize of the chance to perform live in Las Vegas, headlining a show at the Las Vegas Strip.

Watch America’s Got Talent NZ

You can watch America’s Got Talent on ThreeNow. However this is likely only the latest series, which in late 2019 was season 14.

To watch live episodes you’ll need to use NBC which is a premium cable subscription service in the USA.

However, you can use Hulu Plus, Playstation Vue, FirecTV, SlingTV, FuboTV and Youtube TV.

You’ll need a premium USA VPN to get a USA IP address, to access these platforms (all have free trials).

Step 1: Get A VPN Provider

To fool the USA websites into thinking you’re in USA then you can buy a VPN and choose an US server.

There are many different VPN providers out there on the web, from our experience the cheapest and most affordable option is PureVPN.

It costs $10.95 per month or $2.88 on a subscription.

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You’ll be able to buy a VPN using your New Zealand credit card/Paypal.

Step 2: Download & Install VPN Application

You’ll need to decide how you plan on accessing Channel 10. You could use your smart TV, Apple TV or just a computer web browser.

You’ll need to download the PureVPN Application to your device first, then their app or visit their website.

Login with the details you were provided via email during signup.

How To Watch New Zealand TV Online In Australia

Step 3: Choose USA Server

You’ll now need to connect through to a USA based server. If you’re given an option of which city then I’d choose New York.

You’ll be advised by the VPN app once your IP has changed and you’re routing your connection via USA.

You’ll now be able to go to your chosen website and watch the live episode or on demand content instantly.

It’s 100% free to create a trial account. When asked for a postcode enter a random 5 digit one.

Step 4: Start Watching America’s Got Talent

Search for the race in the website search box, although it’s likely going to be on the homepage.

You’ll now be able to play any of the on demand content available too.

Keep your account and watch more geoblocked content from all over the world.