How To Watch Americas Cup 2021 Outside New Zealand (Live Stream)

So you want to learn how to watch Americas Cup live in New Zealand and around the world?

The America’s Cup, also informally referred to as the Auld Mug is the world’s oldest sporting trophy and is awarded to the winner of the America’s Cup yacht race.

The race takes place between the yacht club that currently holds the title (‘the defender’) and a second club who seeks to challenge for the trophy (‘the challenger’) on a mutually agreed date.

The Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron is the present holder of the cup and the next race will take place in Auckland in early 2021 as the 36th official challenge.

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How Americas Cup Works?

Any yacht club that meets the requirements specified in the deed has the right to challenge the yacht club that holds the cup. If the challenging club wins the race, it becomes the new steward of the cup. In cases where there is more than one challenger, a series of races called the America’s Cup World Series take place. The winner of this series (based on a cumulative points system) then becomes the official challenger.

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General sailing rules are set by World Sailing (formerly the International Sailing Federation). The aim of the race is to manoeuvre the yacht to get and stay ahead of the opposing yacht throughout the race by factoring in winds, tides and currents throughout the competition, while also trying to provoke the competing club to breach a rule which incurs a time penalty.

From the start point to the finish line, the race route ranges from approximately 10 nautical miles (18.5 kilometres) to 16 nautical miles (approximately 29.6 kilometres).

The yacht which reaches the finish line first is declared the winner, subject to any technical challenges by the unsuccessful club. Additional rules are also in place governing the design of yachts to ensure the race is fair, but while also allowing scope for innovation. Over the years there have been numerous legal challenges and disputes regarding changes to rules.

America’s Cup History

The first America’s Cup race took place in 1851 around the United Kingdom’s Isle of White. The trophy was then renamed after the winning yacht (‘America’) and donated to the New York Yacht Club (NYYC) through a ‘Deed of Gift’. This arrangement meant that the cup became accessible for ongoing international competitions.

The NYYC held the cup for 24 consecutive race challenges between 1857 and 1983, making it the longest winning stretch in history across all sports, in terms of dates. The Royal Perth Yacht Club won the America’s Cup from the NYYC on a yacht called Australia II in 1983, making it the first time in 132 years that the NYYC had lost the cup.

This particular race was televised in the early hours of the morning in Australia. Australia’s Prime Minister at the time was famously filmed saying “Any boss who sacks a worker for not turning up today is a bum”.

The long history and reputation of the America’s Cup makes it an attractive competition for top international sailors and yacht designers alike, as well as cashed-up entrepreneurs and sponsors.

How To Watch Americas Cup NZ

Thankfully Television NZ has been awarded exclusive free to air TV broadcast rights which also covers all preliminary events starting with the America’s World Series in 2019.

This means anyone with a New Zealand VPN can access TVNZ website and watch the live stream for free.

Step 1: Get A VPN Provider

To watch TVNZ live in New Zealand for free you’ll need to use the best VPN provider to pretend you’re in the country.

There are many different VPN providers out there on the web, from our experience the cheapest and most affordable option is PureVPN.

You’ll be able to buy a VPN using your New Zealand credit card/Paypal.

Step 2: Download & Install VPN Application

You’ll need to decide how you plan on accessing TVNZ. You could use your smart TV, Apple TV or just a computer web browser.

You’ll need to download the PureVPN Application to your device first, then the TVNZ app which would then show up in the app store.

How To Watch New Zealand TV Online In Australia

Step 3: Choose New Zealand Server

You’ll now need to connect through to a NZ based server. If you’re given an option of which city then I’d choose Auckland.

You’ll be advised by the VPN app once your IP has changed and you’re routing your connection via NZ.

You’ll now be able to go to the chosen TVNZ website/app and create an account.

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Step 4: Start Watching Americas Cup NZ

Search for the race on the website search box, although it’s likely going to be on the homepage.

You’ll now be able to play any of the on demand content available as well as any highlight shows.

Keep your account and watch again every race.


There you have it, four of the simplest steps ever to start watching Americas cup outside New Zealand and on demand. You don’t need a satellite connection, an expensive cable plan or even a fully fledged VPN, with PureVPN you can get started for under a few dollars per month.

Your VPN can then unlock pretty much any channel in the world too.