Best Uber Promo Codes NZ

Are you looking for the best Uber promo codes NZ has to offer? If so you've come to the right place. 

Rideshare platform, Uber has changed the way we get around. With a few taps on a smartphone, there's a car nearby and on route to pick you up and it's probably going to be much cheaper than a taxi.

You can even see how much it's likely to cost before you confirm your ride.

And with more and more kiwi cities being added to the platform all the time, you'll be moving no matter where you are. One account works anywhere in the world that Uber is accepted. No fluffing around trying to find cash or getting a nasty surprise at your destination, Uber is fast, efficient and easy to use.

Best Uber Promo Codes NZ

$25 Off First Ride
$25 Off First Ride
Save up to $25 on your first ride.
*New accounts only.Show More
Save up to $25 on your first ride.
*New accounts only. Show Less

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uber promo codes nz

What Is Uber?

Uber, or Uber Technologies Inc, is a multinational company known primarily for its ride-sharing services, however, an array of different services to consumers are also available, such as food delivery and bicycle sharing. 

History & Market Share

Founded in 2009 by Garret Camp and Travis Kalanick, Uber officially launched its ride-sharing app in San Francisco, in 2011.

Since its launch, its demonstrated continued growth and expansion in terms of its quantity of users and diversity of services offered, becoming the biggest ride-sharing service in the world, with over 110 million users worldwide, accounting for 69% of the market share in the United States’ passenger transport.

How Uber Works? 

Unlike typical businesses, Uber takes advantage of a peer-to-peer model, where drivers and riders are considered to be independent contractors, not employees. The popularity of this business model has increased significantly, leading to the popularity of the phrase ‘uberisation’ to describe businesses of this same structure becoming increasingly more efficient.

Uber utilises mobile apps to provide its services to consumers for all of its services. For its ride sharing service, consumers choose a start and end destination, to be picked up and dropped off, and Uber will automatically detect drivers in the relative proximity who can handle the job, who have the option of either accepting or rejecting a job.

Both users and drivers have ratings from between 1 and 5 stars, as users and drivers can rate one another based on the quality of the service provided and experience received. Uber will look to match drivers and users of similar ratings, to ensure that high quality drivers are matched with respectful users.

Users are also afforded the opportunity to tip drivers directly through the app. If a driver waits too long at a specified pickup address with no response from the user, they can charge them a wait fee.

Payments can be conducted over a variety of different mediums, such as credit card, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay or in some locations, even cash. To apply as a driver for Uber, one must upload information about their license and the car they will be using to drive.

Drivers must use their own cars, which are subject to safety requirements subject by Uber, such as a valid roadworthy certificate, and typically cannot be car models made later than 1990.

Uber vs Taxi Companies

Uber has been marred by criticism, particularly from the taxi industry, who assert that Uber do not abide by the same ride-sharing regulations that taxi drivers do and are therefore illegal taxi-cab operations.

As such, the value of taxi-cab medallions, which often ranged in the hundreds of thousands, even up to a million dollars in places such as New York City, have dropped significantly in price due to the popularity of Uber and other peer-to-peer ridesharing services.

As a result, Uber has faced increasing regulation since its inception, and even been banned in several locations around the world, either completely or partially, such as in Bulgaria and even parts of North America.

Uber NZ Pros & Cons

What We Ultimately Think


  • Easily track your ride
  • Fixed fares, know the price
  • Pay with card or Paypal
  • Different cars to suit prices
  • Keep track of receipts
  • Safe, rider details logged.


  • Surge pricing at times
  • Limited coverage in towns
  • Can't book without app
  • GPS is inaccurate in cities
  • Discounts for new riders
  • Not legal in some places.