Spark Sports NZ: What Happens If Melbourne F1 Isn’t Live Streamed?

Spark sports NZ are once again in the limelight for all the wrong reasons. This company holds rights to the Rugby World Cup 2019 in Tokyo and is going to be streaming all games.

They won rights to the 2019 Formula 1 calendar and given the first race kicks off in Melbourne in just over four weeks time, their website hasn’t even launched yet.

Spark sports nz claim they will be ready to launch their service in time for the F1 season but right now can’t give a timeline. When reaching out to Spark for comment they keep sending us the same copy and paste reply they send to all kiwi journalists:

“I can only repeat that we are on track to screen the Formula 1. We understand that access to the sport is really important for motorsports fans, so we guarantee that it will be available.”

Spark are guaranteeing their service will be launched prior to March 17th.

Spark Sports NZ

spark sports nz

Problem is, will their servers be able to handle one of the biggest racing events on the calendar and secondly will they actually have a platform available.

The first round of the World Rally Championship was suppose to be streamed live in New Zealand but Spark Sports hasn’t launched yet and this was not available to NZ fans.

Head of Spark Sport, Jeff Latch, said at the time they won the rights that the World Rally Championship (WRC) cemented Spark Sport as a destination for fans.

“Spark Sport will stream rallies live and will also host a variety of highlights content,” he said. Yet the opening week of the 14 series season, there was nothing to show for it.

How To Watch Melbourne F1 In New Zealand

Are you going to wait for Spark Sports to potentially deliver a service in time for the formula one in Melbourne or are you going to get yourself setup with a reliable backup just in case.

TenPlay Australia is streaming all coverage/races live on free to air for Australian’s.

This means with a New Zealand VPN you can easily watch for absolutely free using the TenPlay android app. You can download the .apk file for this and install on any device. Load your VPN up and open the app.

TenPlay also have highlights shows and pre and post race studios.

We’ve tested the TenPlay website using and for $11 per month works great.