Sky TV NZ Alternative (Best Way To Watch TV Online)

Sky TV in New Zealand is to be fair, pretty poor and expensive and if it wasn’t for the sports most people would have given up on them many years ago. Last year we wrote an article on the inevitable fall of Sky.

Unfortunately Sky have a monopoly on the market in New Zealand compared with countries like the UK and USA where a wide variety of alternatives are available that people can pay for.

Want to watch live rugby in New Zealand? You have no other ‘legal’ option. Sky wonder why so many people pirate streams, it’s because they can’t get access at a fair price.

So what can you do if you don’t want Sky TV in New Zealand but do want to continue watching live sports, movies and other entertainment shows? If you have fast internet, bypass geo-restrictions.

Sky TV has been targeting kodi android box sellers, small devices that connect to your TV and internet that offer thousands of pirated streams, movies and music. These boxes are sold with the intention of piracy and thus get a bad reputation.

I personally avoid kodi like the plague, most of the content is free for a reason, it’s rubbish and there’s millions of people trying to watch the same free streams causing buffering, lagging and at least a 2 or 3 minute delay in real time action.

Sky TV Alternative

Kayo Sports Australia is the best alternative combined with a VPN. Read this guide for further information. A detailed setup guide can be found below.

Step 1: Get A VPN

First get yourself behind a VPN, this will allow you to change your geographical location within seconds. Not to mention the pros of remaining secure online and keeping hackers and spy agencies out of your computer.

I recommend Pure VPN and this is because they offer plugins and software for pretty much any platform out there. Whether you want to use this on Mac, Windows, Fire TV, Roku or an android box.

PureVPN: Save 74% Today
PureVPN: Save 74% Today
Fast, Secure, Reliable Watch TV Worldwide Tonight.Show More
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A VPN changes your geo graphical situation in terms of the website or service you’re trying to access. It makes you appear in the country they want you to be in, i.e. the UK when you’re actually in NZ. By routing your internet connection through their servers before getting to the final destination you can bypass the geo-restriction instantly.

Maybe you have a work laptop and use a VPN to connect from home, Pure VPN works the exact same way. Without it you can’t achieve your end goal, to access a geo-blocked website.

Step 2: Get A Media Player

As I mentioned earlier, don’t buy a Kodi box. This guide isn’t how to pirate content or watch illegal content. We’re simply using a geo bypass to get access to our content. Perfectly legal (currently).

The best device to use is one running android. I personally recommend MiBox.

You can pick one up for $75 over at Amazon.

Step 3: Install Pure VPN App

You’ve got your android box or MiBox. The next step is to install the Pure VPN app. Make sure you download the latest version and then login to your account. Use your login details provided by Pure VPN welcome email.

Step 4: Install ES File Explorer App

This step is very important, it’s a file management app that works on android. Simply download the free version from the play store. There’s really nothing else to do here.

Step 5: Find .APK Files For Sites

Now the fun starts, you simply need to find the .apk file for the apps you want to download. Head onto your computer and look for these .apk files and download them to your hard drive.

There are many .apk file sites out there. My favorite is, apkpure or apkmonk.

Now you’ll need a USB flash drive. Move the .apk file on to the device.

Now take this flash drive and plug into back of your android device.

Open ES File Explorer and then head over to Local then USB and then select and install the .APK file you want. It should take a few minutes to do this.

This will install your app onto the device. Now you can remove the USB device.

Step 6: Start VPN for Chosen Country

Let’s say you’ve just installed the iPlayer and HBO. You now need to open the VPN app and enable the country of choice, i.e. UK then load up the iPlayer app. Now when you want to change to another UK app just open the app right away. Want to change to a USA or NZ app? Simply change country or turn the VPN off all together.

Step 7: Watch Endless TV For FREE?

Okay I get it, there’s an upfront cost but is it worth it to pay $59 (VPN) and $79 (MiBox) to get setup to watch all the best content online (legally?) or continue paying $100 per month to a monopolistic juggernaut that keeps showing ads every 15 minutes.

Too Complex?
With a Pure VPN subscription and the Mac or Windows software you can simply use your web browser to visit the geo blocked website and watch on your laptop. Got a chromecast or a fancy TV? You can probably use a casting service to put it on your TV within seconds.

What You Can Watch With Pure VPN

UK: iPlayer, Channel 4, 5 on Demand, ITV, Love Film, Blinkbox,

US: HBO Go, HBO Now,, Netflix US,, CBS, ABC, Fox, NBC, AdultSwim

RU: MatchTV.Ru

AU: TenPlay, 7 On Demand, SBS, Optus Sport (Subscription), Foxtel Go (Subscription)