best sky tv nz alternative

Sky TV NZ Alternative (Best IPTV Under $20/Month)

Sky TV in New Zealand is to be fair, pretty poor and expensive and if it wasn’t for the sports most people would have given up on them many years ago. Last year we wrote an article on the inevitable fall of Sky.

Unfortunately Sky have a monopoly on the market in New Zealand compared with countries like the UK and USA where a wide variety of alternatives are available that people can pay for.

Want to watch live rugby in New Zealand? You have no other ‘legal’ option. Sky wonder why so many people pirate streams, it’s because they can’t get access at a fair price.

So what can you do if you don’t want Sky TV in New Zealand but do want to continue watching live sports, movies and other entertainment shows? If you have fast internet, go offshore with IPTV.

Sky TV has been targeting kodi android box sellers, small devices that connect to your TV and internet that offer thousands of pirated streams, movies and music. These boxes are sold with the intention of piracy and thus get a bad reputation. Mybox NZ is definitely the biggest seller of such boxes, currently in a legal battle with Sky NZ.

I personally avoid kodi like the plague, most of the content is free for a reason, it’s rubbish and there’s millions of people trying to watch the same free streams causing buffering, lagging and at least a 2 or 3 minute delay in real time action.

Sky TV NZ Alternative

VPN - Unlock The World

If you’re not keen on IPTV then you should purchase a VPN service with Ivacy. For $60 you can get 5 years of VPN access to unlock any website in the world including BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Netflix USA, Channel5, ITV, Channel4, ESPN etc. Simply download the app for your Smart TV then access the blocked content or your laptop and watch free TV within minutes.

I recommend Flawless IPTV. There is no official website and no sales offer. Everyone who want’s their service, know’s exactly what you’re getting. You get access to over 1,500 channels from around the world, primarily UK, USA, Middle East, India and Australia. We can’t share the channels with you, a quick Google search will reveal all the ‘obvious’ channels you get.

To purchase a flawless IPTV subscription you’ll google, Flawless Hosting and choose the top link (they use purchase a plan from their billing platform. They call it a hosting server, but that’s a decoy for what you’re actually buying. The full plan costs 10 GBP ($19nzd) per month.

You can start with a 2 GBP trial too if you’d like to test their package.

Once you’ve got your plan you’ll pay using your credit card or Paypal and instantly they’ll email you login details and a URL.

sky tv nz alternative

Don’t waste your time buying a kodi box. Instead purchase or use a smart TV (Samsung or Sony is a good option) and then you can download app’s to your device. If you don’t want to spend money on a new tele then you can purchase an Amazon Fire TV, Mi Box or another android box (you’ll need a powerful one though).

Once you’ve got your TV or android box you’ll want to look for an app in the store called, ‘Smart IPTV.’ You can get a free trial for 7 days and then it will cost you 5.50 euro ($9.40 nzd) to activate one device.

Once you download the app, you’ll be presented with a screen with your mac address. You then need to visit, and enter your MAC address and a playlist URL under the heading, “add external playlist links (urls) with auto-update.”

This playlist URL was in the email you received from Flawless. Copy Exactly.

Now you need to make sure you enable the drop menu to ‘Enable List Logo’s which will ensure the channel logo is available next to the channel name. It’s a nice feature.

Now all you need to do is restart your Smart IPTV app. If you’re using your Smart TV then simply turn off/on the TV and then open the app again. If you’re using an android box, close the app and relaunch.

Now you can enjoy thousands of channels, mostly live and of course lots of content.

After 6 months of testing and using, I’ve had no issues with buffering. IF you do run into issues make sure you have a fast internet connection, you’ll need a minimum of 5mbps for best results, with Fibre you’ll be even better placed.

I'm an adventurer, traveller and thrill seeker who loves to explore the beautiful country of New Zealand. When I'm not writing articles for Ki-Wi you'll find me driving jet boats, hiking and riding my motorcycle. New Zealand is an amazing country to live, work, travel and explore.

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