How To Watch Sky Sports UK In New Zealand? Step-By-Step

If you’ve been trying to watch Sky Sports UK in New Zealand then you’ll probably have worked out that you can’t! and are missing out on tons and tons of content that is actually only available on the UK version of Sky Sports. I’ll show how to bypass the geo restriction and watch in New Zealand.

Sky Sports is great but like other geo graphical licensing they can’t show the same content in every country they offer their services. This is a real pain especially for consumers in New Zealand as we miss out on the good content.

how to watch sky sports uk nz

Thankfully there is a simple way to unlock this content without making any changes to your home internet subscription. Believe it or not, Sky UK simply looks at the IP address or the DNS address of your connection to determine whether you can access their platform or not.

Fortunately for us this allows us to bypass the filter and unlock all the Sky Sports UK content within New Zealand. Unlike the Netflix saga, they don’t seem to be blocking VPN providers.

How To Watch Sky Sports UK In New Zealand

The first step is to simply have a VPN.

The next step is to decide how you plan on watching. If you’re using a smart TV or android box, Mibox or something similar then you need to purchase a VPN service. If you’re using a Roku you need to use Smart DNS or Router level VPN.

I’ve used many different VPN providers over the last few years and the best VPN for watching is Pure VPN. Currently you can get a 2 year subscription from $2.88 per month and they offer both router level and standard VPN services.

get pure vpn

Once you signup with Pure VPN you simply download their VPN app to your device. If you’re using a smart TV or android box like me, go to the app store and download their free app. Alternatively if you’re using something like the Fire TV you can sideload their app into your device. If you’re using the router level service you’ll need to follow the instructions on their knowledgebase to setup your router. If you’re on a laptop, mac, desktop or tablet download the app they provide.

Next login to your account, connect to a UK server.

Now reload your Sky Sports UK and you will now have full access.

You should now be able to signup for Now TV which provides full access to all Sky Sports UK Channels. Alternatively if you have a friend in the UK with a web based subscription simply login as them. Unlocked.


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