How To Install Spark Sports App On Unsupported Samsung TV (Guide)

Great news sports fans, Spark Sport finally launched some Smart TV apps, but bad news for anyone who’s actually got a TV more than 2 years old. We recently bought a TV in December 2016 that still works perfectly, but we can’t get the Spark Sports app.

After following the official guidance from Spark Sports, there was no option in the Samsung store to download their app. Every other company in New Zealand had an app that showed up..lightbox, Netflix etc, but no Spark Sports.

On closer inspection we noticed our TV was a 6th series, not a 7th or 8th series that Spark have built their app for. What a crock! So our only options were to cast it to the TV using the smartphone app and a Chromecast, buy a freeview smartbox from Noel Leeming for $139 or get a cable to the computer.

All of these options are either expensive or the quality will suck!

That is until I decided to install the Spark Sports app onto my unsupported Samsung TV.

Today I’ll show you how I did it, how you can too and how you can save money!

Install Spark Sports On An Unsupported Samsung TV

The first thing you need to do is check the model of TV you’ve got. The quickest option is to look at the plaque on the back with the serial number and model.

Then head over to Google Search and enter this in. New Zealand has some weird model numbers so try and find the international model to confirm.

You need to ensure your TV is running Android which most Samsung Smart TV’s do.

Next ensure your TV is in developer mode. To do this:

  • Turn on your Smart TV
  • Go to Smart HUB
  • Ater that Click on Apps
  • Now you’ll be asked to enter the pin, with help of Remote enter ‘12345’(It is a default code for all Samsung Smart TVs)
  • Once you entered the code, Developer Mode configuration popup appears on your screen.
  • Just toggle “Developer Mode” to “On”
  • When you open the apps panel after the restart, DEVELOP MODE is marked at the top of the screen.
  • Now enable debugging from the developer mode settings and ensure ADB Debugging is ON.
  • Lastly get the IP address of your TV by going to Settings > Network.

Now your TV is in developer mode, you’re ready to install Spark Sports app.

How To Install Spark Sports on Samsung Smart TV

You need to download the Android TV version of Spark Sports here. It’s perfectly safe and someone has simply downloaded a copy of the app from another smart TV, backed the files up and compressed everything together.

Now you need to download ADB SDK Platform tools onto your PC.

PC should be on the same local network, assume wireless?

This free package allows you to use command prompt to connect to your TV from your PC.

Now follow these instructions:

  • On Windows computer, go to Command Prompt.
  • Type the command adb connect 192.168.1.*** (IP of your TV).
  • After that, prompt will show connected to
  • Next, run the command install E\install.apk (file location of  the .apk file)

How To Install Spark Sports App On Unsupported Samsung TV

  • Hold for some time, it’ll appear as success in prompt.
  • With this, you successfully sideloaded the application on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Now go to the smart hub and then apps, to find the application which you have added.
  • Select the app and Press enter with the help of Remote.
  • To disconnect your TV from PC, fire the command adb disconnect of your TV).

You should now be able to load up the Spark Sports app, login with your account and start watching the content.

You may need to update the .apk file in the future. Be sure to bookmark the download file for future reference.

If you can’t see the app then you’ll need to use a Sideload Launcher app from the Play or Samsung Store. This will create it’s own shortcut within the app.