iCloud Unlock NZ: How To Recover or Remove iCloud Lock

Are you looking for an easy way to unlock your iCloud lock? Maybe you forgot your password or you’ve purchased a new phone and the seller didn’t remove their account details before offloading the device to you.

Firstly, iCloud is that annoying cloud based service that Apple offers all iOS device holders that allows them to lock their phones remotely if they are ever lost or stolen. It also offers data synchronsiation across multiple devices, i.e. that iPad, iMac and iPhone you’re using.

The problem for most is they simply don’t spend more than 5 minutes writing down the password and email address they chose when they first setup the phone. Others get their emails compromised or get banned from their email provider and have no way to reset their iCloud password.

If you’ve bought a new phone and tried to reset it, you’ll quickly discover your phone is now defunct especially if you don’t have the iCloud password to remove the profile from the phone. You’ll also note you can’t see the full email either to email the person and ask for the password. The only thing you can do here is use an emergency call.

If you’ve bought a phone off Trademe or Facebook then there’s a good chance the phone is probably stolen so make sure you track down the seller and get the password or report them to the Police and then ask for your money back.

icloud unlock nz

How To iCloud Unlock NZ?

There are a few options out there for non stolen devices. If you know fine rightly the phone is stolen, maybe you picked it up off the night club floor or bought it at a fraction of the second hand price then this isn’t for you.

If you have a genuine reason to unlock an icloud device, such as you forgot your password or have no access to the email address linked to reset the password then you can give one of these options a shot.

Finding a reliable source for unlocking icloud devices is tricky, most are down and out scams and you’ll lose your money quicker than putting it on red at Skycity in Auckland.

Others will give you the run around, telling you your service has been unlocked or to wait, and wait.. and wait until your refund period has lapsed. Others will simply sell you software that does, well nothing really.

Official iCloud Lock UK

OK firstly it’s definitely not an official service despite what their business name is however they were one of the only companies that managed to successfully unlock our icloud device (that we locked ourselves).

There are many reviews out there calling this website a scam and here’s why. You pay an upfront fee which is £19.99 which is an unlock checking fee. If your device can be unlocked you need to fork out another £50-80 depending on model.

Most people see the marketing as £19.99 to unlock their device when actually it’s only a checking fee. If you read their terms and conditions you’ll find this out.

Regardless, as long as your phone is definitely not stolen it will be unlocked within 10 working days. If you’re in any doubt about the authenticity of your phone then it might be worth a shot but there’s no refund if the phone is indeed blacklisted.

We asked this company how they can unlock icloud lock’s and never got a reply. We can tell you they appear to have ‘unlockers’ who are paid commission for successful unlocks. It would be fair to say that sounds like an Apple employee with a backdoor into the icloud system, despite Apple claiming iCloud locks can never be removed.