How To Watch World Rugby Sevens In New Zealand (Guide)

Don’t miss a key moment of the exciting World Rugby Sevens series, with our guide on how to live stream all games in New Zealand.

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What is World Rugby Sevens Series?

The World Rugby Sevens Series is a yearly competition, featuring a series of rugby-seven tournaments hosted by World Rugby.

National teams compete in a series of rugby-sevens games, which is a variation of rugby union featuring seven players playing seven-minute halves, as opposed to the typical format of 15 players and 40-minute halves.

The competition was founded in 1999, with the intent being to create further elite national competition between nations and bring rugby-seven to the spotlight as a viable sport.

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How Tournaments Work?

Throughout the series circuit, there are 10 tournaments that take place, typically between November and December until May. 16 teams compete against each other in venues across 10 different countries in 5 continents.

The UAE, South Africa, New Zealand, Australia, the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, France and England each host one event. Of the 16 teams there are 15 ‘core’ teams and one regional qualifier.

Throughout each tournament of the circuit, teams acquire points based on their performance in each respective event.

These points are accumulated and the team who finishes with the highest number wins the series, and the team who finishes last are relegated, replaced by the winner of the Hong Kong Sevens.

A winner of an event receives 22 points, with 19 and 17 points awarded respectively to second and third place.

Points are awarded as far down as the 15th place finisher of an event, receiving a single point.

The event has always been used as qualifiers for other national events, for example, the top four finishers of the 2014-2015 event were granted automatic qualification for the 2016 Summer Olympics, and the 2016-217 event qualified for the 2018 World Rugby Cup.

World Rugby Sevens Format

The format of each event of the tournament splits the pool into four, who verse each other in a round robin.

The points granted for each match varies from typical rugby, as three are awarded for a win, two for a draw, one for a loss and zero if a team fails to attend.

In the event that teams share the same number of points after pool-play, a series of tie breakers, in order, is used: the results of matches played between the two teams, point differentials, tries differentials, total number of points scored, and finally ending with a coin toss.

The top two teams of each pool then advance to the Cup competition.

Tournament History

The most recent series was the 2018-2019 event, which hosted twenty one nations that competed in the event.

Additionally, the series saw the top four finishers qualify for the 2020 Summer Olympics. The winner of the series was Fiji, who won 5 of the 10 tournaments across the circuit.

In second place was the United States, their best ever result, reaching the semifinals of every tournament, and New Zealand in third place. Japan finished last and were relegated from the core teams, following a three way relegation battle between themselves, Wales and Kenya.

Japan will be replaced by Ireland for the 2019-2020 event.

Watch World Rugby Sevens NZ

Date: Novemeber – May each year

NZ: Sky Sports

Australia: Foxtel / Kayo Sports

UK: Sky Sports


Fiji: Fiji TV

Africa: Supersport

Others: Live Stream on World Rugby

If your country doesn’t have an official broadcaster then you can watch for free using the World Rugby website via their live stream option.

So all you need to do to watch for free is use a VPN and change your geolocation to a foreign country such as Russia where there is no coverage and you can watch the live stream online.

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Visit the world rugby website and start streaming the tournament live.