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How to Watch Football World Cup 2018 in New Zealand

With the official football world cup 2018 just kicked off, many New Zealander’s are struggling to find a way to watch every game live without purchasing a sky sports subscription.

Of course the obvious way to watch all the games live is by signing up for a $29.95 per month plan plus the Sky box, decoder, installation and a 12 month contract. Sounds like a complete hassle to watch one month of football. Not to mention the lead time to get hooked up.

If you don’t have sky tv then you can watch football 2018 world cup in New Zealand for free with a simple geo hack – VPN connection. Channels in Russia and the majority of European countries will have live coverage on free to air local channels. This makes the residents in Europe quite lucky.

However, if you are living in New Zealand, that is not a problem. By showing virtual presence in Russia or the UK, football fans in New Zealand can enjoy free live streaming too.

Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 New Zealand

Get a PureVPN Subscription

Install the PureVPN app for your device

If you are using it on Roku, Kodi, etc, configure PureVPN on your router

Connect to Russian Server (for or UK server (for iPlayer)

Go to or BBC iPlayer and stream FIFA 2018 live for free!

Checkout our guide on how to use MatchTV with Pure VPN.

Checkout this calendar for proof all games will be shown live on Only Russian VPN required for full access to all games.

Unblock geo-restricted channels with PureVPN. Remember that without a VPN, you cannot enjoy a free stream of any of the games. So get a subscription for as low as $10 and enjoy the full world cup series for FREE!

get pure vpn

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