How To Watch Spuul In New Zealand

Spuul is a premium Indian streaming platform that offers on demand access to over 10,000 hours of your favourite Bollywood movies and TV shows. 

They offer over 200+ TV channels to compliment the hundreds of Bollywood movies, across 8 different languages, allowing you to download, record and catchup instantly.

The catch is that you can't access the full catalogue of Spuul in New Zealand without the help of a VPN, as it's blocked due to geo licensing.

Let us show you how to watch Spuul in New Zealand (all access)

What Can I Watch On Spuul?

Spuul offers various different catalogue items for users in different countries. For example if you live in the UK or North America you get access to more titles than those living in New Zealand. 

You can create an account for free in New Zealand to sample their content which includes various Bollywood movies, Bollywood TV channels and more. 

How To Watch Spuul In New Zealand?

Technically you can't watch everything in Spuul in New Zealand, so you can create an account in New Zealand and with the help of a VPN you can unlock the full catalogue by changing the country to something else, where you get access to more titles.

For example, to get the full catalogue you need to use a USA based VPN. 

How To Watch Spuul With a VPN?

You can unlock the content using any VPN, but they must offer a USA server for best results. After months of research, the best VPN in our opinion is PureVPN

You can signup for $10.95 (1 Month) or $2.91/mo on a longer subscription. 

Step 1: Purchase Your Subscription

You need to visit the official PureVPN website and purchase a package. You can checkout using credit/debit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin or Alipay. 

‚ÄčRead PureVPN Review.

Step 2: Download VPN Client

There's software apps for nearly every device out there, including web browsers, android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, routers, Playstation, Xbox and Fire TV. 

Download the software and login with your username and password. 

Step 3: Connect to USA Server

Turn on the VPN by clicking the start button. Now change the country to 'USA' and within 15-30 seconds your VPN will connect. 

Your internet usage is now being routed via a server in USA. You can now access many geo-blocked websites previously unavailable in New Zealand. 

Step 4: Watch Spuul

Visit Spuul and login to your account. You'll now be able to live stream the content or watch on demand. You'll also be able to watch any other free to air USA channels and content that you previously couldn't. 

You can disconnect from the VPN software once you're finished. Then reconnect whenever you want for as long as your subscription is valid. 

Other Ways To Use a VPN?

Once you've watched the race, what else would you need your VPN for?

Most people use one to protect their identity online. When in use your Internet Service Provider can no longer track your usage. This is beneficial for torrenting or accessing secure sites such as your bank. 

A VPN keeps hackers and thieves out, as your data is encrypted. This is especially helpful when using public WiFi networks that are unsecure and can be compromised, leaking your details to criminals. 

The most common things to do is to unlock geo-blocked content such as watching Netflix USA instead of NZ, watching free TV in Australia, watching live sports events that aren't available locally and so much more.

A VPN might be the greatest invention ever and unlocks the world that would otherwise be locked down due to an outdated business model of buying and selling usage rights, rather than a free market.

how to watch spuul nz

Spuul History & Background

Spuul is a world-wide leading OTT player and entertainment platform that lets viewers stream, watch and download Bollywood TV series and movies online. 

In 2010, it was founded and established by Sudesh Iyer, S. Mohan, and Subin Subaiah. Its main headquarters is located in Singapore while managed by offices in Dubai for Africa and the Middle East, in Auckland and Sydney for the Pacific, and in Mumbai and Singapore for the North and Southeast Asia.

What Content Does Spuul Offer?

With its over-the-top service, several partnerships including production companies like Balaji Telefilms, Phantom Films, Reliance Entertainment, Shemaroo Entertainment, UTV Motion Pictures, Viacom 18 and Yash Raj Films, the audiences can choose from a selection of over a thousand shows from all genres including reality shows, cartoons, game shows, sitcoms, travel, cooking shows, documentaries and more. 

Since its first launching in the year 2012, it rapidly expanded its influence and services and as of 2018, it had incorporated Nepali, Live Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi TV channels into its platform to offer more premium episodes of their favourite TV shows.

Spuul offers clients high-quality Bollywood-centric films, movies, TV series and dramas in Punjabi, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam as well as other regional languages from India while providing full, accurate English subtitles for its international viewers. 

Their one of a kind digital service platform is available for free through the internet across computers, desktops, smart TVs, or simply download their mobile application for IOS and Android electronic device users.

How Much Does Spuul Cost? 

However, to get an ad-free, unlimited access to all their premium content, viewers will only have to pay $7.99 per month (USD). 

It's even better if you are new to their service, as they reduce the price to $4.99 per month as a limited-time introductory offer. Another smaller option is to pay-per-view for only $0.99 per movie for 72 hours (for more detailed information, visit their official website ''.).

Additionally, they also have a blogging site that hints and gossip trendy news, upcoming movies and TV shows as well as other interesting stuff to read.

Who Can Access Spuul?

In the present, the company has already reached over 47 million active and registered users from the Middle East, the United Kingdom, Australia, North America, parts of Asia, New Zealand, and of course in India. 

They plan to soon expand their presence to other countries like the Philippines, other parts of America and Thailand.