How To Watch North West 200 Live In New Zealand (Guide)

After the Isle of Man TT, Northern Ireland’s North West 200 is probably the next biggest race in the racing calendar. Some say it’s even more dangerous than the TT as all riders start at the same time rather than in a time trial format.

Connecting Portrush, Portsewtart and Coleraine, the 8.970 miles triangle circuit takes 10-20 minutes in a car, but only 5 minutes on one of the motorcycles. The race takes place in May each year with the 2019 race being the 90th anniversary.

The first North West 200 was held in 1929 and is in fact the largest annual sporting event in the small country of Northern Ireland. It’s often referred to as the best road racing circuit in the world.

Riders regularly get up to 200 miles per hour as they battle for the lead on tiny country roads and through three speed reducing chicanes.

Over the years, Alastair Seeley has won the most races with 24 wins, followed by Robert Dunlop with 15 and Joey Dunlop on 13. Of these, Alastair is the only racer still alive, competing in the British Supersport Championship.

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How To Watch North West 200

how to watch north west 200

All the races are streamed live on BBC Sport Northern Ireland.

For example in 2019 the races BBC provided live coverage of the first and second practice sessions followed by the first three races and then the following five races on the last day of the North West 200.

The event is not streamed online in any other country. Live radio coverage is also provided on BBC Radio Ulster.

Step 1: Get A VPN Provider

To watch the North West 200 New Zealand for free you’ll need to use the best VPN provider to pretend you’re in the United Kingdom.

There are many different VPN providers out there on the web, from our experience the cheapest and most affordable option is PureVPN.

You’ll be able to buy a VPN using your New Zealand credit card/Paypal.

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Step 2: Download & Install VPN Application

You’ll need to decide how you plan on accessing ITV player. You could use your smart TV, Apple TV or just a computer web browser.

You’ll need to download the PureVPN Application to your device.

Login with the details you were provided via email during signup.

Step 3: Choose British Server

You’ll now need to connect through to a UK based server. If you’re given an option of which city then I’d choose London.

Now you’ll be advised once your IP has changed and you’re routing your connection via the UK.

You’ll now be able to go to the BBC Sport website and create an account.

It’s 100% free to create an account. When asked for a postcode enter a random Northern Ireland one.

Step 4: Start Watching North West 200

Search for the NW200 on the website search box.

You’ll now be able to play any of the on demand content available.

Keep your account and watch again next year.


There you have it, four of the simplest steps ever to start watching the North West 200 in New Zealand for free. You don’t need a satellite connection, an expensive cable plan or even a fully fledged VPN, with PureVPN you can get started for under a few dollars per month.

Your VPN can then unlock pretty much any channel in the world too!