How To Watch Crunchyroll In New Zealand

If you love to watch anime and read manga online then you should be using the Crunchyroll website to get your fix. However, the number of titles available in New Zealand is far lower than if you lived in the United States. 

The good news is that with a VPN for Crunchyroll you can pretend to be in the US to stream the entire catalog, and it only takes a few minutes to get started. 

How To Watch Crunchyroll In New Zealand?

Technically you can't watch Crunchyroll in New Zealand, due to licensing. You need to be based in the United States. Of course this isn't possible, but you can change your IP address by using a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

A VPN connects to a server in the US and routes your internet connection via this server before going out to the world wide web, thus fooling the site into thinking you're based in a country you're not. 

How To Watch Crunchyroll With a VPN?

You can watch the platform using any VPN, but they must offer a United States server. After months of research, the best VPN in our opinion is PureVPN

You can signup for $10.95 (1 Month) or $2.91/mo on a longer subscription. 

Step 1: Purchase Your Subscription

You need to visit the official PureVPN website and purchase a package. You can checkout using credit/debit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin or Alipay. 

‚ÄčRead PureVPN Review.

Step 2: Download VPN Client

There's software apps for nearly every device out there, including web browsers, android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, routers, Playstation, Xbox and Fire TV. 

Download the software and login with your username and password. 

Step 3: Connect to USA Server

Turn on the VPN by clicking the start button. Now change the country to 'United States' and within 15-30 seconds your VPN will connect. 

Your internet usage is now being routed via a server in USA. You can now access many geo-blocked websites previously unavailable in New Zealand. 

Step 4: Watch Crunchy Roll

Visit Crunchyroll and signup for your free account. You'll now be able to live stream the content or watch on demand. You'll also be able to watch any other free to air USA channels and content that you previously couldn't.

You can disconnect from the VPN software once you're finished. Then reconnect whenever you want for as long as your subscription is valid. 

Other Ways To Use a VPN?

Once you've watched the race, what else would you need your VPN for?

Most people use one to protect their identity online. When in use your Internet Service Provider can no longer track your usage. This is beneficial for torrenting or accessing secure sites such as your bank. 

A VPN keeps hackers and thieves out, as your data is encrypted. This is especially helpful when using public WiFi networks that are unsecure and can be compromised, leaking your details to criminals. 

The most common things to do is to unlock geo-blocked content such as watching Netflix USA instead of NZ, watching free TV in Australia, watching live sports events that aren't available locally and so much more.

A VPN might be the greatest invention ever and unlocks the world that would otherwise be locked down due to an outdated business model of buying and selling usage rights, rather than a free market.

how to watch crunchyroll nz

What Is Crunchyroll? 

This is a one of a kind platform during the time of its conception and inception. This was another platform that served as a breath of fresh air for all things anime and all anime lovers. It was something new, something exciting for anime lovers to talk about. 

Crunchyroll, created by the genius Kun Gao, is a anime video streaming service based in the San Francisco, CA area. 

It hosts a plethora of anime videos and shows, it even has Japanese drama shows to watch. Along with these exciting, and thrilling shows, you can read tons and tons of manga, or Japanese style comic books.

History of Crunchyroll?  

Starting out, Crunchyroll was fueled mostly by anime fans who would upload their favorite shows or recently aired anime shows to have a discussion of they felt about the show with millions of other people internationally. 

That's right, this platform has brought together people from all over the world that share the same love for all things anime.

The company, started by Kun Gao and a group of other individuals at his Alma Mater, which is University of California, Berkeley, has grown exponentially from its birth year in 2006 to the world renown platform that it is today.

Getting to this point was no easy feat, the creators had to go through a series of setbacks and adversities to allow for Crunchyroll to become what it is today. Because of the frequent uploads of users around the world there were some licensing issues that began to arise out of the situation.

There was no ill will in creating the platform but because it was becoming increasingly known it brought attention to the creators and owners of the shows that were being uploaded.

Kun Gao will be the first to tell you that being able to woo the authors and creators of some of the shows that are featured was not easy.

But, with persistence and the ability to show his passion for his creation eventually allowed for him having the right to stream episodes.

What Does Crunchyroll Offer? 

Crunchy Roll streams some of the top rated and viewed anime shows, Dragon Ball and Naruto to name some of the more popular nationally. 

There is a wide database of unique shows and fan made manga on the platform and it can all be accessed for free.

How Much Does Crunchyroll Cost? 

Currently there is a 14 day free trial that you can sign up for and enjoy your favourite anime shows. If you really love what it has to offer then you can sign up for a subscription for about $7.99 USD per month.

With the subscription you get to watch your favourite shows completely ad free. Plus, you will get access to a whole lot more than what you would when just viewing as a guest.

Who Uses Crunchyroll? 

The anime streaming platform is so popular and unique that there are over two million paid subscribers currently enrolled for viewing tons of anime shows.

These subscribers, plus others who access the site for free viewership can access the platform from any available streaming device.

How To Watch Crunchyroll In NZ? 

This means you can use a capable smartphone, you can use gaming consoles, amazon fire sticks, android and iPhone devices, all these are capable of providing the app and streaming services.

A revolutionary platform at best, and everything that Crunch Roll is will only grow and become increasingly valuable to the viewers who utilise its services.