How To Watch Bilibili In New Zealand

So you want to watch Bilibili in New Zealand? Well technically you can't, as it's hosted in China and only available for Chinese residents. 

Bilibili is one of the most popular streaming and video sharing platforms in mainland China that offers lots of content such as anime and manga among others. 

There is a simple way to bypass the geo-restriction placed on the website, allowing you to subscribe and watch all their content from New Zealand. 

It's a simple three step process:

Access Bilibili in NZ in 3 Steps

1. Download and install a VPN. I recommend PureVPN as it's one of only four providers that actually have Chinese servers

2. Login, open your VPN and choose ​a 'Beijing or Shanghai server.'

3. Create a free account, login to Bilibili and enjoy access to all your favourite TV shows and live content! 

Why You Need a VPN To Watch Bilibili

Due to licensing rights for content, geo-blocks exist to prevent viewers from other countries from accessing the Bilibili website

If you attempt to watch content outside China you'll get the following error:


This means you can't watch your favourite TV shows. However you can easily bypass these restrictions if you have a VPN.

A VPN takes your existing IP address from your Internet Provider and provides a new one in China mainland, making it appear as if you reside there. 

All your internet usage on Bilibili is routed via China before loading the website, fooling websites into thinking you reside there, unlocking the content. 

There's many free VPN providers out there, but you'll experience slow service and most likely spyware on your device. You should pick a trusted VPN provider

If you want to watch Bilibili in New Zealand, you need a VPN that offers fast speeds, a robust service and plenty of Chinese servers. 

How To Unblock Bilibili In New Zealand

You can only unblock this platform by using a VPN that offers Chinese servers. Don't believe anyone who tells you you can use a VPN from Hong Kong. 

There's a very small number of VPN providers that offer China servers. We've actually done a review on the only four that offer coverage. 

Once you've downloaded your VPN and connected to a Chinese server, you can use Bilbili as if you were residing in mainland China. 

Best VPN To Unblock Bilibili In NZ

Watch Bilibili In New Zealand

#1. PureVPN

Actually Has Mainland China Servers

Chinese locations: 3 | Beijing: Working | Shanghai: Working | Chengdu: Working | Lowest price: $2.88/mo

  • Instant setup and activation
  • 31 day money back
  • 24/7/365 live support

PureVPN has been our #1 recommendation for the last three years, as it offers the most affordable pricing for New Zealanders, especially given the strong USD. 

With PureVPN you get access to over 30+ powerful, mainland China based servers, which means loading Bilibili is lightning fast. 

They offer a one click, 'China servers' which connects in under 10 seconds. It automatically loads gives you a Chinese IP address. 

Additionally, they offer the ability to connect to servers from 142 countries worldwide. Want to change Netflix region? Want to watch Hulu or HBO? It's all possible.

For the security conscious, they offer a no logs policy, dedicated IP address (addon) and the highest grade military encryption. 

It's easy to see why PureVPN is so highly rated online, it's one of the world's best VPN providers. Combine this with their 31-day money back guarantee, it's risk-free!

PureVPN can unlock and works with:

  • Netflix USA, HBO, Showtime, ITV, Amazon Prime, Sling TV, Kayo

They offer support for:

  • Torrenting with P2P servers available. Dedicated servers, Port forwarding, Dedicated IP's.

PureVPN has apps for these devices:

  • Google Chrome, Firefox, Windows 7/8/10, MacOS, Android, iOS (Apple), Roku, Android TV, Blackberry, Linux, Amazon Firestick, Kodi,  Wireless Routers. 
PureVPN: Save 74% Today
PureVPN: Save 74% Today
Fast, Secure, Reliable Watch TV Worldwide Tonight.Show More
Fast, Secure, Reliable Watch TV Worldwide Tonight. Show Less

How To Watch Full Videos On Bilibili? 

You must become a premium subscriber to watch the full videos on this platform. Currently you can purchase a subscription from ¥98.

To complete the checkout process you'll need to use Alipay or Wechat as your New Zealand issued credit card won't work. 

You also need to ensure you're connected to your VPN before payment to avoid your account being terminated.