How To Watch Aertv In New Zealand

Want to watch Aertv in New Zealand but can't due to geo restrictions outside Ireland and the European Union? Today we'll show you how to bypass and unlock the platform so you can stream right to your TV via Roku, Chromecast or other devices.

Aertv is Ireland's equivalent to the iPlayer and provides a ton of live TV channels including RTE One, RTE 2, One, Two, TG4, RTE News, France 24 and Bloomberg. 

We'll show you how you can legally watch Aertv player from NZ, within minutes. 

How To Watch Aertv In New Zealand?

Aertv is a freemium service that offers live streaming of Irish TV platforms. If you want to watch content from RTE live then you need this platform. You could also use RTE Player which is a free service but lacks live content. 

Technically you can't create an Aertv player account, from New Zealand, as it's been blocked due to licensing and geo-restrictions. 

However, with the help of a virtual private network (VPN) you can virtually change your geographical location to appear like a local, instantly. 

You can then watch all Aertv channels and other Irish content from New Zealand. Once you're finished you disconnect, or change to another country such as USA so you can watch other geo-blocked content, or simply disconnect. 

How To Watch Aertv With a VPN?

You can unlock the Aertv geo block by using any VPN, but they must offer an Irish based server for real results. After months of research, the best VPN in our opinion is PureVPN

You can signup for $10.95 (1 Month) or $2.88/mo on a longer subscription. 

Step 1: Purchase Your Subscription

You need to visit the official PureVPN website and purchase a package. You can checkout using credit/debit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin or Alipay. 

Read PureVPN Review.

Step 2: Download VPN Client

There's software apps for nearly every device out there, including web browsers, android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, Routers, Playstation, Xbox and Fire TV. 

Download the software and login with your username and password. 

Step 3: Connect to Ireland Server

Turn on the VPN by clicking the start button. Now change the country to 'Ireland' and within 15-30 seconds your VPN will connect. 

Your internet usage is now being routed via a server in Republic of Ireland. You can now access many geo-blocked websites previously unavailable in New Zealand. 

Step 4: Access Aertv Player

Visit Aertv website and you'll now be able to signup for a free account. You'll now be able to live stream the content. You'll need to upgrade to a premium account to unlock all the channels. This currently costs €5.99 per month ($10.99 NZD)

You'll be able to watch all 19 channels on your devices including RTE One, RTE Two, Virgin Media One, TG4, Virgin Media Two, RTE One+1, RTE News, France24, RT and RTEJr. 

When asked for a Irish address you can enter anything in the box. Google a place in the Republic of Ireland and enter this. Also choose a post code.

You can disconnect from the VPN software once you're finished. Then reconnect whenever you want for as long as your subscription is valid. 

Other Ways To Use a VPN?

Once you've watched the race, what else would you need your VPN for?

Most people use one to protect their identity online. When in use your Internet Service Provider can no longer track your usage. This is beneficial for torrenting or accessing secure sites such as your bank. 

A VPN keeps hackers and thieves out, as your data is encrypted. This is especially helpful when using public WiFi networks that are unsecure and can be compromised, leaking your details to criminals. 

The most common things to do is to unlock geo-blocked content such as watching Netflix USA instead of NZ, watching free TV in Australia, watching live sports events that aren't available locally and so much more.

A VPN might be the greatest invention ever and unlocks the world that would otherwise be locked down due to an outdated business model of buying and selling usage rights, rather than a free market.

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