How to save money with a Netflix Turkey subscription?

Discover how to save money with a Netflix Turkey subscription and enjoy your favorite shows for less. Learn the easy steps to access cheaper streaming options.
How to save money with a Netflix Turkey subscription? How to save money with a Netflix Turkey subscription?

Ever pondered how to enjoy your favourite shows without draining your wallet? A Netflix Turkey subscription could be the solution you seek. This approach to streaming not only saves you money but also keeps the content you adore while keeping within the law.

Netflix’s pricing differs across the globe, with Turkey offering a particularly attractive deal given their weak currency. The Basic Netflix plan in Turkey is a mere 119.99 TRY (approximately $6 NZD), a stark contrast to the NZ Standard plan at $20.99 per month. This disparity translates to a monthly saving of about $15 or $180 annually.

To tap into this economical Netflix option, a VPN for Netflix is essential and does have an initial setup fee but given you can get a 5 year subscription for around $2 a month, it’s still a huge saving! This technology enables you to connect to Turkish servers, effectively masking your location. With an appropriate VPN, you can enjoy uninterrupted streaming at a cost lower than the NZ standard supported plan.


Are you prepared to explore the realm of Netflix Turkey and begin saving? Let’s navigate the steps to make this a reality for you.

Understanding Netflix’s Global Pricing Strategy

Netflix’s pricing varies significantly across the globe. The company employs a country-based pricing model to enhance profits aligned with local economic conditions. This approach results in higher fees in affluent nations and lower rates in less affluent ones.

Why Netflix Prices Vary by Country

In February 2023, Netflix slashed prices in over 100 countries, targeting basic plans in African and Asian markets. However, by October 2023, prices rose in countries like the UK, US, and France. This pricing strategy reflects Netflix’s adaptability to local economic realities.

Comparison of Netflix Prices Worldwide

A comprehensive analysis of 104 countries highlights the vast disparities in Netflix’s pricing. Countries such as Argentina, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey offer the most economical options without ads. These nations provide significantly cheaper rates per title than the global average. This is often due to the weak local currency conversion.

Turkey’s Position in Netflix’s Pricing Structure

Netflix’s pricing in Turkey is notably affordable globally. The Basic Plan in Turkey costs $4.44 USD (119.99 TRY), significantly lower than the NZ. Standard Plan at $20.99 (correct as of April 2024). This pricing model allows users to access an ad-free service at a cost below the NZ standard plan, appealing to budget-conscious viewers.

Recognizing these pricing variations aids consumers in identifying the best streaming value. Netflix’s strategy of tailoring prices to local markets continues to balance profitability with market expansion across varied economies worldwide.

The Benefits of a Netflix Turkey Subscription

Netflix Turkey benefits

How to save money with a Netflix Turkey subscription?

Setting up a Netflix Turkey subscription offers considerable savings over US rates. By utilizing a VPN for Netflix, you gain access to Turkish pricing, leading to significant cost reductions.

Setting up a Turkish Netflix account

To initiate your Netflix Turkey setup:

  1. Choose a reliable VPN service – we used PureVPN for good Turkish servers.
  2. Install the VPN app on your device
  3. Connect to a server in Turkey
  4. Visit the Netflix website
  5. Create a new account using a Turkish address
  6. Select a subscription plan
  7. Pay using a Turkish payment method or gift card – you will need to buy one from or

Potential savings

Using a Turkish Netflix account leads to substantial savings. You could save up to $11 monthly or $130 annually versus US rates. The Basic plan in Turkey is only $4.44, whereas the US Standard plan costs $15.49 monthly.

Content considerations

When accessing Netflix through Turkey, the content library might differ from the NZ version. You’ll still have a broad selection of shows and movies. However, some titles might be unavailable. It’s crucial to maintain your VPN connection to continue enjoying Turkish pricing. If you’d like to switch content you can disable your VPN once your subscription is active to view NZ content.

Choosing the Right VPN for Netflix Turkey

Choosing the best VPN for Netflix Turkey is essential for overcoming geo-restrictions and accessing a broader range of content. The ideal VPN unlocks a realm of entertainment while safeguarding your online privacy.

Key VPN Features

When selecting a VPN for Netflix Turkey, focus on these critical features:

  • Fast server speeds for seamless streaming
  • Strong security measures to safeguard your data
  • Ability to effectively bypass geo-blocks
  • Large server network, including locations in Turkey
  • Reliable customer support
  • Competitive pricing with money-back guarantees

Top VPN Recommendations

After thorough testing and user feedback, here are the top VPNs for Netflix Turkey:

  1. PureVPN: Offers blazing speeds and top-notch security
  2. ExpressVPN: Provides exceptional server speeds and broad country coverage
  3. Surfshark: Budget-friendly with robust unblocking capabilities
  4. NordVPN: Features dependable connections and a vast server network
  5. Private Internet Access: Offers good speeds and numerous servers

VPN for Netflix Turkey comparison

VPN Price and Feature Comparison

PureVPN begins at $3.99/month for a 2-year plan. ExpressVPN costs $6.67/month annually. Surfshark offers plans from $2.39/month for two years. CyberGhost provides a 45-day money-back guarantee, while Private Internet Access charges $2.03/month with unlimited connections. Each VPN provides strong features for accessing Netflix Turkey, ensuring a secure and enjoyable streaming experience.

Setting Up Your VPN for Netflix Turkey

Are you ready to unlock Netflix Turkey access? The VPN setup is straightforward. Begin by downloading your preferred VPN app. Then, install it on your device and open the application. Search for a server list and select Turkey as your location. Next, click connect, and observe as your IP address transforms into a Turkish one.

Ensure your VPN is active before exploring Turkish content. Navigate to Netflix in your web browser. You should now access the Turkish library. If this fails, clear your browser cache and attempt again. Certain VPNs provide dedicated streaming servers for Netflix Turkey access.

A dependable VPN is crucial for a seamless experience. It not only alters your IP address but also secures your data. This ensures you can enjoy Turkish shows without compromising your online privacy. Moreover, the right VPN might help you save on your Netflix subscription.

  • Download and install your VPN app
  • Connect to a Turkish server
  • Clear your browser cache
  • Access Netflix and enjoy Turkish content

By adhering to these steps, you’ll swiftly be enjoying Turkish Netflix. Always ensure your VPN remains connected while streaming to preserve your Turkish IP address.

Creating a Netflix Turkey Account

Setting up a Netflix Turkey account is straightforward. You’ll need an email address and password to get started. The process is similar to creating an account in other countries, but there are some key differences to keep in mind.

Required Information

To create your Netflix Turkey account, you’ll need to provide:

  • A valid email address
  • A strong password
  • Your name
  • A Turkish phone number (if using mobile billing)

Remember, you will need a VPN set to a Turkish server during this process.

Payment Options

Netflix Turkey accepts several payment methods:

  • Credit or debit cards
  • Mobile billing
  • Netflix gift cards – buy these at or

Keep in mind that Netflix may not accept credit cards issued outside Turkey. This is where Netflix gift cards come in handy.

Using Netflix Gift Cards

Netflix gift cards offer a great alternative for payment. You can buy these cards from online marketplaces. Once you have a gift card, simply redeem it on the Netflix website to start your subscription. This method is especially useful if you’re having trouble with other payment methods.

With a Netflix Turkey account, you can enjoy significant savings. The Standard plan costs just $6.99 per month, offering a wide variety of content including TV shows, movies, and documentaries. Plus, you can watch on various devices and even download content for offline viewing.

Navigating Netflix Turkey’s Content Library

The Turkish Netflix library showcases a unique mix of global and local content. It boasts over 269.6 million paid subscribers worldwide, spanning across 190 countries. Exclusive shows like Wolf and The Yard are only available to Turkish viewers, thanks to licensing agreements.

When you delve into the Turkish Netflix library, you’ll encounter a blend of international hits and shows tailored for the Turkish audience. To simplify navigation, you can switch the interface to English. However, some shows from your home country might not be accessible in the Turkish version.

  • Access to exclusive Turkish content
  • Wide range of international shows and movies
  • Affordable pricing compared to other regions
  • Option to change interface language for easy navigation

Maintaining Your Netflix Turkey Subscription

Keeping your Netflix Turkey subscription active demands attention to detail. We’ll explore key aspects of VPN maintenance, handling Netflix IP blocks, and payment updates.

Keeping Your VPN Connection Secure

VPN maintenance is vital for uninterrupted Netflix Turkey access. Always connect to your VPN before accessing Netflix. Opt for servers with low latency for a smoother streaming experience. Regularly update your VPN software to maintain optimal performance and security.

Tackling IP Blocks

Netflix actively combats VPN usage, sometimes resulting in IP blocks. If you face this issue, switch to a different Turkish server. Certain VPNs offer specialized streaming servers that are compatible with Netflix. If issues continue, reach out to your VPN’s customer support for assistance.

Managing Payment Information

Regular payment updates are crucial to keep your Netflix Turkey subscription active. If using a credit card, ensure it’s valid for international transactions. Netflix gift cards provide an alternative payment option. Keep an eye on your subscription renewal date to prevent any interruptions.

Netflix may alter its policies on account sharing or VPN usage. Stay updated on any changes to safeguard your Turkish subscription. By adhering to these guidelines, you can continue to enjoy Netflix Turkey’s offerings while saving money.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

Using a VPN to access Netflix in Turkey requires an understanding of legal and ethical implications. While VPNs are not illegal in most countries, Netflix explicitly discourages bypassing geo-restrictions through its terms of service. With its presence in 190 countries, each offering unique content and pricing, the issue of streaming ethics becomes more complex.

Netflix’s global expansion has led to varying subscription costs across countries, prompting some to seek cheaper options through VPNs. Though not illegal, this practice may breach Netflix’s user agreement. It’s essential to consider the ethical implications of accessing content not intended for your region.

VPN legality differs worldwide. In Turkey, VPNs are legal but many are blocked. Countries like China, North Korea, and Iran have stricter VPN regulations. Users should be aware that Netflix can terminate accounts found violating geo-restrictions. As you enjoy your Netflix Turkey subscription, ponder the ethical aspects of accessing content not intended for your region.


Q: What is the most cost-effective way to subscribe to Netflix?

A: The best way to save on Netflix is by using a VPN to subscribe from Turkey. This method allows you to get an ad-free plan cheaper than the U.S. version, saving about a month or 0 annually.

Q: Why do Netflix prices vary by country?

A: Netflix sets different prices by country to make the most profit based on local economic conditions. Prices tend to be higher in wealthy countries and lower in less affluent ones.

Q: Which countries offer the most affordable Netflix subscriptions?

A: The cheapest Netflix plan is in India, followed by Turkey, Brazil, and Argentina. In Turkey, the Basic Plan costs .44 (119.99 TRY), much less than the U.S. Standard Plan at .49.

Q: What are the benefits of a Netflix Turkey subscription?

A: A Netflix Turkey subscription offers big savings over U.S. rates. You can save around a month or 0 a year. It also gives you an ad-free plan at a lower price than the U.S. version.

Q: How do I set up a Turkish Netflix account?

A: To get a Turkish Netflix account, first, register with a VPN service. Then, download and open the app, connect to a Turkish server, and access Netflix from there. Next, create an account, pick a plan, and choose how you’ll pay.

Q: What key features should I look for in a VPN for Netflix Turkey?

A: Look for a VPN with good server locations, speed, security, and the ability to get past geo-blocks. Top choices include NordVPN, ExpressVPN, and Surfshark.

Q: How do I set up a VPN for Netflix Turkey?

A: First, download and install the VPN app, then open it and connect to a Turkish server. This makes it seem like you’re browsing from Turkey. Make sure the VPN is on before you go to Netflix.

Q: What payment methods can I use for a Netflix Turkey account?

A: You can pay with credit/debit cards, mobile billing, or gift codes. But, Netflix might not take cards from outside Turkey. You can buy Netflix gift cards online at places like G2A instead.

Q: Will the content library be different on Netflix Turkey?

A: Yes, Netflix in Turkey might have different shows and movies than in other countries. But, you’ll still get a huge selection from Netflix worldwide. You can also change the interface to English for easier use.

Q: How do I maintain my Netflix Turkey subscription?

A: Keep your Netflix Turkey subscription by always using a VPN when you watch Netflix. If you get blocked, try a different Turkish server. Also, update your payment info, especially if you use gift cards.

Q: Is it legal to use a VPN to access Netflix from different countries?

A: Using a VPN to watch Netflix from other countries isn’t illegal. But, it might break Netflix’s rules. Netflix can cancel your account if they find you’re trying to get around geo-blocks. Think about the ethics of watching content meant for another area.

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