How To Make Money From Home NZ: (4 Best Side Hustles)

As the cost of living rises and wages remain low, more and more kiwi's are turning to the internet in their spare time to start their own side hustles.

Today we're going to show you how to make money from home in New Zealand using nothing more than the internet and some start up capital.

Remember, to make money you need to invest money. There's very few side hustles that you can start without spending a cent and those get rich schemes that keep popping up on Stuff are blatant scams that will steal your cash.

Starting a side hustle doesn't need to be challenging either. Instead of watching TV for 3 hours this evening, how about starting to make money from home?

What could you do with an extra $500 or $1,000 per month?

That could pay for your dream car on finance or help your bank balance dramatically.

How To Make Money Online NZ

The first thing to note, you don’t need to start a business or anything official, that costs money. You also don’t need an accountant or solicitor, yet anyway. Test your side hustle first. If it works and you make money you can simply file an IR3 form at the end of the tax year.

So without further a do, here’s four of the best side hustles you can start.

how to make money from home nz

1. Start a drop ship store

I’m sure you’ve seen those ads on Facebook offering a hot new product or a new piece of clothing. Clicking the ad copy links to a Shopify store where you can buy the product.

A few weeks later your purchase arrives from Country X.

This product was likely drop shipped. A term that means the person you paid, didn’t actually own the item they sold you. Once you paid, they used another supplier to fulfil the order.

They likely paid their supplier much less than you paid and pocked the difference. In return the supplier handled the entire fulfilment process.

Starting your very own business like this is easy. Shopify costs $29 per month and you can find suppliers of real products and print on demand (t-shirts etc) online for free.

You can literally create a store with this platform in a few hours.

Some of the best suppliers include Aliexpress or Printful.

Your expenses will be getting buyers but if you’re active in Facebook groups and pages you can usually post for free. Growing and posting on Instagram is a good way to get sales too.

Unlike a physical shop your website is open 24/7/365.

Best Resource For Learning More

If you’d like to learn how to drop ship correctly then I’d recommend buying a training course. Franklin Hatchett is the #1 kiwi drop shipper right now. His course is worth the money and can be a tax deduction on your first sales, bonus!

Checkout the course here.

2. Be an affiliate marketer

If drop shipping sounds like too much work then you could opt for affiliate marketing through recommendations.

You’ll work with local businesses, major retailers and boutique stores as an affiliate. You’ll send traffic and buyers to their websites and if they purchase something you’ll get a commission.

Usually these commissions will be 5-20% of the sales price.

If a customer bought a TV for $1,000 you could make up to $200 for that sale.

All for doing, well.. marketing their site.

Most business owners have no idea about marketing. They blow their cash on poor Google Ad campaigns and wait for the phone to ring or someone to find their website.

It’s a win win for both you and them. The buyer pays the same price too.

Some affiliates can make tens of thousands of dollars every day if they recommend the right products and if you’ve got a following on Instagram or Snapchat already it can be very easy to get started.

I’m sure you’ve heard of Instagram Influencers. It’s a similar method but much more lucrative as you don’t even need to have your own page or website.

Best Resource For Learning More

There are so many affiliate programs and techniques to promote them so I’d recommend checking out a course to learn the ropes. Again it can be tax deductible on your first commissions.

Learn more about Savage Affiliates course.

3. Generate local leads for businesses

As I mentioned earlier, most small businesses have absolutely no idea how to sell themselves online. They may have an Ad in Yellow pages and a few ads on Google but little to show for it.

You can start a side hustle as a local lead gen expert. Find a business and get them to offer something amazing they’ve never done before.

I like to recommend a free trial or discount code. Let’s take a dentist for example, a free consultation worth $100. You’ll create a Facebook Ad for local people offering a free consultation.

You’ll send them to a lead gen page, that you setup in 60 seconds using Clickfunnels and then collect an email address and phone number for the voucher.

Patrons will visit for free and likely need work. The dentist can quote for further work.

Now if a dentist says to you they can’t afford to give away free appointments you need to ask them how much their client acquisition cost really is.

It’s probably a lot more than $100 if they’re honest to themselves. They could make thousands after that first consultation so it’s completely worth it.

You can charge for your services. Usually you’ll go for $500-$1000 per month allowing for 50% towards ads. The rest goes in your bank account.

Get yourself larger clients up to $10k a month or just scale up.

It’s a very easy business if you can sell yourself.

The easiest way to get clients? Give them a free trial. No one will turn down free leads.. not even the local dentist!

Best Resource For Learning More

Want to learn how to start a social media local lead gen business? There are so many resources out there but you want a course that shows you how to legally setup your business, includes contracts to protect yourself and how to find clients (the hard part). After years of research, SMMA Blueprint is the best course I’ve ever come across on this topic.

Learn more about SMMA Blueprint course.

4. Be a freelance writer

Another way to make good money online is to become a freelance writer. You can earn anywhere from 2 cents to 20 cents per word depending on the client and level of work expected.

Most people can write and with premium software such as Grammarly Pro, most people can even appear to be an expert even if they are not.

You can find work as a freelance writers all over the place with forums and Facebook Groups designed specifically for employers to find writers.

You could even luck out and find a full time contract role with a travel agency or a company willing to send you on exotic holidays in exchange for amazing content.

As a website owner myself I’m always looking for writers to help with new articles and finding great writers is always a difficult task.

You could easily make up to $100 for 1,000 words of content which adds up if you consider you could write one article in an hour or two.

Compare that to a minimum wage job and you’re going to be making a good side hustle to complement that wage.

You can find writing work on platforms such as or ProBlogger.

Now you know how to make money from home nz and side your very own side hustle today. What’s your side hustle idea, leave a message in the comments section.