How To Download Facebook Videos (Public And Private) In Seconds

A couple months ago a serious terror attack occurred in New Zealand and despite Facebook’s relentless claims they were blocking the footage from reappearing on their site, it’s actually ending up on other sites due to a major problem with the Facebook platform.

When a live stream is published it becomes a video file. Currently Facebook videos can be downloaded whether they are public or private using special websites that offer such services in seconds.

So why can Facebook videos be ripped and downloaded? Good question.

It’s probably a question for Zuck. 

But sometimes you might actually have good reason to download a Facebook video.

So if you’d like to learn how to download Facebook videos in seconds then keep reading. You can even download private videos, now how scary is that?

Anything you live streamed or updated to your private Facebook page could be downloaded by any of your friends.

How To Download Facebook Videos

Introducing FBDown.Net

You can simply visit their website here.

Choose your type of video file, is it a public or private. If it doesn’t work for public you might need to change to private.

These type of websites regularly disappear for obvious reasons.

You’ll need to grab the Facebook video file URL by right clicking on your video.

Paste this into the box and click download.

You can even change your video streaming quality.

How does it work?

FBDown actually download and convert the Facebook video on their own servers, providing you with a format that is actually useful to you, .MP4.

You can download videos as soon as they are available. This means you can download live streams as soon as they finish streaming.

So now you know just how easy it is to download Facebook videos.

Time will tell before Zuck fixes this loophole in his platform.