How to Bypass News Website Paywalls With UBlock Chrome Plugin?

How to Bypass News Website Paywalls With UBlock Chrome Plugin? How to Bypass News Website Paywalls With UBlock Chrome Plugin?

Are you tired of hitting paywalls whenever you want to read premium content on news websites? Well, there’s good news – you can bypass those pesky paywalls with the help of the uBlock Chrome plugin! In this article, we’ll guide you through the step-by-step process of bypassing news website paywalls using uBlock.

But before we dive into the details, let’s quickly understand the two types of paywalls you may encounter: soft paywalls and hard paywalls. Soft paywalls allow limited access to content before requiring a subscription, while hard paywalls do not allow any access without a subscription. Knowing the difference between these types of paywalls will help you choose the right method for bypassing them.

How to Bypass News Website Paywalls With UBlock Chrome Plugin?


Key Takeaways:

  • Paywalls can be bypassed using the uBlock Chrome plugin.
  • There are two types of paywalls: soft paywalls and hard paywalls.
  • Soft paywalls allow limited access, while hard paywalls restrict access completely.
  • For hard paywalls, we recommend using the Bardeen Chrome extension.
  • For soft paywalls, the ReaderMode extension can be effective.

Types of Paywalls

Paywalls can be categorized into two types – soft paywalls and hard paywalls. Understanding the differences between these types is crucial when it comes to bypassing paywalls effectively.

Soft Paywalls

A soft paywall allows users to access a limited amount of content before requiring a subscription. With a soft paywall, visitors might be able to read a certain number of articles per month or have access to a specific section of the website. Beyond that limit, a subscription is needed to unlock full access to the content.

  • Soft paywalls provide a taste of the content, enticing users to subscribe for complete access.
  • They are commonly used by news websites and online publications.
  • Methods to bypass soft paywalls often involve clearing cookies or using browser extensions.

Hard Paywalls

Unlike soft paywalls, hard paywalls do not allow any access to content without a subscription. These paywalls fully restrict users from viewing any articles, forcing them to pay for a subscription upfront.

  • Hard paywalls are mainly seen in premium content platforms and certain academic journals.
  • They provide no free access, requiring immediate payment to view any content.
  • By employing stricter access restrictions, hard paywalls aim to ensure monetization of their content.

Whether dealing with a soft or hard paywall, different methods and tools can be employed to bypass these restrictions. In the following sections, we will explore various browser extensions and manual techniques to overcome paywalls and access premium content without subscriptions.

Bardeen – Best for Hard Paywalls

When it comes to bypassing hard paywalls on news websites, Bardeen is the go-to Chrome extension. This powerful tool specializes in automating tasks that help users access articles behind these hard restrictions.

With Bardeen, users can dive into web archives to find the articles they need and open them for free access. This extension is particularly effective for bypassing paywalls on news websites with stringent restrictions, ensuring you never miss out on the content you’re interested in.

Bardeen - Best for Hard Paywalls

Whether it’s breaking news or in-depth analysis, Bardeen empowers users to navigate around hard paywalls and access a wealth of valuable information. Don’t let restrictions hold you back; Bardeen is here to help you explore the digital realm without limitations.

ReaderMode – Best for Soft Paywalls

When it comes to bypassing soft paywalls, ReaderMode is the Chrome extension you need. Not only does ReaderMode focus on improving article readability by removing design elements, but it also has the capability to bypass soft paywalls that often appear as popups or overlays.

By combining the functionalities of Bardeen and ReaderMode, users can effectively bypass both hard and soft paywalls, ensuring unrestricted access to the content they desire.

ReaderMode provides a seamless experience by enhancing the readability of articles and allowing users to bypass soft paywalls with ease. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features make it the ideal choice when dealing with soft paywalls.

Key Features of ReaderMode:

  • Improves article readability by removing design elements
  • Bypasses soft paywalls that appear as popups or overlays
  • Enhances the overall reading experience
  • User-friendly interface

Take a look at how ReaderMode can transform the reading experience while bypassing those frustrating soft paywalls:

With ReaderMode, accessing premium content behind soft paywalls has never been easier. Say goodbye to interruptions and enjoy a seamless reading experience.

Unpaywall – Scientific Articles

If you’re in need of scientific articles but find yourself facing pesky paywalls, look no further than Unpaywall. This convenient Chrome extension is specifically designed to help you access scholarly content without the hassle of subscriptions or fees.

Unpaywall works by searching its extensive database, which contains freely available copies of scientific articles. These copies have been self-archived by authors on university or government web servers, making them accessible for free. With Unpaywall, you can bypass paywalls on scholarly journals legally and effortlessly.

By utilizing Unpaywall, you can expand your knowledge and stay up-to-date with the latest research in your field. Whether you’re a student, researcher, or simply someone with a curious mind, Unpaywall makes accessing scientific articles easier than ever.

Unpaywall - Scientific Articles

Why choose Unpaywall?

  • Free and Legal Access: Unpaywall provides a legitimate way to bypass paywalls and access scientific articles without violating copyright laws.
  • Extensive Database: The extension searches through a vast collection of self-archived articles, ensuring you have access to a wide range of scientific literature.
  • Effortless Integration: Unpaywall seamlessly integrates with your Chrome browser, allowing you to access articles with a simple click.
  • Time-saving: Say goodbye to wasted time searching for free versions of articles. Unpaywall does the work for you, making your research process more efficient.

With Unpaywall, you can bypass paywalls on scientific articles and unlock a world of knowledge. Start using Unpaywall today and experience the benefits of open access to scholarly literature.

Bypass Paywall – Works with Tricky Websites

Bypass Paywall is a powerful Chrome extension designed to bypass paywalls on over 160 different news websites. With its custom logic, the extension emulates the behavior of a Google search bot, which often unlocks articles on these websites. This makes it an effective tool for bypassing paywalls, especially on websites with tricky restrictions.

Whether you’re faced with complex login requirements, limited article previews, or article limits, Bypass Paywall is equipped to navigate through these obstacles and provide you access to the content you desire. By simulating a search bot, it tricks the websites into granting you access, unlocking a wealth of information at your fingertips.

A Wide Range of Websites

One of the greatest advantages of Bypass Paywall is its compatibility with a wide range of news websites. From major publications to niche blogs, this extension can bypass paywalls across various platforms. With its extensive database of supported websites, you can browse and read articles freely without any interruptions or restrictions.

User-Friendly Experience

Using Bypass Paywall is effortless, even for those with limited technical knowledge. Simply install the extension via the Chrome Web Store, and it seamlessly integrates into your browser’s interface. When you arrive at a paywalled article, the extension automatically triggers, attempting to bypass the paywall and grant you access. This ensures a smooth and frustration-free reading experience.

  • Compatible with over 160 news websites
  • Bypasses various paywall restrictions
  • Easy installation and integration
  • Seamlessly unlocks paywalled articles

With Bypass Paywall, you no longer have to sift through countless snippets or resort to alternative methods to access valuable content. Enjoy unlimited access to premium articles without subscribing or hitting article limits. Bypass Paywall paves the way for hassle-free browsing and empowers you with the information you need.

uBlock Origin – Default Popup Blocker

When it comes to blocking annoying popups on websites, uBlock Origin is the go-to Chrome extension for many users. Not only does it effectively eliminate those intrusive popups, but it also has an additional benefit – it can bypass paywall popups by default. This means that when you have uBlock Origin installed and activated, paywall popups won’t even load, allowing you to access the desired content without any interruptions.

The seamless user experience provided by uBlock Origin makes it an excellent choice for those looking to bypass paywalls effortlessly. By automatically blocking paywall popups, this popular extension ensures that you can enjoy the content you want without the hassle of paywall restrictions.

To take advantage of uBlock Origin and its default popup blocker, simply install the extension from the Chrome Web Store. Once installed, uBlock Origin operates quietly in the background, freeing you from the frustration of paywall popups. With uBlock Origin, bypassing paywalls becomes a smooth and hassle-free experience, helping you access the content you need in a seamless manner.

Manual Bypass Methods

In addition to browser extensions, there are manual methods for bypassing paywalls. These methods can be useful when you prefer not to use extensions or when certain paywalls are not compatible with the available plugins. Here are a few manual bypass methods that can help you access premium content:

  1. Incognito Window: Use the incognito mode or private browsing in your browser to access articles without paywall restrictions. This mode prevents websites from tracking cookies and browsing history, allowing you to view content as if you were a first-time visitor.
  2. Remove Cookies: Manually remove cookies related to the news website or publication. Cookies are small files stored on your computer that websites use to remember your preferences and track your activity. Clearing these cookies can sometimes reset the paywall restrictions.
  3. Perform a Google Search: If you come across an article behind a paywall, try searching for the article title on Google. In some cases, the search engine may provide a direct link to the full article or display a preview that bypasses the paywall.
  4. Emulate Social Media Referrals: Some news websites allow access to articles when they are accessed through social media platforms. To mimic this, you can copy the article URL and share it on your favorite social media platform. Accessing the article through the shared link might bypass the paywall.

By utilizing these manual bypass methods, you can gain access to premium content without relying solely on browser extensions. Experiment with these techniques to find the most effective method for bypassing the specific paywalls you encounter.

Importance of Supporting Journalists

While bypassing paywalls can provide access to premium content for free, it is crucial to acknowledge and support the hardworking journalists and writers behind these articles. Their dedication and efforts contribute to the production of high-quality journalism that keeps us informed and educated. Even if you choose to bypass the paywall, there are still meaningful ways you can contribute and make a difference.

1. Contribute to their work

One way to show your appreciation for journalists is by actively engaging with their content. If you find their articles informative or enjoyable, leave comments on their platforms or social media channels. Share their work with others who may benefit from it. Your interaction and support can help them reach a wider audience and encourage them to produce more valuable content.

2. Seek out alternative monetization methods

Recognizing the importance of sustaining quality journalism, it is essential to explore alternative ways to monetize content. Many news organizations are transitioning to new business models that prioritize user experience while providing free access to a portion of their articles. Consider subscribing to digital newsletters, supporting crowdfunding campaigns, or becoming a member of platforms that directly support journalists financially.

3. Engage in ethical discussions

Engaging in ethical discussions surrounding journalism and paywalls can contribute to the ongoing conversation on how to create a sustainable ecosystem for quality journalism. Commenting on articles, participating in forums, or writing letters to the editor can help shape the future of journalism and influence industry practices.

4. Share constructive feedback

Constructive feedback plays a vital role in improving journalistic practices. If you have concerns or suggestions regarding paywalls or any other aspect of journalism, express them in a respectful manner directly to the news organizations or journalists involved. By providing feedback, you can help shape the industry and contribute to its growth.

Remember, supporting journalists goes beyond bypassing paywalls. It involves actively engaging with their work, seeking sustainable monetization methods, participating in discussions, and providing constructive feedback. Together, we can ensure the continued production of high-quality journalism that informs, educates, and empowers society.


Bypassing news website paywalls with the uBlock Chrome plugin is a game-changer for accessing premium content without any restrictions. As discussed in this article, there are various methods and extensions available to help users navigate around paywalls and enjoy the content they desire.

By utilizing tools like Bardeen and ReaderMode, users can bypass hard and soft paywalls respectively. These Chrome extensions automate the task of finding free access to articles by searching web archives and removing design elements that hinder readability.

Additionally, extensions like Unpaywall and Bypass Paywall cater to specific needs. Unpaywall facilitates access to scientific articles by searching for self-archived copies, while Bypass Paywall tackles paywalls on tricky news websites, offering freedom to explore over 160 different platforms.

While bypassing paywalls can provide immediate gratification, it’s vital to remember the importance of supporting journalists and writers behind the content we enjoy. Finding sustainable ways to monetize content without compromising the user experience is essential for the future of quality journalism. So, as you make use of these bypass methods, let’s join hands in appreciating and supporting the hard work of journalists.


Q: What are the types of paywalls?

A: Paywalls come in two types – soft and hard. Soft paywalls allow limited access to content before requiring a subscription, while hard paywalls do not allow any access without a subscription.

Q: What is Bardeen and how does it help bypass hard paywalls?

A: Bardeen is a Chrome extension that specializes in automating tasks and can be used to bypass hard paywalls. Users can find articles in web archives and open them for free access.

Q: How does ReaderMode help in bypassing soft paywalls?

A: ReaderMode is a Chrome extension that focuses on improving the readability of articles by removing design elements. It can also bypass soft paywalls that appear as popups or overlays.

Q: What is Unpaywall and how does it bypass paywalls on scholarly journals?

A: Unpaywall is a Chrome extension specifically designed for accessing scientific articles. It searches its database for freely available copies of articles that have been self-archived by authors on university or government web servers.

Q: How does Bypass Paywall work and which websites can it bypass?

A: Bypass Paywall is a Chrome extension that can bypass paywalls on over 160 different news websites. The extension uses custom logic to simulate the behavior of a Google search bot, which often unlocks articles on these websites.

Q: How does uBlock Origin help in bypassing paywalls?

A: uBlock Origin is a popular Chrome extension known for its ability to block annoying popups on websites. It can also prevent paywall popups from loading, effectively bypassing them.

Q: Are there manual methods for bypassing paywalls?

A: Yes, manual methods for bypassing paywalls include using the incognito mode to remove cookies, manually removing cookies, performing a Google search for the article title, and emulating social media referrals.

Q: Why is it important to support journalists even if paywalls are bypassed?

A: While bypassing paywalls can provide access to premium content for free, it is important to support the journalists and writers behind these articles. Contributing to their work, even after bypassing the paywall, can make a difference in sustaining quality journalism.

Q: How can news website paywalls be bypassed using the uBlock Chrome plugin?

A: News website paywalls can be bypassed using the uBlock Chrome plugin by following the methods and extensions mentioned in this article. Users can navigate around paywalls and enjoy the content they desire.

Q: What should be the approach to bypass paywalls without compromising the user experience?

A: It is important to find sustainable ways to monetize content without compromising the user experience. Supporting journalists and exploring alternative monetization methods can help maintain the quality of journalism while providing access to premium content.

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