How To Buy Presale Tickets For New Zealand Events (Guide)

If you’re looking for advice on how to secure your seats for the next big event in New Zealand then you’ve come to the right place. Every few months there’s an event that sells out fast and buying in the pre sale is definitely one way to guarantee you’ll get a seat. Here’s my guide on how to buy presale tickets for New Zealand events.

We’ll keep this simple and split it up into sections

How To Buy Presale Tickets

how to buy presale tickets nz

1. Get Three Credit Cards

The first way is to get yourself three credit cards with either the same bank or a different one. You definitely don’t need high credit limits, but you must get a Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

All three companies are major sponsors for concerts and sporting events and regularly hold pre-sale’s for their clients. American Express recently partnered with Live Nation/Celine Dion for her sold out Auckland show and Visa regularly sponsors international sports tournaments.

You can get a credit card from as low as $20 per year (usually free).

You then need to ensure you signup for an online account with all three companies to get email notifications on the best pre-sales coming up in New Zealand and Australia.

You can also checkout Visa Entertainment NZ.

2. Create Account On Ticketing Platforms

Every stadium or theater usually has a contract with a ticketing agent meaning all sales must be done through that specific website. For example Ticketek has the rights to the Wellington Westpac Stadium and thus all promoters must use them for ticket sales.

You should sign up for free accounts with all the leading ticket providers in New Zealand. The most common ones are Ticketmaster, Ticketdirect, Ticketek and Dash.

You’ll regularly get ticket notifications when the pre sale is and how to get involved. For some events simply being a member of the website gives you a day or two head start on the ‘general public.’

Make sure you check your ‘Profile’ and ensure all email tick boxes are selected, especially the one from partners and third party, these are the ones about pre sales.

3. Join The Official Membership Site

This is a biggy and definitely the easiest way to get in on the action. The All Blacks are perfect example, you can register to their free membership site, Team All Blacks and get priority access to test match games before the general public.

This also gives you priority access to super rugby games including finals and other big matches ahead of premium members. When the Wellington Hurricanes made the final last year, we secured our tickets before the general sale with Team All Blacks.

Checkout the event you’re thinking of going to and ensure you research any membership sites that artist or team offers and signup. If it costs you to signup even better as it’s a sure fire way to tell you’ll get a pre-sale.

4. Guess The Pre Sale Code

Okay I know what you’re thinking but it’s definitely worth a shot considering how stupid some of the codes have been in the past.

A few years ago the Hurricanes final tickets were on sale to club sponsors and they made the codes the brand names, i.e. KFC, Kia and Vodafone.

Within a few days everyone was using the codes to buy tickets before the pre-sale even started. I’d definitely recommend trying a few easy guesses on the codes using sponsor names.

Believe it or not this isn’t uncommon either with codes being shared on social media quickly after being posted too.

There you have it, four ways on how to buy presale tickets in New Zealand (or at least give yourself a better chance of getting in on the action.)

I'm an adventurer, traveller and thrill seeker who loves to explore the beautiful country of New Zealand. When I'm not writing articles for Ki-Wi you'll find me driving jet boats, hiking and riding my motorcycle. New Zealand is an amazing country to live, work, travel and explore.

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