How To Access Criterion Channel

Want to access Criterion Channel in New Zealand but can't due to geo restrictions? Today we'll show you how to bypass and unlock the channel so you can stream right to your TV via Roku, Chromecast or other devices such as Android and iOS.

Criterion Channel is a movie lovers paradise and is well known online for offering content you simply can't find in New Zealand. For example it's annoying to hear about your US friends watching Chungking Express or Hollywood Shuffle knowing you can't! 

But fear not, in the next few minutes you'll be able to unlock, bypass and watch the Criterion Channel from the comfort of your own home. 

What Can I Watch On Criterion Channel?

Criterion claims to be a movie lovers dream and offers classic movies and documentaries from around the world. Currently there is over 2,000 films that one can watch from old school classics in the 1950's up to latest releases. 

They offer films from around the world from countries such as United States, France, Italy, Iran, Norway, Netherlands and many more. 

You can signup for a 14 day free trial to test out their platform. 

How To Access Criterion Channel In New Zealand?

Technically you can't watch the channel in New Zealand as it's been blocked due to geo licensing and geo-blocking. That means if you try and signup on their platform using your normal internet connection, you'll get an 'Access Denied' page. 

You can use a VPN to change your geographical location and unlock Criterion Channel instantly. The service is only available to USA residents so you'll need to use a USA VPN.

How To Watch Criterion Channel With a VPN?

You can unlock the content using any VPN, but they must offer a USA server for best results. After months of research, the best VPN in our opinion is PureVPN

You can signup for $10.95 (1 Month) or $2.91/mo on a longer subscription. 

Step 1: Purchase Your Subscription

You need to visit the official PureVPN website and purchase a package. You can checkout using credit/debit cards, Paypal, Bitcoin or Alipay. 

‚ÄčRead PureVPN Review.

Step 2: Download VPN Client

There's software apps for nearly every device out there, including web browsers, android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS, Linux, routers, Playstation, Xbox and Fire TV. 

Download the software and login with your username and password. 

Step 3: Connect to USA Server

Turn on the VPN by clicking the start button. Now change the country to 'USA' and within 15-30 seconds your VPN will connect. 

Your internet usage is now being routed via a server in USA. You can now access many geo-blocked websites previously unavailable in New Zealand. 

Step 4: Watch Criterion Channel

Visit Criterion Channel and you'll now be able to signup for a 14 day free trial. You'll now be able to live stream the content or watch on demand, or download for future viewing.

You'll also be able to watch any other free to air USA and worldwide channels and content that you previously couldn't. 

When asked for a US address you can enter anything in the box. Google a place in the USA such as the White House and enter this. Some people claim you can't use a NZ credit card during the signup process, but mine worked fine! 

You can disconnect from the VPN software once you're finished. Then reconnect whenever you want for as long as your subscription is valid. 

Other Ways To Use a VPN?

Once you've watched the race, what else would you need your VPN for?

Most people use one to protect their identity online. When in use your Internet Service Provider can no longer track your usage. This is beneficial for torrenting or accessing secure sites such as your bank. 

A VPN keeps hackers and thieves out, as your data is encrypted. This is especially helpful when using public WiFi networks that are unsecure and can be compromised, leaking your details to criminals. 

The most common things to do is to unlock geo-blocked content such as watching Netflix USA instead of NZ, watching free TV in Australia, watching live sports events that aren't available locally and so much more.

A VPN might be the greatest invention ever and unlocks the world that would otherwise be locked down due to an outdated business model of buying and selling usage rights, rather than a free market.

how to access criterion channel nz

What Is The Platform?

The Criterion Channel is a self-governing running service that structures a diverse combination of models and modern movies from Hollywood and around the sphere. It aids to normalise numerous concepts, such as acting film renovation, and observation means for the home film.

When Did It Launch?

The podium launched its running facility, The Criterion Channel, on April 8, 2019, in the U.S. and Canada. Succeeding the ending of Warner Broadcasting's Movie Hit, a running facility that presented typical movies, and which delivered running access to the Criterion group

What Criterion Channel Offers

The newly propelled streaming facility is the go-to endpoint for movie fans. There is more to select from within the Channel for one to enjoy.

The platform has a slant of 10 countless movies signifying the straggling historic, artistic, geographic, and social variety of its original contribution. Some of the films in the podium's list include; Do the Correct Thing.

How Much Does It Charge?

The Channel charges at $10.99 for each month or $99.99 for a yearly donation. Clients who sign up as grant subscribers get a distinctive promotional rate of $9.99 each month or $89.99 each year.

Is There A Free Trial?

 Yes, the platform does provide a 14 day free provisional for their facility. One stays with the deal and can capitalize on the first deal for as miniature as $11 a month. Though the Channel does give the free trial, one has to withdraw the free provisional before the 14 days are complete.

How to Access the Platform?

The Criterion Channel is accessible on laptops, Roku, Apple TV, iOS, and Machine devices where one can get access to the platform. However, Criterion didn't reveal exact titles that are open on Criterion Channel but alleged the donation VOD facility contains access to Criterion's whole running collection of additional than 1,000 standard and modern movies from around the sphere.