Google Ads Ecom Academy Review: Tristan Broughton’s Training Course

I’m a skeptic and when Tristan Broughton’s new course started appearing on my news feed I was cautious.  It seems every day a new guru is launching a course on how to make money with Shopify. I did buy it hence this Google Ads Ecom Academy Review but here’s how I came to that decision.

Fortunately I’d heard of Tristan Broughton before, he’s an Australian that makes money through e-commerce businesses and a quick ABN look up shows he’s the real deal.

Now I’ve started many e-commerce stores over the years, so I’m not a beginner to the world of e-com. My stores are primarily drop ship stores so that means I hold no stock and simply take a profit margin on my sales price from my wholesale cost.

Drop shipping is perfect for travelers, stay at home mums and anyone looking to start a business from anywhere in the world with little to no start up costs. You will of course need your time but working for free gives you the best satisfaction.

There’s many e-commerce courses on the market, most focus on running Facebook or Instagram Ads and drop shipping goods from China using Aliexpress. While this still works well in 2019, the costs of running traffic via these two social media platforms can eat into your profits.

That’s where the power of Google Ads Ecom Academy claims to be.

Tristan created this course with sole focus on Google Ads  and going above and beyond any other course on the market with the level of detail in this platform.

When I initially clicked on Tristan’s ad I was invited to join a live webinar which was happening in a few hours. I thought I’d check it out as my curiosity was sky high. I’d been looking into Google Ads but found the platform old and confusing.

After sitting through an hour on the webinar, it was obvious Tristan knew his stuff. He shared live examples, case studies and a one time offer at the end of the course to get the full version.

The price I paid was $397 which you might say is quite high. I’d say there is no other course on the market that offers a comparable level of content so the price you put on that is entirely up to you, I thought it was justified.

Google Ads Ecom Academy Review

google ads ecom academy review

My login details were emailed within 10 minutes of hitting the submit button on my credit card payment. Payment was taken quickly and I was redirected to which is the members section.

The first thing you notice is the vast amount of modules which when expanded out include dozens of videos. I’d say there is well over 50 videos in the course with more being added regularly.

The videos are filmed in High Definition and as they are hosted on Vimeo you can change the video quality from 360 through 1080p depending on your requirements.

This is the content  and bonuses I received:

  • Lifetime access to the course with regular updates
  • Access to the Exclusive Facebook mastermind group
  • Direct access to his product supplier
  • List of negative keywords from the last three years
  • List of top drop shipping stores running Google Ads.

Module 1: Setup

The first module of Google Ads Ecom Academy shows you how to ensure your store is setup correctly. You probably want to follow these videos as I read many reviews of people who got banned from Google for missing details.

I was pleased to see Tristan includes multiple power points, word documents and over the shoulder training. If you’ve listened to any of Tristan’s Youtube videos then you’ll know his accent is easy to understand.

There are no sub titles on the videos, if your level of English isn’t great unfortunately you can’t add sub titles. Take note before buying the course that you can understand the Australian accent.

Other videos in this module include setting up legal pages such as terms and conditions, privacy policy and for those running stores within the EU the new data protection alerts.

Failure to add these will almost guarantee your ads get banned after the first few days so be careful. I spent a lot of time looking for the best pages and publishing them on my Shopify store.

Other videos in this section included app and merchant center setup, adding delivery pages and lastly correctly installing conversion tracking and optimisation tracking pixels.

If you haven’t started your store yet then you’ll probably want to do that first.

Module 2: Product Research

Despite being a Google Ads course, there is nine videos on product research and how to find the best selling products which work well with Google. The first includes a video on criteria and this is followed by videos on using various tools and software packages.

Tristan uses many different selection processes including using a VPN to change your IP to find out what’s working for others. You can also use Facebook search, SemRush and spying on existing best selling stores.

CommerceInspector and Ahrefs get a mention which do cost money so if you’re a beginner you’ll either need to signup for a free trial or invest in a membership. Other free tools mentioned include CJ, Similarweb and of course using Facebook research methods. I signed up for Ahrefs for a 7 day trial.

The last video is on a section called, MyIPS which is a tool used for finding other stores.

Enjoying my Google Ads Ecom Academy Review?

Module 3: Product Uploading

This module starts with how to import products from Oberlo using Aliexpress. You’ll learn how to integrate with Shopify so you can avoid having to write any content yourself.

Additional videos in this section include, pricing products for consumers to buy. You’ll also get videos on product image selection, choosing the best titles, product descriptions, product tags and using CJ Drop Shipping.

The module concludes with some videos on apps that will help with your conversion rate.

If you’ve bought Tristan’s drop shipping course previously, you’ll notice a double up in this section as this is covered in great detail in that course.

Module 4: Google Ads Mastery

This module includes an overview on what your Merchant center account should look like after you’ve been approved and ready to run your ads. It includes advice on diagnostics and checking to ensure there are no issues with your products, feed or billing account. You can check your products tab to see all products in your feed.

A module on how to get your account unsuspended if you do get banned. You’ll also learn how to use the Google Ads platform and enable/disable columns to make it easy for you to see what’s working and not.

The last section and probably most important is the in depth bidding strategy that will ensure you get maximum profits. Daily limits and budgeting and how to maximize your data. Tristan also explains that it takes time for your campaign to become profitable so don’t panic if you’re losing money initially.

Like all businesses, you need to invest money to make money so keep trying!

Module 5: Shopping Campaigns

This module is one of the longest ones and gives you a full insider look at the Google ads platform. The first video makes it clear that Tristan is bidding in Australian dollars rather than USD. If you’re in New Zealand then you can make an assumption the bid is the same given the current currency.

If Tristan bids 50 cents you’re probably bidding 36 cents in the US.

Other videos in Google Ads Ecom Academy module five include creating a test campaign, adding locations, drilling item ID’s, ongoing drilling, enhanced cost per click and tapering down bids-copy.

If you’ve never touched Google Ads or Shopping before there’s lots to learn here.

Module 6: Campaign Optimization

Your test campaign should have been running long enough to generate clicks and hopefully some sales so you can evaluate which products are not working in your campaign. You can usually tell pretty quick which products require bid adjustments or should be removed completely due to no sales.

Tristan does recommend focusing on clicks instead of sales as this is a good start to optimizing a campaign.

You’re shown how to exclude search terms which are irrelevant and you can use Tristan’s list of keywords that you should avoid. You’ll also learn how to adjust bids on different devices, i.e. mobile vs tablet vs desktop.

You can also adjust bids based on locations and specific products.

Next, you’re shown how to exclude search terms which are irrelevant to any of the items involved in your test campaign, and any search terms which have exceeded the product’s profit margin with zero conversions.

You really need to complete module 5 in Google Ads Ecom Academy to fully understand this module as it expands on a campaign you started in the previous module. Without a campaign it’s hard to imagine what’s happening.

Module 7: Campaign Scaling

Probably the next most important after initial setup and monitoring is to scale your campaign and Tristan recommends expanding a winning product/s into additional countries which can be done after setting up Merchant Center to serve countries outside the initial ones setup.

You’ll need to make sure your store has an automatic currency conversion plugin installed. I opted for a free one available as part of the eCom Turbo Shopify theme but there’s plenty of other options out there.

Next up is attempting to scale that one winning product with a single product shopping campaign, which you can then expand to run in other countries (after you set up your Merchant Center to serve countries outside of the US) after it’s proven to be a winner.

Module 8: Search Campaign

This module is fairly short and includes two videos of various lengths on running a search campaign. You can look over Tristan’s shoulder as he launches a search campaign creation and a brand campaign creation.

It’s a short section but does offer lots of value.

Module 9: Remarketing

This module appears to be a new module since the course was initially launched and I only recently saw it in my members area. The focus is on using ROI Hunter Easy Retargeting for displaying ads all over the internet where your visitors go. If someone doesn’t buy from you, you can flood their social media pages, search engine pages and Youtube with ads to convert them into sales.

This app works with Google and Facebook Ads. While a free plan does exist, to get the most out of the app you need a premium subscription to the service. Tristan shows you how to set everything up in a 3 part training series.

Module 10: Templates Toolbox

In order to access this section you need to purchase the $27 one time offer on the sales page. If you don’t buy it during checkout you cannot add it later so make sure you add it if you want to get Tristan’s done for you templates.

For $27 it really is a low priced up sell to some great content.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Google Ads Ecom Academy is sold with a 30 day money back guarantee, which should be more than enough time for you to go through the course and see if it works out for you. In order to get a refund you do need to show that you’ve gone through the course, setup a Google Ads account and ran some campaigns. You can’t simply sign up and cancel if it’s not for you.

How I Made $9,000 Following The Content

After sitting through all the videos by Tristan I was ready to start work with my e-commerce store. As I mentioned at the start of the article I have had experience with Facebook and Instagram Ads but they are pretty expensive, especially for low ticket items.

My Journey
  1. Signed up for a Google Ads account in New Zealand
  2. Got $150 FREE credit from Google to start with
  3. Added all the legal pages to my Shopify store
  4. Added my contact details and addresses
  5. Created a Google Shopping feed in store
  6. Uploaded this to Google Ads
  7. Added manual bidding as suggested ($0.50 per click)
  8. Checked on campaign after 14 days
  9. Removed losers, increased winners, adapted others
  10. Made changes to Shopify store, optimization
  11. Made changes to product pages
  12. Tested new products
  13. Tested new countries
  14. Found 10 winning products.

After spending $5,000 in 30 days on Google Ads, I made $50,000 in revenue. Product costs were $36,000.

Net Profit = $50,000-$36,000-$5,000 = $9,000 profit in 30 days!

If I can do this using drop shipped products from, you definitely can!

Closing Arguments

If you’ve started your store and are looking for a new way to increase your sales or have tried running traffic with Facebook and Instagram and wasted your money then checking out Google Ads Ecom Academy is a good place to start. Yes the course is fairly expensive especially if you’re starting out but you will definitely learn a lot about Google Ads and Google Shopping.

Did you enjoy my Google Ads Ecom Academy Review? Leave a comment below.

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