How To Earn Qantas Points In NZ

Tired of getting no value for money from Air New Zealand Airpoints? It might be time to start earning Qantas points which can be redeemed for Qantas flights, upgrades, hotels and gifts. You can now earn Qantas points in New Zealand. 

Today we'll show you five of the best ways to earn points from New Zealand which you can then redeem on flights to Australia, or across the Oneworld network on airlines such as British Airways, Sri Lankan, Qatar Airlines and Jetstar Australia. 

How To Earn Qantas Points In NZ

1. Qantas Hotels

  • Earn 3 points per $1
  • Same prices as Expedia/Hotels
  • Exclusive deals

The easiest way to start earning Qantas points is by using Qantas Hotels. This is a new platform that backbones on the Expedia platform. Rather than getting loyalty points, you will earn 3 points per dollar spent on hotels.

Qantas Hotels are the same price, if not cheaper, than and as they are owned by Expedia, who also own many booking sites, you'll get very competitive pricing, free cancellation options and breakfast deals.

Twice a year, Qantas Hotel's offer 3 times more points. This usually happens in January and June each year so make sure you checkout the website regularly.

During the promotional period, you can earn up to 9 qantas points per dollar. A $1,000 hotel stay could earn you 9,000 points which is enough for a one way flight from Melbourne to Sydney + taxes. 

Qantas Hotels offers an exclusive deals page with around 900 hotels from around Australia and the Pacific. You can often earn up to 9 points per $1 for choosing these deals. You also get deals that you won't find on other booking sites.

Lastly, there's a premium luxury deals page with 5-10 deals where you can book once in a lifetime experiences that also come with up to 12 Qantas points per dollar. 

Update: Now you can earn up points on Airbnb bookings made via their website. 

2. Qantas Shopping

  • Earn up to 15pts per $1
  • No cost to you
  • Credits within 60-90 days

If you're thinking of purchasing some products online from retailers that are based in Australia, but ship to New Zealand, then you can use Qantas Shopping affiliate program.

You'll login to your Qantas account, choose the store to shop at. Once you complete checkout your affiliate pixel will fire and Qantas earn a % of your total sale price.

In return they give you points per dollar. This can range from 1 point for platforms such as, up to 15 points per dollar for other eCommerce stores.

They regularly offer bonus points with retailers such as David Jones, Adidas, The Iconic, Asos and others, so be sure to checkout the Qantas Shopping site regularly.

Points are credited to your account up to 90 days after purchase. This allows a grace period for refunds and any potential delivery issues. 

How To Earn Qantas Points nz

3. Qantas & Jetstar Flights

  • Earn points on all flights
  • Ensure family members signup too
  • Pool your points together

If you're flying with Qantas then make sure you've got yourself a Qantas frequent flyer number and ensure this is entered during the checkout process. 

Qantas actually tells you how many points you'll earn before booking your selected fare. The more expensive your fare, the more points you'll earn. 

Ensure family members each have their own flyer numbers, you can then transfer them from one account to another. If you're a frequent flyer but your spouse isn't, you can move their points into your account. 

One of the secret ways to earn Qantas points is to choose a package when booking Jetstar Australia flights. It might cost you $10-$20 more than adding items one by one on the checkout process but you can often earn 4,000 - 8,000 points on international flights such as Melbourne to Bangkok. 

If you were booking cheap flights and flying to Australia first, then on to Asia from there you could earn a lot of Qantas points booking Jetstar flights. 

4. Fly Partner Airlines

  • Earn points on OneWorld flights
  • Earn points with Emirates

You can earn Qantas flights by crediting your flights with other airlines to Qantas. Unfortunately you aren't able to do this with Air New Zealand, but you can do it with other international airlines such as Emirates. 

You can use the website, and find the best airlines that allow you to credit miles to Qantas. Emirates is a good one but is zoned based system, but you'll nearly always get miles from One World partners.

The best one is Fiji Airways as you can fly direct from Wellington and Auckland. You can credit your flights to Qantas and earn points.

However, for global travellers, crediting to Qantas doesn't always reflect the best value for redeeming points and Alaska Mileage Plan can be much more lucrative.