How To Get Chromecast Working With VPN (Won’t Cast Currently)

Have you just bought yourself a VPN subscription thinking you could load the VPN on your smartphone or laptop and then use a Chromecast to cast your stream to your big TV?

In principle it sounds easy enough and probably should work, but unfortunately it doesn’t.

Despite what you read online, using a VPN on your smartphone won’t allow most geo blocked streams to work when casting.

The reason for this is that when you cast, your TV gets a public URL to access the stream in real time. When your TV tries to connect to this URL the geo blocked site notices the external connection is coming from a different IP address (not your VPN’s one) and as such blocks access.

If you’re experiencing this your smartphone will look like casting is working but the TV will do nothing and eventually go to a white or black screen.

chromecast not working vpn nz

So how can you fix this issue?

Originally when I had this issue, I thought you could use the same VPN server on both your TV and your device but this didn’t work either.

The quick fix is to install your VPN on to your router. This will ensure all devices in your household use the VPN to get out to the internet. This will ensure your Chromecast now works.

How To Setup Router VPN?

Most VPN’s offer this functionality however we’ll be showing you how to do this with PureVPN which is New Zealand’s best value and fastest VPN provider.

You can get started for as little as $2.88 per month.

You need to ensure your router supports PPTP or OpenVPN. Most modern consumer routers support one of these.

If your router currently doesn’t support either protocol then unfortunately you’ll be unable to proceed however you can always try and contact your VPN provider who may be able to provide a hotfix workaround.

If you’re in the market to buy a new one then ensure it offers functionality one of these two protocols. It will usually state on the box.

Make sure you’ve got yourself a premium subscription and then follow these setup instructions.

Router OS/MakePureVPN Compatibility
Netgear GenieYes

Setting up your VPN this way will guarantee that you can use your Chromecast alongside your smartphone or device. The most common users for this type of connection include the BBC iPlayer which doesn’t have an android TV app.