cheapest nz domain registration

Cheapest NZ Domain Registration Guide (Save Money!)

When it comes to buying a or .nz domain for your local New Zealand business you don’t need to spend a lot to get your slice of paradise on the world wide web. This article will show you where the cheapest nz domain registration actually is.

cheapest nz domain registrationWhen purchasing a domain you definitely don’t need to look at the additional features. Many domain providers like to spruce up their nz registration with features such as domain forwarding, email hosting and CDN services.

For most customers, all you need is the domain registration and you can then point your domain at your web hosting providers name-servers for fast setup.

To help you decide which registrar to use I listed each registrar by the cost of one years registration of a domain name. .nz, and can also be purchased at the same rate.

Cheapest NZ Domain Registration

ProviderPrice (inc GST)
Discount Domains$22.94
Site Name$33.35
1st Domains$24.73
Only Domains$21.98
Register Direct$68.94
Crazy Domains$37.95
Free Parking$21.85
Domainz Direct$18.98
Affordable Domains$24.73

If you have any additional registrars to add or if you notice these prices have changed please leave a comment. A full list of authorised .nz registrars can be found here (some are private companies)

How To Save Money Buying NZ Domains

The quickest and easiest way to save money when buying a or .nz domain is to purchase multiple years upfront. For example buying through Only Domains or Domainz Direct 3 -5 years will cost almost the same as 1 or 2 years with some other providers.

Another trick is to use a provider rather than your ISP. Back in the day it was a matter of fact you would purchase a domain through your internet provider. These companies charged high prices as it was ‘convenient’ for you and them.

Nowadays you can use any company you wish and you don’t even need to host at the same place. You can have your domain with provider A, your hosting with provider B and your internet with provider C.

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