How To Watch America’s Got Talent In New Zealand (Guide)

watch americas got talent nz

You want to watch America’s Got Talent in New Zealand? We don’t blame you, it’s a awesome show, but coverage is limited or non existent. We’ll show you various platforms to watch this tv series. Go to instructions. What is America’s Got Talent? America’s Got Talent, often abbreviated to simply AGT, is an American talent … Read more

How To Watch Primeira Liga In New Zealand (Portuguese Football)

watch Primeira Liga nz

Portugal has one of the best football leagues in the world but coverage is very limited in New Zealand. We’ll show you how to watch all Primeira Liga games live and on demand. Go to instructions.  What is Primeira Liga? The Primeira Liga is the top flight of professional men’s football in Portugal, sitting at … Read more

How To Watch Australian Ninja Warrior In New Zealand

watch australia ninja warrior nz

Watch every day Australian’s take a shot at winning the gruelling obstacle course. But how? Well today we’ll show you how to watch Australian Ninja Warrior live and on demand in New Zealand. Go to instructions or scroll down. What is Australian Ninja Warrior? Australian Ninja Warrior is a televised sports entertainment competition, which displays … Read more

How To Watch Major League Baseball In New Zealand

watch major league baseball nz

Major League baseball is one of America’s most watched sports but coverage overseas especially in New Zealand is poor. Today we’ll show you how to watch Major League baseball in NZ. Go to instructions.  What is Major League Baseball? Major League Baseball is a professional baseball organisation based in the United States and Canada. Major … Read more