How To Buy Dark Web Mystery Box Delivered To New Zealand

It’s the latest craze sweeping Youtube with various unboxing videos and while most are a little bit creepy some can be down right nasty. If you’re still keen on getting your own and want to know how to buy dark web mystery box then keep reading. We’ll even show you how to find, buy and ship one.

We’ve done a rather lengthy article on the dark web and how to protect yourself when using it. You definitely shouldn’t go browsing around on the dark web without some form of encryption.

We recommend using a premium VPN provider such as which doesn’t keep any logs. A VPN takes your public facing IP and masks it to a server in a foreign country securing your real identity from pretty much everyone.

Once you’ve got your VPN running and you’re using a server in Russia you’re ready to download and install the Tor browser. This is just the same as Google Chrome or Internet Explorer but allows you to access web url’s that end with .onion.

.onion is the domain extension for the dark web and will allow you to visit websites to buy your mystery box. If you try to visit these .onion links in a normal browser you’ll get nothing.

How To Buy Dark Web Mystery Box

Step By Step Instructions

Find a vendor offering mystery boxes

Purchase and pay with Bitcoin, the currency of the dark web

Provide a delivery address

Wait for your mystery box to arrive

Unbox and don’t be too shocked!

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Stay Safe On Dark Web
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Dark Web Mystery Box Websites

Now you’re ready to buy your mystery box you’re probably wondering where to actually go to buy one. Looking on online there isn’t much information. Most are news websites shocked that anyone would actually want to buy one and discouraging everyone from actually partaking in such a challenge.

You’ll need to use DuckDuckGo which is the search engine on the dark web.

Simply search deep web mystery box and you’ll find a list of the most recent ones.

how to buy mystery box on dark web nz

How To Pay For Mystery Box

You’re going to need bitcoin to pay for your mystery box and this is processed through an Escrow method. The seller won’t be paid until the tracking sales it’s been delivered. There’s plenty of places to buy bitcoin using cash so we’re not going to go into the specifics on how to do that here today. You won’t be paying via Paypal, Credit Card or Afterpay here.

Now you probably don’t want to put your own delivery address on the package, especially if the vendor is going to send you something nasty so my advice might be to ship it somewhere else, a PO Box or mail box forwarder.

It’s likely it will get stopped at customs if it’s something dodgy but remember you are the importer and buying a mystery box online from shady places such as the dark web could spell disaster.

Are Dark Web Unboxing Videos Fake?

My guess is they most definitely are fake and are clickbait videos.

You’d have to be a real hard nut or have a lot of money to waste in buying something from a stranger who could send absolutely anything. Most of the times it’s probably going to be far less than you paid for.

Remember when you have mystery gifts at Christmas in school or work for a colleague and the budget is $20? There’s about 75% of the participants that are stingy pricks and ruin it for everyone by buying something for a dollar. You can probably guarantee those are the same people selling mystery boxes on the dark web.

If you do decide to buy one, it’s worth noting that the NZ Police crack down hard on illicit drugs, if your box happens to have something of that nature the only mystery you’ll be experiencing is the length of your sentence.

Maybe buy an eBay or Trademe mystery box instead?

Have Fun!

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PureVPN: Save 74% Today
Stay Safe On Dark Web
100% No Logs Kept. Ever.
Stay Safe On Dark Web
100% No Logs Kept. Ever. Show Less

This article was written for educational purposes, use at your own risk.