How To Buy Bitcoin In New Zealand (NZ Buyers Guide)

If you’re ready to start investing in Bitcoin then you’re probably looking for information on how to buy bitcoin in New Zealand, right? If so you’ve come to the right place.

I’ve been investing in Bitcoin for many years and make a small fortune in the recent all time high of over $24,000 in December last year.

Many people want to get into the world of crypto but are often put off when they find out how difficult purchasing your first coins can actually be. The first thing to note is you definitely don’t need to purchase an entire Bitcoin coin.

Most of my work colleagues asked how did I pay for a full coin and the answer is, I only started with 0.1 coin (or $10 back then) and bought more coin as and when I could.

I then branched out into other coins, trading my bitcoin for alternative coins (ALT Coin) such as Cardano. There is over 1350 coins you can exchange Bitcoin for.

You can do exactly the same, you can buy a small percentage of a Bitcoin. In order to get involved with making serious money on Bitcoin then you need to invest a lot.

Words of caution, you can definitely make money but you can definitely lose it too so be careful and only invest what you can afford to lose.

How To Buy Bitcoin New Zealand

  • Register for a free trading account at Cryptopia
  • Verify your identity by uploading drivers license or 18+ card
  • Get Your NZDT authentication code and bank number
  • Transfer NZD from your bank account to theirs
  • Trade your NZD into Bitcoin.

The best way on how to buy Bitcoin in New Zealand is – They offer a bank transfer service where you transfer funds from your NZ bank account to theirs and they’ll give you credit on your account.

how to buy bitcoin new zealand

Let’s say you transfer $250 to Cryptopia, you can then convert this to bitcoin at the rate set on their trading platform. Surprisingly they do actually give you a reasonable rate.

You don’t have to convert your NZD straight away either, you can hold it on your platform until the price goes up or down. Depending on how you follow Bitcoin pricing you can make a prediction on the best time to buy. Right now is definitely a wise time to buy as the price keeps falling. You definitely don’t want to buy at an ‘all time high.’

And that’s how you buy Bitcoin in New Zealand, very straight forward. There is many blog posts and guides out there recommending you use shady overseas companies, you definitely should avoid. Cryptopia is a limited liability company listed on the NZ companies registrar and is trustworthy.


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