How To Watch British Touring Car Championship In New Zealand

Are you looking for a quick start guide on how to start watching British Touring Car Championship races live and on demand in New Zealand.

One of the UK’s most popular racing sports, behind F1, it’s watched by over half a million people each time.

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What is British Touring Car Championship?

The British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) is an annual tour car racing tournament taking place in the United Kingdom, organized and managed by TOCA.

The competition was formed in 1958, where it was known as the British Saloon Car Championship, until 1987 where it was renamed to what it is currently known as.

Touring car racing is a form of racing that involves heavily modified road-going cars. It shares similarities with other forms of car racing such as F1 and stock car racing but has enough distinct differences that make it a popular format in its own right.

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What are the rules?

At a minimum, touring cars must have a standard car body, but depending on the regulations that must be abided by for a specific competition, certain levels of freedom are granted to modify other components, such as the engine, wheels and fuel.

The rules for modifying cars for the BTCC are mandated by the ‘Next Generation Touring Car’ (NGTC), which were established in 2011. These regulations are strict, and were imposed to reduce the cost of running a competitive teams, as independent entries were having financial difficulty competing.

As a consequence of the NGTC, cars now share a lot of components, via a contract with RML Group. As such, many independent teams have since been able to enter without relying on manufacturer support, or the need to acquire ex-work cars.

Teams in the BTCC are a mixture of both manufacturer entries (Honda, Toyota, Subaru, BMW and Vauxhall) as well as independent entrants such as BTC Norlin and Motorbase Performance.

How it works?

Being a national competition, the BTCC takes place on tracks all throughout England and even parts of Scotland. Over the course of 10 meetings, 9 tracks are used for races.

As for the races themselves, they take place on the weekends, beginning on the Saturday with two practice sessions and a 30-minute qualifying session, used to determine the starting order for the Sunday race. Each race, of which there are three, is usually between 16-25 laps.

The starting positions for the second race are based on the finishing order of the first, and the positions of the third race are determined by a draw. Points are awarded to the top 15 drivers of each race, with 20 for first, 17 for second and 15 for third, all the way down to a single point for the 15th finisher.

Single points are also awarded for the winner of the qualifying race, the driver that scores the fastest lap if a driver finishes a race leading a lap.

Watch British Touring Championship?

The races are broadcasted in the UK on TV and via streaming by ITV4 which is a free to air platform for anyone with a UK IP address.

The qualifying races are not aired on TV, but the races are shown live on both TV and streaming, in addition to highlights of the qualifiers and practice sessions.

It is one of the most popular free to air racing broadcasts on TV, alongside F1, with consistent viewership in the hundreds of thousands every race day, at times peaking to over 500,000 concurrent viewers.

How To Get UK IP?

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